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What Does It Mean to Shine Your Light? By Melanie Beckler

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    January 27, 2018 2:56 AM PST

    Shine Your Light Meaning


    What Does It Mean to Shine Your Light? By Melanie Beckler

    Let’s tune into direct guidance from the Angels in response to this question:

    “What does it mean to shine our light?”


    “When we in the angelic realm encourage you to shine your light, we are specifically speaking to your realigning with the higher dimensional aspects of your true divine nature and anchoring your innate spiritual connection into the physical.

    This connection is empowered through your presence in the moment and through your willingness to open your heart and consciously expand your vibration.

    Expansion is made possible through letting go of the preconceived notions and judgments about how your work and service and life should unfold and rather surrendering fully to the present moment. Surrendering to this process of fully experiencing the love and light that you are.

    When you fully experience the higher dimensional radiance that is your divine truth, you can let go of the ego's desire to judge and compare you against others and the service they’re doing in the world. And rather, you begin to step forward one step at a time from this present point in time on your path of ascension.

    Stepping forward on your path of raising your vibration through spiritual practice, through meditation, through clearing your vessel — mind, body and spirit — to become a clear conduit for the immense and brilliant divine being you authentically are, accessing your multidimensional awareness, and integrating the guidance and light of your higher self.

    When this guidance is intact, when this flow of intuition is open through raising your vibration and yes, responding with love in the present moment and keeping your heart open, you are then able to shine your light simply through your being, through your radiating love, through opening your heart and allowing your ascension column to open.

    Through allowing the toroidal energy flow of your light body to ripple out far beyond you so that in every moment, you are infusing your surroundings with the divine light that you authentically are.

    This is the foundation of shining your light: simply being.

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    And then once you are present and grounded in the higher vibrational manifestation of anchoring your higher self and your divine being, your divine blueprint into the physical, you can then take steps in alignment with your inspiration, in alignment with your intuition to co-create in the world.

    Co-creating with the light of the infinite, co-creating with the universe, co-creating with other beings, co-creating with the divine one moment and one step at a time. Acting upon the inner inspiration you receive as a result of your direct connection through your heart, with the light of the infinite, to shine your light in the external. Shining your light through action, through creation, through asking yourself with your heart open in the present moment, “How may I serve?”

    And the answer to this question of how you may serve in alignment with your highest joy in a way that makes a difference in the highest interest of all, is shining your light.

    And so, shining your light yes, is twofold.

    It is your very vibration and your energetic signature.

    Shining your light comes about through healing and restoring the divine blueprint and template for you as an embodied light being in physical form, and then living as an embodied light being who understands that you are here to create.

    And so, what are you creating?

    Shine your light forth through your writing, painting, through the physical, tangible manifestation, in whatever way creative life force energy seeks to flow through you … Creating in the physical from this heart-centered, light-infused mode of living, so that you are fulfilled and in joy and in love, making a difference in the highest interest of all.

    Shine your light and then recognize that when you shine light in this way, your ego may be threatened by the new level of vibration and the growth you’re stepping into. Ego may trigger you to judge your creations, to deem yourself as unworthy, as not doing enough, not making a difference in a way that is as profound as other people you are looking at.

    Let yourself honor you as you are in the present moment, and release that voice of ego, the voice of judgment, and know that the present moment is ever the opportunity for you to shine your light.

    Love yourself exactly as you are and know that whatever flaws you see in yourself, whatever gifts you see in yourself, in whatever level of development they are currently at now, this is what you have been given to create with.

    When you create with what you have now — when you put out from your heart your creations, shining your light to the full extent you are able to, in this here and now — that is when you grow, that is when more of your gifts become available to you, that is when you progress to then receive more profound insights. And then when you act upon these insights, this cycle of growth, ascension, raising your vibration and serving at a higher level becomes empowered…  By simply shining your light as you are now.

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    Another trap of the ego on this path, happens when you see the big picture of what is possible for you and then become overwhelmed at the gap between where you are and where you see that you can be.

    The way that you get from where you are now to where you see you can be is through consistent and steady action. Through shining your light in the moment, creating with what you have, returning to center, staying present, opening your heart, filling your body, mind and spirit with light, letting light flow into every cell and truly charging yourself up, so that you restore your divine connection and shine as the brilliant divine being you authentically are.

    Fill yourself up with light to the point where you naturally receive the guidance, intuition and inspiration of how you can serve with joy and love in the highest interest of all. Then act upon your inner inspiration, to co-create, to shine your light in the world, both through your being and through your doing, both through your embodying and through your creating.

    Through this process of shining light, your growth continues to advance, your ascension continues, the journey continues, one moment and one step at a time as you consciously choose to return to love.

    Return to being heart-centered, to quieting the voice of the ego, of judgment, of self-doubt and choosing to shine with light and love, to heal, uplift, improve your own life and to ripple these blessings of the light out far beyond to benefit all.”


    Thank you! I hope this short angel message is helpful for you. Keep your heart open, shine your light and remember that you are incredibly loved and supported by the higher realms of light and spirit. It’s up to you to ask for guidance, to ask for support and inspiration and to then act upon the guidance you receive… Flowing your light forth beyond you into the world, to make a difference in the All.

    Your light is beautiful and brilliant, so let it shine. Shine your light and know how loved you really are.

    With love, light and blessings,

    Melanie Beckler

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    Archangel Chamuel Transmission: Becoming a Lighthouse of Love and Healing Light - By Steve Nobel

    Archangel Chamuel's name means the one "who sees god" and this angel helps to clear, heal or restore right relations between people. This angel also works to clear and restore a right relationship with Source. Archangel Chamuel and the angelic forces working with this archangel helps to heal heart issue such as being open to love, compassion, and forgiveness. In this transmission Archangel Chamuel will work with the Pink Ray along with the overlighting Deva of Rose Quartz to heal your heart. This transmission will assist you in opening and healing your heart from past trauma, heartbreak and release any discordant energies therein. The healing helps to heal the ego selves and release any feelings of unworthiness and self-sabotage. It finishes with a transmission of love to all the vulnerability within the psyche and a transmission of light to any soul fragment that feels trapped or lost in a shadow realm/lower frequency dimension.

    Video: "Archangel Chamuel Transmission: Becoming A Lighthouse of Love & Healing Light" By Steve Nobel


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    Sue Lie and the Pleiadians

    Within this now, we feel a glowing.

    It has no heat, but it has a knowing

    What could it be, could it be me

    Within the NOW in which we see?

    For what we see, please do not ask

    For first, we must complete our task

    Please don’t ask just what we see,

    Or even if it might be me

    For the answer is, we just don’t know

    Exactly what this glow will show

    But, the glow is growing day-by-day

    As we seem to change in every way

    The message from this glow is true

    But we can’t quite catch what we’re to do

    We must relax to help us see

    Just who it is we need to be

    Is there a message within this glow

    But we don’t know, how to “let it show?”

    Why can’t we see what is right there

    Perhaps we are afraid to dare

    What if we saw another “me”

    A me who is completely free?

    Free from fear and free from sorrow

    Is that the “me” we’ll be tomorrow?

    Tomorrow and forever more

    Could we live within our core?

    Inside our core we feel this “me”

    The one we know that we can be

    We feel our heart and hear our mind

    Telling us to, “Just be kind!”

    But what is kind in a world of fear?

    What should we say, what can we hear?

    Can we hear the call of those who suffer?

    Can love and light create a buffer?

    A buffer that will show the way

    To guide us to a brand new day

    Can we find this day inside our heart?

    At least that is a place to start!

    Within our heart, inside our mind

    We must look, so we can find

    Find our heart, inside our mind

    To know that love is always kind

    This kindness is the key to love

    That flows inside from up above

    Above the strife and past the sorrow

    Awaits the birth of a new tomorrow

    But this tomorrow, we must create

    And do it now, and not too late

    If we can remember our truest source

    We will recall our chosen course

    Before we entered this earthly land

    We had to learn and understand

    That many from the third dimension

    Live their life in fear and tension

    Therefore, we chose to come to Earth

    To help Her with Her new rebirth

    Then, many of us lost our way

    And it became too hard to stay

    But, when we returned back to our Star

    We realized then how strong you are

    To come to Earth within this NOW

    And teach the ones who can learn HOW

    To remember WHO you’ve always been

    That you are our family, you are our kin

    In fact, you’ve come to us each night

    To remember you are made of light

    The light you had to hide on Earth

    Is there to help you with rebirth

    Rebirth into your truest Being

    Of higher thoughts and higher seeing

    This Higher SELF, you are today

    In every minute and every way

    If you can remember what you have learned

    And take the LIGHT that you have earned

    To remember NOW, your own true LIGHT

    That guides your way and clears your fright

    Once you have found your Light within

    Your “Higher Life” will soon begin

    You will remember you came to Earth

    To assist Dear Gaia with Her RE-BRITH

    And how the being that you really are

    did guide you there from your distant star

    You came to Gaia for “Her Ascension”

    That is your honor, and your intension

    Remember now, your Higher Life

    With freedom from all fear and strife

    Within that memory, you’ll release ALL sorrow

                                                  AND step into your NEW TOMORROW!


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