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  • Jan 22 - hosted by jeannechristie Drinkel
    Join Cindy Bentley this Monday at 5 pm EST, 3 pm MST, 2 pm PST & 10 pm Gmt for free call in assistance in holding higher frequency energies. 2018 is our year to manifest our wholeness. Call in at 646-929-0461 if you are feeling stuck with negative feelings that seem hard to release or if you find yo...
  • Mon at 9:00 AM - hosted by jeannechristie Drinkel
    Join us this Monday at 5Pm Edt 10Pm Gmt for our resident Walk-In Angel CLAIRE CANDY HOUGH! Her theme is 'DARE YOURSELF IN 2018'! Claire Candy Hough is the Talented Author of ‘Angels of Faith’, “One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness” and “I Am An Angelic Walk-In" Voted as Number...
  • September 30, 2017 - hosted by Sheila
    Cosmic 'Double Feature' - 2 back to back 1 hour sessions! Ashtar Command Sun Star Activation Behind the scenes, the Ashtar Command has been devising a revolutionary plan for triggering a mass Ascension, which includes certain nootropic elements and special ingredients for rapid awakening and ac...
  • September 23, 2017 - hosted by Sheila
    Join Bryan for this fun, interesting session that will inspire and excite a new perspective about your special and very important day of each year. Learn a new, innovative way to celebrate your birthday in style and kick it off with a huge energy boost. Be there or be square! You do not have to r...
  • September 16, 2017 - hosted by Sheila
    Connect with the power of the Blue Angels to help calm your mind, awaken your heart and renew your spirit. These Blue Angel Meditations will initiate many subtle changes throughout your energy field, allowing you to feel more focused, emotionally balanced, joyful and prosperous. This experience will...
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