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  • Cosmetic upgrade kitsUnrevealed in the initial poll the cosmetic upgrade kits include items like Dragon Pickaxe Stream battlestaff Odium ward and Malediction WardMagic Shortbow buffAs to this item you can get this small buff to take the range bonus up to + to + It&rsquos Cheap FIFA Coins quite worth of spending your gold to get it isn&rsquot it?Wilderness Boss emblem dropsThe last es the wilderness bosses and demibosses emblem drops As long as you get a chance to have even if tier  mysterious emblems you will be stronger and powerful.


    How can you buy OSRS gold via credit cards?Since you have seen all these amazing rewards of the New Bounty Hunter you are likely to be engaged in getting some of them or all or them Therefore a wellprepared stock of safe RS  gold should be what you are looking for Fortunately you can now buy OSRS gold fast and safely on RSHOT via the payment of credit cards We would like to list the steps that you use credits cards via Paypal as an example:Step Enter your credit/ debit card detailsStep Review your informationStep Payment pleted.


    So easy isn&rsquot it You can learned the details with specific pics attached at RSHOTThe RShot TeamRshot:Jagex RuneFestPick An Idea For Old School Runescape  rshot.RuneFest Jagex has e up with will give scapers a chance to show their ideas in person to Old School RunScape What content would you like to see in this game? Will you take a ticket for this munication? Before these let&rsquos see how it worksHow does RuneFest work?


    Through RuneFest Jagex wants to gain some suggestions or creations from players to RuneScape  For the sake of RS improvement the developers will select the ones that really stand out and sound like a good fit for Old School from all pitchesBesides the player that submitted the pitch will have a minute slot to discuss his thoughts with the designersHow to participate in it?If you will attend RuneFest Buy FUT Coins you should submit a pitch to Jagex including your username and the email address you used to purchase your RuneFest ticket More importantly you should send an email to [email&protected] to state your ideas about OSRSThis pitch must be submitted by the st September and if your pitch is one of those selected you will be allocated a time to talk to the Old School team about your pitch by th October Will all selected content be put into game directly?