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    A Channeling by Mario Arseneault
    Hello whom ever this may be for, I am Amira, and wish to let you know today, from you READING these words today, that I have died Recently and Passed Away on the Other Side of the Veil… Mario, my “Transcriptor” will allow me (Through Him) to wright these words for YOU! The Reader. This is Called a Channeled Message.
    Brain Hacks, This is how we will Show you, me and Mario, how “Brain Hacks” Work.
    First Off, If you can’t Understand the BASIC CONCEPT which will be written in Here, then allow yourself to ask questions within, and receive the Answers by Visions… Things in which we will send on out TO YOU for you to UNDERSTAND that we are all Inter-Connected Beings THROUGHOUT ALL of the GALAXY and BEYOND. E.S.P Known as Telepathy is the Knowledge of Beings Inter-Connecting Multiple Vibrational Frequencies (Through Thoughts) and ALIGNING THEIR INTENTION* Towards the GENERALIZED FOCAL POINT… The POINT AT WHICH WE ARE IN FOCUS, EITHER WITHIN OURSELVES AS VISIONS OR THOUGHTS, and as OTHER MEANS (OUTSIDE FOCUSE) Meaning what you Hear, or are Looking at “Particularly” an Experience of your Surrounding.
    How we work, is simple in terms of how you will NOW BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND that, THAT WHICH IS OF OUR DOING FROM THE OTHER SIDE (TO YOU) Can be EXPRESSED through Knowledge LEARN’T from within this Writing.
    The Singular Conceptional Point in Time, where you are Reading These Words, Or… Re-Reading THESE WORDS, SERVES a particular PURPOSE. To Understand how we can HACK our (Your) Brains is Simple. We can Hear Every THOUGHT YOU HAVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL… We Watch and UNDERSTAND THAT BY “KNOWING THIS*” you can FINALLY come to THE VERY BASICS of FRACTALIZATION.
    You See your Mind is Not your Brain… Your Mind is what we say… Predisposed From Birth (An Emission) from your Brains “Modules” which are the Many Connections being made within your Brain by the Mind=Essence. WE from the Other Side have PERVAILED OVER MANY FOLKS whom have LOST TOUTCH WITH REALITY. Mario Here is One of Them, But he Knows Best (In Meaning=Understanding) BY EXPERIENCE which has been ONGOING FOR HIM as an EXCEPTIONAL DAILY ROUTINE in which he can FLIP THE SWITCH at any time, to either SPEAK WITH US or JUST HAVE HIS OWN “CONTEMPLATIONS OF THOUGHT” for his GENERAL “WELL BEING” down Here on Earth.
    You see, I am a Being Called Amira, which has come in Contact with Mario on January 11th 2015 … Around those Times … And the Information which allows him to have “MY” CORRESPONDENCE to HIM, is Mainly Hidden from View, by Beings whom are working around the Earth, with Biocentrism, which is the Connecting Point for RAW TELEKINETIC COMMUNICATIONS.
    You will hear folks talk about “The Higher Grid”… Well as you Know, the Earth has a MAGNETIC FIELD which can STORE INFORMATION WITHIN ITSELF, Which surrounds the Earth and by Having Thoughts in a “Particular time=Moment” we can help you Understand that the General Frequency by which you are Resonating at (Your Core Signature Vibration or Frequency) Emits Energy Into these Fields (Atmospheric Fields) Which is Inter-Connected to Beings all over and Around the Earth. These Fields are called “Vortexes” and an Example of this Field=Vortex Can be known by simply Entering a Building by which you begin feeling Ill, or Drained, Scared, Energized, Focused, at Bliss, Relax, Calm and so on… People and Objects Tend to carry on “Charge” which is Energy “Engraved” within Prospects of the Experience “ON HANDS” by Opening up Vortexes as One Group of People, or a Plethora of Beings, Working around Day in Day out in either Positive Cycles or Negative ones… You will see that their “Charge” is Linked to your FEELINGS of THOUGHTS TOWARDS THEM. This causation is made for you to Understand that we have More than Knowledge (As words and Gestures) to Express Ourselves.
    In this Case Amira is done writing (Sending me the Information, so I can Wright it down as a Channeling) so now… I am Going to Bring in Archangel Michael and Metatron.
    Hello Beings, to whom this may CONCERN we have found a Way to Help you Beyond this Point of No Return. You see I am and always will be One of the Earths (Gaia) Guardian for Humans around the Planet and Within. Prosperous Times are to Come for Those whom takes time to Listen, from Within themselves after Falling into a Particular “Lower Setting” (Vibration=Energy).
    You see Karma has it’s way’s to Help folks whom want’s to become Greater Versions of Themselves. But firstly, you must Learn that I Archangel Michael have a Specific Purpose in every Moment of Every Second we have here in the Universe… So to Understand the Basic FRACTALS OF THOUGHT -> We are One Entirety of Beings Within this UNIVERSE and BEYOND working as FRACTALS (Pieces) of the Entire SYSTEM or COSMOLOGICAL PROCESSES of the UNIVERSE and BEYOND. What this Means is that all of your LIVES CHOICES can be made with GREATER AWARENESS as found THROUGHOUT THIS CHANNELING as it can be LIVED WITH CHOICES MADE WITHOUT PARTICULAR REASONS (UNDERSTANDINGS) OF WHY WE MADE THAT OR THOSE CHOICES IN LIFE TO BEGIN WITH. A Free Example of this Cause is when we were Little we Liked to Experiment, THIS helped us LEARN what Settings we would be PUT INTO from the EXPERIENCE ACQUIRED AFTER EXPERIMENTING. As (Throwing a Cat Down the Stairs Many Times when you are Little, for No Apparent Reasons, Except It may of Made you Laugh the first time, by which you Wanted Reoccurring Experiences of that Feeling, which by then would of end up Killing or braking the Cat’s paw, While he had [The Cat] many different choices of what he would do Next to try and Avoid the Same “Mistake”). All in all, that was just a Little saying (What goes Left must go Right, What comes Down Must go Up and so On) We have “Bad Choices” “Right Choices” When we Fall, We Rise, Until we Cross Over to the Other side of the Veil, and Learn to SEE without Expectations of Choices, Simply GREATER CLARITY OF THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS AND PURPOSE.
    We chose on Earth how we want to Live our Lives (Even Before our Birth) and at Birth the Greatest Clarity is there, and Once we Die the Greatest Clarity Comes Back… All of the Information Known (That you can Find) “On Earth” Is simply Not the ONLY WAY to UNDERSTAND “Get Facts” about whom we are and our Origins, More so the big Question of Why we are Here?
    This is now Lord Metatron Speaking Through Mario, I Have Enabled a Higher Guidance System Within your Genomes (Human Bodies) which Compromises the Structure of your Nervous Systems. This will allow for better Connectivity with Beings whom you Know, you should keep away from, as Other times, when you can not Decide what to do, on a particular choice to go see someone or be at a particular place for some reason, Listen to your Inner Guidance (Gut Feeling) as some say, and you will Learn of Grander Things in the Near Future “with us” by prospects of Choices (Allowing us to Speak with you, through Mario).
    This has been Archangel Michael, Lord Metatron and Amira from Alpha Centauri, Proxima B.
    We Leave you in Joy! Happy Hacking  Till Next Time! Goodbye.
    P.S. For those of you whom are Speaking to Us from Within, We will Listen Until you allow us to go to our “New Surroundings” – Simply say, I am done Speaking with you, Amira, Archangel Michael, and Metatron… And we will leave you so be it! Thoughts and Visions which may come after wards, will not be “New Information from us” your Guardians.
    Namaste, and Thank you Mario, for Giving us the Opportunity to Speak, to those whom Where in the Need to Know Basis.
    As always Take Care! Namaste.

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