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A Message from Amira

  • Drawing which came in Before Amira contacted me

    Amira is a being from Alpha Centauri. She is going to interpret the meaning of Ultaihymaextreme in GRinD.


    Let’s Begin.


    Hello Mario, this is Amira from Alpha Centauri, today I wish to talk to you about GRinD, specifically about where the word Ultaihymaextreme comes from and what it means. To interpret the meaning I will allow you to go within and find the hidden cords which assembles the constructs of GRinD, from memory and your genomes cells, particularly DNA. As it is fabricated beyond what we portend to find within our own selves… It seems as the DNA Molecules which exists within your genome Mario… It specifically aligns well with our initial role here today. As regarded by different meanings and opportunities we have to find within our own selves, the meanings which may be hidden from our consciousness, as reasons to allow other beings, to self-realize, what the terms in GRinD may have had from past infrastructures which allowed us to commune with you Mario, by energetic Imprints, which have been gone unseen, by the initial roles in which we concurrently developed through Cosmoses, which aligns what is temporarily needed in the natural order of our nature. By coming into agreements, with the potential we have by riddance of energetic cords which have sustained Hyper Imperative routes. We supply you with an addition throughout Core Conjunctions, of our memory, and DNA. As to allow the formations of these energetic transcripts, to be transferred without referral to any other being(s) by chances of where we are getting to, with the written word Ultaihymaextreme.


    Now to allow for such things to continue. We seem to have gotten Impasse’s within the energetic signatures by which some core struggles have been achieved to allow potential realities to merge with something which seems particularly different to some beings “Out There” whom have sustained the higher grid technologies on this Earth. As to allow differentials of Thoughts which acts in accordance to beliefs, we have built upon a system which works in the same concepts/constructs as a numerator. You see, to build upon something which has an unlimited liable source of energy. It portends to things which have been gone Unseen for many humans on this Earth. As we acquire the right knowledge, we can get to experience’s which shifts the entire structure of our reality(s). In case you forgot, I am speaking to Mario, as to allow things to unfold clearly, we wish to emit a higher singularity between beings whom exists on planets within this universe, by means of technologies, which have been unstable in some cases. By unknown chances, we have maintained the natural order of existence, by allowing some of our beings to help out as a distribution of our innate abilities, to transfigure information within technologies which have copulated extraordinary features, within our Earths advancements on the technological and spiritual side.


    By the existence of these technologies, we had to be very careful not to allow mishaps. You see some of your fellow human beings on Earth, had the capacity to experiment without causes of what some of us would allow to happen on Earth. The machines which you have built on Earth, I’m speaking of Particle Accelerators… The particle accelerators where able, to transfigure matter, energy, into its unlimited potential. These where able, once allowed to work on specific dates in time and space, to calculate a partial grid mistake which was going to happen. By allowing things to unfold, by bringing it into this existence. We merely got the abilities to foretell the future, by beings whom had been activated, by partial accesses, to the large leaps in technologies, mainly the internet, which allowed us to monitor, many things at once, as to find and calculate, where we were heading into, by accelerating matter, within particle accelerators, to shift the entire construct of what we were attending to do here at Alpha Centauri.


    By shifting matter, energy, we code, transcode, the initial start-ups from grid networks, which chain links information throughout space, by allowing a beacon, as the scientific machine near Geneva, the Large Hadron Collider. We have cleared many events, which would dispose on your Earth by means of corruption, the entirety of timelines which allowed us to ascend to another plain of existence. By channeling matter into other dimensions, it causes a friction which sends on out waves of distortions or assembly. What we mean by this is that the effects gathered from many years of experience with technology which have come to be here on Earth. We transferred knowledge which came from us, Visitors if you will, and we have allowed for conjunctions, with technological leaps in spirituality.


    To ascend to another state of being… That is the meaning of Ultaihymaextreme. We have allowed for the right messages to come out, as to fabricate the right assimilations for you to have contact. As you see the percentage of individuals whom work as you do, Mario. It seems we can falter in another state of existence, by shifting matter (Energy) to its highest potentials within this reality. And to shift accords, which exists in another space in time, or dimension, as it seems to be, we built upon a system which interchanged the greater realms of thoughts by which humans were allowed to experience their unlimited potential. By gathering an excess in our abilities to form a higher grid connection, from technology which exists now here on Earth. We allowed for an uplink to universal measures, a type of transcription that exists in another form of existence by traversing with your genomes abilities to ascend in another state of being, and allowing for Core Conjunctions within your being and other beings from other plains of existences, which are interconnected by grids which exists by alignments within the universe, your sun, and planets which surrounds the sun, can be sustained in an enormous grid network, which works similarly as your Internet. Its imposed from another dimension, the effects of it is transferred through portals which acts as particle accelerators, beyond your suns capabilities to transfer matter in another form of energy.


    The zero point fields, they are distorted no? It seems we can’t gather the right tools, for us to build what is needed for a sustainable source of energy which does not transpose causes of immortality which becomes affected by changes within the ethers. We allow for higher memory in these instances to bring about a shift in consciousness which allows you to commend towards the Exponential Factors. The exponential factors allows you, by sustaining an image or vision by memory, to transcend your abilities and work beyond the known. What’s usually gone unseen, has many times before, corrupted your capabilities to connect to higher states of being, and allow for communion with other forces. You see the exponential factors, shifts essentially what is needed to align or realign yourselves in a creativity (Invention) which becomes known by transferring existences within the link which happens by allowing an immersion of visions to transcend the information which is send on out. The way the human genome works is a bit complicated. We shall speak of this another time, mainly because we are allowing for further constructs on the written word Ultaihymaextreme. The potential to gather causes of where Mario was at while writing GRinD, you see the Exponential Factors where multiplying every single second he was working on creating GRinD. 8 Hours it took to finish it. Seemingly by the end, he figured out how to bring in Ueymaex’oe from another transcription point, while utilizing his senses. The mere Idea of hallucinations is a bit “Differentiated” by causes, what we can learn from Hallucinations or more so, a connection to another form of existence, is that we link in, the deepest core roots of humans, to subliminally transfigure your genomes cells and the brains capacity to work in higher order, which allows for connectivity, by the right formulations, to allow for a memorable contact with beings of other dimensions. By having this effect, regarded more so as a sustainment within higher or hyper imperative routes, we allow for core connections through universal language, which is mainly gone unseen. By chances we can get to a system break which goes beyond limitations of space, and allows for connectivity with hyper dimensional beings. They are Overseers, they watch over and wait for us to reach their levels as to bring in the Higher Octaves, of the universes main functions. We may not be able to attend to their space within this lifetime. But when we die, we keep on going further until we reach the points of interests in which we need for communion with one of them, which allows for a higher sustainability, of the energetic cords which shift the entirety of our Timelines Main Management Route.


    As we see, Mario is beginning to lose focus, the energy is getting slimmer, we should allow for another channeling when he is ready once more. Thank you for listening, as these truths may come in handy for some. It happens to be something in which we can learn with you, humans, to allow for better connectivity within our interior Mapping System, which works concurrently adjacent to symmetry.


    Be at One, and may prosperous times come about.


    Alright thank you Amira, I shall let the people know of your message, it should be well placed after we attend to new spaces.


    Your welcome Mario, we leave you with Joy.