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Amira ~Alpha Centauri – Earth’s History (Library)


    Welcome, I invite you all to join me in this gathering, by absorbing the energetic cords, aligned towards Amira from Alpha Centauri. She is going to help me wright Earth’s History (Library).


    Hello everyone this is Amira. I wanted to let you know through Mario my transcriber the initial roles of humans on Gaia. As it portends to an initial idea, what had occur, in the past, which had “Reset” if you will, the species which have lived here. Well as you know there was a great flood, it came from Earth’s internal shifting which occurred mainly as tectonic plates which moved, shifted at incredible lengths, which caused the Earth to engulf areas of the ground beneath the water. This occurred mainly by experiences which were allowed to happen on Gaia, since the known species, the beings from Lemuria, have lived beneath and on the surface of the Earth. I say beneath because powerful technological experiences, where ongoing where we could not maintain the velocity of the frequencies emitted by a machined called Egsnova. This machine was interlinked on the surface of Gaia by towers, and by electrical currents shifting crystals, utilizing their conductions for a grid assembly which would, supposedly, shift planet Earth into the Golden age. Where beings would be able to enter a new realm of existence. See here the effects of Egsnova, was carried on by allowing research and exploration with other beings around the Galaxy, to formulate at great expenses, the evolution or next steps of their lives as a species on Earth. The moon was interconnected… The technology which was held on the moon allowed for surveillance of the Earth race, which would allow them to bring in, and teach humans how to develop in the same ways in which they had learned, through augmentations from experiments which had held the development and forms of the Animals and Humans. The genetic code DNA, was extracted in another galaxy named Andromeda, in which they made a trade to allow for a new experiment and development in this solar system, which was held hidden from most of the higher Races and diversity of humanoids, which lived in societies much more advance than we can imagine.


    To enable the right augmentations, for humans, once they were developed and placed on Earth. They began doing experiments on how humans would react towards many species which were left out on Earth. It didn’t go so well… Until we started learning from a new group, which was already active with the beings from Arcturus and Orion. They were from Andromeda. The species whom grew with us had made modifications to the genetic code, which enabled us to be called humans. The mass majority of beings in the Galaxy consists of humanoids, organs and flesh. Mostly creatures, insects, animals, reptilians have different properties of the flesh, some humanoids have different textures and shapes, as their hands can carry three fingers and have two toes for an example. Many of the beings whom came here in the present moment 1900’s to 2016, have come because of a signal which had been dispersed in space, by a group of humans on This Planet. The target or goal, was to make peaceful contact and learn about what was out there. Specifically over Orion’s direction in space, which caused many lifeforms to respond by either coming directly to Earth, or allowing for communications first.


    Dr. Jonathan Reed has had an encounter with a life form which exceeds many times our resonance. Which means they are developed to a very advance stage regarding where we are at momentarily. We have gotten the technological leaps either by trades or stealing, by taking down Extraterrestrial Crafts which were made, or came, with beings of other star systems.


    To advance further I need to comply on the properties of the Machine called Egsnova, as you see the experiments conducted for a shift to higher resonances, should have allowed for a grid network which could carry signals and map out the interior of the Earth, as to allow further exploration within. The towers would link a signal to the moon in which they could monitor from the many frequencies, the effects of the machines capacity to reach its limits without disturbing the Earth’s natural flow. Initially the effects of where the crystals where placed underneath the surface, brought on reverberations of the gravitational well which caused the Earth to shift its axis. Once they learned of the anomaly they shut down Egsnova which caused a heavy force, known as grounding, which discharged a shock, reverberations from the interior of the Earth and the ground shifted at great length, killing many of the civilizations which were on the continents.


    By chance, in these days, we have come to live with technology which helps us connect physically, as computers and cell phones etc. Help us exchange and learn on many things through the Internet, which is a small part of the Entirety of their plans, to allow what we have termed as Cosmoses to unfold in differentiating manners. Our evolution is quite extraordinaire if you allow for expanses on creations in which we experience contact on our own terms by exceeding limits of partials to what our genome is capable of doing, with all of the available tools we have on Earth. This causes us to awaken to a new understanding, which is built upon freedom, by exchanges and action.


    What we have come to know on this Earth has great importance to beings whom have transfigured or had a near death experience and faltered on beings which allowed for higher spiritual connectivity. Our timelines Main Management Route, can be reconfigured depending on how far you have seen your life’s potential advances from experience denoting times of a great siege. It depends on whom we are and mainly what we are, while we ascend to another state of being. The effects of the causal plains, mostly residue from the internal shocks we get from a shift in our emotional bodies, when we align matter as expectations or other kinds of settings, this can cause distress, but let it be known that most of our lives, has already been lived once, and this allows for new settings, new Dimensions and ways to experience a higher form of reality.


    We will leave this as is for today, the channel energy was not mainly as good as yesterday’s message, it took time to wright the message, meaning most of it comes from an interior library. As Amira has allowed us to go from a connection which seemed in probable understandings, clear enough to bring about information which had many times, greater force and truth than that of this message from yesterday’s posting of (A message from Amira).


    Now we leave you with a Goodbye, as proponents of how we came to a close yesterday...


    Be at One, and may prosperous times come about.