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The Keys to Have Your Dreams Blossom...Focus, Feeling, & Faith

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    February 26, 2018 11:44 PM PST

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    The Keys to Have Your Dreams Blossom...Focus, Feeling, & Faith By Ann Albers

    Message from the Angels:

    My dear friends, we love you so very much,

    You are powerful beyond your capacity to comprehend. The Love of the Creator lives and breathes within you. With your free will, using, faith, focus and your feeling, you aim the creative powers of the universe!

    If you could see reality as we see it, it looks like a vast network of possible "programs" for your life. In much the same way as your television is receptive to a vast network of possible programs – all being broadcast all at once – you are receptive to a vast network of possible realities, all offered to you, all at once.

    When you want to select a program on your television, you hold the remote control, press a button and the program appears. What is really happening? You press a button and your remote control sends out an energetic signal. That signal is interpreted by your television, and it tells your television to tune into a certain station. Out of all the stations your TV could receive, now it is focused on only one. Its is tuned into the energetic signal of that one station. A picture appears.

    Your faith, focus, and feeling are your internal "remote control." All possibilities for your future exist right here and right now in the "mind of God." Through your faith, focus, and feeling you suddenly tune into one! To the degree you have faith, focus, and feeling, you are strongly tuned in. By virtue of the laws of the universe, your picture is going to appear in perfect grace and timing.

    Messages from the Angels

    To the degree you doubt, you create "static." Your picture will not appear as clearly in your life. To the degree that you vacillate between faith and fear, you are "flipping channels" on your inner remote and may see nothing changing whatsoever.

    So take control over your God-given inner "remote control." Choose the reality you want to focus on. How does it feel? That is the feeling component. Continue to ask that question, and allow your soul to answer. That is the focus. Now trust that the universe will operate according to its original design! That is faith.

    Dear ones, what you experience has nothing at all to do with earning it, being worthy of it, or being "granted it" by a capricious God. It has nothing to do with your past mistakes or successes. Right here, right now, you have the opportunity to "grab the remote" and change the events that play out in your life. You have choice!

    You can start creating an entirely different reality right here and right now.
    Why not start creating the one you want? You all deserve each and every dream, if not exactly as you dream it, perhaps better. We, by our very nature, support every loving intention you have for your lives.

    God Bless You! We love you so very much.

    -- The Angels

    Messages from Ann

    Message From Ann:

    Hi Everyone,

    I hear this all the time in my office. "I DO focus on what I want! I have for years! Why isn't it here? Where are my angels?" The angels patiently smile and remind the person that, hand in hand with focusing on what they do want, they have also been focused on it "not being there."

    This is a finer point to manifesting that even trips me up at times!
    The trick to creating is to have two worlds going on at once. One is the world you live in every day - the so-called "real" world. Fill yourself up with gratitude for everything you have now. Pour love into every aspect of your current life. Bless the Mess and trust the rest!

    Then there is the life of creation. You are living your "real" life now but in your mind you are also in parallel, living your future. You already feel the way you feel when it arrives. You kmow it is going to happen. You have a joyous sense of anticipation. Like a child at Christmas anticipating their presents, you know your creation will come even if you have no clue how or when.

    A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to replace a few drinking glasses that had broken. They were inexpensive when I got them, but to my dismay they were no longer being produced. I went on ebay and found a set for $80. That wasn't what I wanted to pay.

    So as the angels say, I "grabbed the remote!" I decided I wanted to get them at a thrift store. I imagined the joyous feeling of finding them on sale. I got all happy as if it was a "done deal" in the future. This didn't happen because I can predict the future (which I see often as the most probable path) but rather because I knew I was creating.

    I woke up the next morning with a certain thrift store in my head, went on faith, and picked up my glasses! There were exactly four and they were $1.29 each!! The funny part is that I found only two originally, but I was so convinced the rest would be there that I kept circling around different sections and shelves until I found the rest!

    On a more serious note I've been in physical pain on and off for a few months. I hiked 20 miles last fall after sitting all summer and sprained a foot. I had a broken toe on the other one over the holidays (all healed!). I have had pinched nerves in my neck after painting my bathrooms three times each in December. I was healing all of these, but slowly. Sometimes, when I focused on other things, I had no pain. When I focused on the problem, of course I felt the problem. The angels continuously reminded me that my focus was the problem that was slowing the healing.

    So at the event I advertised last week, THEO (a group of angels that speaks through channel, Sheila Gillette) came through and suggested we all just make a decision right then and there about what we wanted. By the way, I LOVED THEO!!! Their energy is fantastic, honest, accurate and deeply compassionate. Many people I know received love and healing energy. They are having an online mentoring program beginning 2/20 that promises to be life altering, which you can check out here.

    Back to my story. I made a decision at that moment that I would walk out of that room pain free - no sprain, no pinched neck, nothing. That was that. I was done focusing on the pain and holding it in my body. I used every ounce of willpower to imagine feeling great. Of course, within minutes, the energy of God that is already and always there, flooded me and the pain was gone. And to make it even better THEO talked to me about my sensitivity and repeated a few things my own angels have been telling me! It was BLISS.

    The pain tried to sneak in a few days later and that is where faith and focus come in. I told it quite firmly but kindly. "I'm done. I've decided to feel good now." I "grabbed the remote" and focused on feeling good. In an instant the heat and love of God flowed through me and no more pain.

    I think a lot of us feel like we're having a tug of war with the "remote" in our heads at times, but hopefully your conscious self is winning!

    Here are some pointers this week to "grab the remote" and choose the life you want to live!

    1. Direct it

    Remind yourself, life does not work the way most of us were taught.

    We don't need effort and struggle to have results. Healing doesn't have to take forever. Abundance is not directly proportional to hours worked. You can't save or fix or change another unless they want it. You don't have to earn love.

    Instead the universe responds to vibration. Remind yourself, "My life can start to change now, because I can change my energy now." Begin to do this by asking yourself, "How would it feel to have what I want, right here, right now."

    Grab the remote and direct the energy with your focus, feeling, and faith.

    2. Expect it

    Now that you know how the universe works, know that the minute you focus on a loving feeling, the universe starts to match that energy. Now is the time for faith.

    Expect that what you want to appear (or better) will come. Anticipate it. Trust it. Live your life relaxing into the knowing that you have "grabbed the remote" and the universe will deliver.

    Don't keep checking in. "Is it here? Did the universe hear me? Does God care?"

    The question is, "Did you hear you? Do you care enough to maintain the feeling with faith? Are you willing to focus on what you want more than what you don't?" Your energy is what matters. Anticipate joyfully. You are in charge. God gave us the incredible gift of free will to direct the creative forces of the universe through our faith, focus, and feeling.

    You'll know you're manifesting when you don't have to wonder if what you want is coming.
    You'll live your life in joyful anticipation, relaxing into the "now "because you know what you're creating in the future.

    3. Allow for it

    Manifesting makes us grow. We must throw away our notions of a capricious, external God that "grants wishes if we're worthy" and realize that we are simply interacting with the Love that lives inside of all creation.

    In doing so we bump up against all those parts inside of ourselves that still hold onto notions of unworthiness, anger, abandonment, forgiveness, you name it.

    If you feel blocked, get in touch with the "inner committee" as my angels like to call it. Shut your eyes and ask, "Who inside of me doesn't feel they deserve this creation?" Wait till you see, feel, or imagine something - a part of yourself. Then say to that part. "I love you. I'm creating this. Would you like to enjoy it with me? If not I have to ask you to allow me to enjoy it." You get the idea.

    Find those pieces of your soul that don't believe or resist love. This is the healing we came for. Manifesting is a fun way to trigger it!

    Have fun this week "Grabbing the Remote!" After all, none of us really want others or the world to choose the reality we get to experience... unless of course, they're choosing something really great!

    Love you all!


    PS - I'll be talking more about this tomorrow before my online free gazes. Information is below.

    Video: "The Christ Hymn" -

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    New Moon solar Eclipse For Rare Clarity & Goal Manifestation

    We are presently in the rising energy of the New Moon Adorned with a Solar Eclipse  (Feb 16). This is a rare energy pattern & brings with it incredible opportunity for  creative manifestation & new opportunities for initiating  projects, establishing  goals & for planning ahead.

    It is a time of great insight, clarity, creativity & removing shadow. Great time of pristine logic & lucid clarity to analyse relationships.

    The hidden is revealed, the mist of confusion is lifting , indeed  answers of long perplexing obstacles can be found in this rare clarity.

    At the present all 9 planets are in forward flow, none in retrograde. This is a special time to plan and start anew. Projects began in this energy will get a powerful boost.

    Life force is bathing the planet in this phase, and intent , focal intent is vaulted forward toward manifestation & realization. This opportune timing  is amplified for the next 2 weeks thru the Full Moon. A perfect time to think and take action. 

     This is not to say, the energy is not intense, it is ... and this explains why many may feel at times a bit overwhelmed and a bit anxious. However, there is not a more powerful energy in 2018, than the present fortnight to create, begin projects, think problems thru to resolution  etc ... until  the benevolent Equinox of September. This is an extremely fertile time to plant the seeds of high intent & noble  thought. They will take root !

    Video: "Keys of Creatorship 2017 - Earth-Keeper Star-Gate"

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    Below are three wonderfully uplifting and recent guided meditations from Natalie Glasson to enjoy.

    Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all of You,


    Natalie Glasson's - Let's Bring Divine Peace, Love, Truth, & Unity To All

    Join Natalie Glasson and all others who are listening to the video for a Free Webinar led by numerous Sacred Beings to support you in accessing your inner truth to be of service in the most appropriate and fulfilling way for you. Sacred Beings such as Quan Yin, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Hope, Goddess Beings and many more wish to guide you in a meditation allowing you to experience being of service to the ascension process occurring for all. They wish to guide you in embodying and manifesting love and peace for yourself, humanity, Mother Earth and all. This is a beautiful meditation gifted to you to awaken & expand your Divine Highest Self as a sacred gift of service, love, truth, peace and healing for all. Let yourself be guided to lend your energy, awaken your inner knowingness and connect on a deeper level with the true divine purpose of your presence on the Earth. Allow yourself to be filled with supreme glorious love vibrations and healed by the awakening & expansion & embodiment of your Soul & the Creator's Flames of Love, Peace, Light, & Power within you. You are a magnificent part of the world and the Creator, your energies and intentions matter! Photo in video By Bell & Todd Background music is an Alpha Wave meditation music And please give us a thumbs up if you like the video. Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all of you, Steven Hutchinson

    Video: "Natalie Glasson's - Let's Bring Peace, Love, Truth, & Unity To All"

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    Anchoring the Star Being Collaboration Activation from the Star Being Team Channeled Messages

    The Star Being Collaboration Team bring forth a meditation to assist you in experiencing their two-part activation process beginning in 2018. This activation cleanses your being of fear, pain and implanted consciousness and humanity’s separation from the Star Beings. You will experience a development in your ability to communicate with the Star Beings, in fact, yourself, others and your guides. The second part of the activation will allow you to receive wisdom, love and codes from the Star Beings. This is a specific meditation to aid your experience of the Star Being Collaboration Activation for 2018. Other interesting items Capsules of Wisdom

    Video: "Anchoring The Star Being Collaboration Activations" By Natalie Glasson

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    Channeled Meditation - Unraveling Your Soul’s Inner Guidance for the New Year from Master Kuthumi

    Master Kuthumi shares a meditation to encourage you to be present with all aspects of your being, especially your Soul. He invites you to explore with him the inner guidance of your soul for the New Year.

    Video: "Unraveling Your Soul's Inner Guidance For The New Year" By Natalie Glasson

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