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Men and Women, Women and Men

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    Men and Women, Women and Men By Sharon McErlane
    "Men and women, women and men," the Grandmothers said, their heads nodding up and down.  "This situation is shaking down now and soon will become clear for all to see.  There's been such an excess of yang energy for so long that today it overhangs the Earth--covers everything.  So much so that you haven't been able to see past it to the true relating of the sexes.  Woman has been so smothered by excess yang that she doesn't know her own self, let alone men.  But awareness is coming," the Grandmothers said, humming to themselves,  "It's coming."
    "Woman does not exist in reaction to man," they said.  "She is not his 'helpmate' as the old patriarchic model states.  That is not it at all.  The real relationship of man and woman is a glorious thing to behold; yet you have never seen it.  In fact, you've never even heard of or imagined it.  It's finer, truer, more magnificent than you can envision.  Wait and see," the Grandmothers said, their faces lit by secret smiles.
    "When man finally relaxes his death grip on power, then his true magnificence will step forth.  And when woman stands straight up in her power, well!" they exhaled, "then there will be something to behold.  Women and men together will create such beauty, such goodness that your Earth will be a different place indeed.  It is coming," they repeated, their heads again nodding in concert.
    Then they looked up, locked their eyes on mine and said, 
    "Until that time comes, take as many steps forward as you can.  Women," they announced,"it is through your relentless, loving pressure on them and through that alone that man will awaken to who he really is. Do not let up on men," they said.  "Hold them to the truth.  Accept no half-hearted explanations, no feeble apologies.  Insist on sharing what you see with them and do not hold back.  Be kind, but be relentless.  Now is the time to work hard for the great coming together of the sexes.
    "You are the ones who must do this," the Grandmothers said.  "Men are too afraid and too shut down to look within themselves.  Help them," they said, tears in their eyes.  "Tell them what you see.  Tell them what you feel.  Encourage them to 'step up' and then accept no substitutes for that.  The time has come at last and as we told you right from the beginning, Women Must Lead.  It can be no other way.
    "Go forward now and do the work at hand," they said.  "We are proud of you."
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    Taking Time for Blessings By Shanta Gabriel

    We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

    This message from Archangel Gabriel invites us to expand our abilities to create greater possibilities for being happy and living in more beautiful, inspired ways.

    The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

    Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.

    Shanta GabrielTo bless means to confer energy on whatever person or situation you are focused upon. It is a wonderful way to bring Divinity into our daily lives, and this practice honors the Oneness within us at all times. And even if the reality of where we are is not what we like, it is important to bring conscious awareness to the place of "what is" so that we can expand our perceptions to what is possible.

    It is important to recognize and honor what is truly manifesting in our lives. It is a recognition and gratitude for the abundance that is there for us to notice when we focus our attention. Without that point of honoring what we have already in our lives and being grateful, we are not in a place of magnetism for what we want to experience.

    For many years I seemed to be waiting for something else to change before I could be happy. I kept thinking that soon I would have the situation in my work I had been wanting, or the people would finally change and then all would be harmonious. This led me to living in the future, out of balance and out of touch with my present life. It was not a resourceful state for me to be in. When the life I was leading went through a very radical change, I was not prepared to lose everything I thought was important to me. It could be called involuntary simplification, but the Universe will use anything it can to get our attention.

    Sitting in that place of emptiness, I had to examine my core values, becoming more clear about what was truly important to me. I found a new level of compassion and love for who I was at the core of my being. I recognized that my spiritual base did not change and that in all the ways that truly mattered, I was not lost, no matter how it felt. I learned the lesson that my Soul was valiantly trying to teach me — that loving myself and honoring the present time was essential. I soon found that the more authentically me I became, the happier I was.

    The spiritual principles that taught me about what I truly needed to feel whole were still within me, active and well. I discovered that even though it appeared that I had lost everything, I was actually living in a resourceful state that allowed me to follow my heart and pay attention to my inner guidance system. All of this I could bless with my full attention and be very grateful.

    When we ask for something, we are honoring the Divine Presence and letting the Universe know what we need. It creates an opening to the Divine River of All Creation; the sacred flow of Divinity that is always available for us. When we can match the vibration of our desires, we become a magnet for their manifestation by the Law of Attraction.

    Giving thanks in advance allows us to strengthen and raise our vibrational frequency. This helps us to radiate the beautiful energy of gratitude into our world. The benevolence of God responds to this beauty and will flow to us what we are asking for if we can continue to sustain and strengthen our focus.

    The focus of our attention is the attracting force for the flow of the Divine. If we continue to complain about what we don't have, it creates a powerful focus on what is not working. The result is we will receive more of what we don't want from the same Benevolent Force that provides what we are focused on at all times. That is why the energy of blessing is so powerful. Even if we really don't know what lesson we are receiving from a less than happy situation, we can still offer our blessings so it can provide a catalyst for the change we do want.

    Through this focus on the spiritual base of our reality, we become very resilient and open to new levels of support from the Universal Presence who cares for us eternally. All that we need is provided then with more Grace and Ease, and we know in the core of our being that we are truly loved.

    Divine Presence,

    Thank you for the life I have been given and for the lessons I am learning on all levels. Please bless all my relationships and all the situations in my life with Love and Divine Order. May all beings be blessed to receive more Grace and Love in their lives.

    May my consciousness be blessed with Divine Light and brought to a frequency that is in harmony with that which I truly desire to receive in my life. I am open to receive the Grace that is here for me now. Thank you, God. And so it is.
    The Gabriel Messages Book #55


    Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.


    AA Gabriel:

    Dear One,

    You may be finding yourself in a time of questioning and dissatisfaction with your life. However, this is also a time of great opportunity. Every moment of your conscious awareness creates the qualities of your future moments. You can ask for those qualities you feel are missing from your life now, and they will come to you from your sincere prayer.

    It is not about asking for material things. Instead, ask for those qualities of consciousness you believe you would have if you had the things you want. For example, if you want a new job, what qualities would this job give you? Abundant income? Harmonious atmosphere with co-workers? Fulfillment and joy doing that which you love? Perhaps ease in transportation?

    When you know the qualities you want, this allows the Universe to provide these qualities in a work situation that may be even better than the type of work you were looking for. When you ask for a narrowly defined work environment, you may get exactly what you ask for but the qualities that would make you happy may not be present.


    It’s important not to limit the response of the Universe to the confines of your present awareness. But if you do choose to be precise, also say, “this or something better, God” and then let go. You can also give thanks in advance for answered prayers by saying, “Thank you, Divine Presence, for meeting my needs in ways better than I can imagine. Thank you for Divine Order in this situation.”

    Blessing situations also brings more good to you. Even if your world appears to be falling apart around you, you can bless the changes occurring and know there is Divine Order beneath the illusion of disharmony.

    Though it may not appear that you have much you can bless, you can bless the gift of another day of life. You can bless the learning experiences you are now receiving, knowing they are bringing you to a greater good. You can bless the people in your life. Know that they are your perfect teachers for what you need to learn at this time.

    Remember to give more attention to what you want than to what you don’t have. It seems a small distinction, but power is given to whatever you focus your energy upon. If what you are experiencing is not what you want, bless it anyway. But do not dwell there. Shift your focus to ask for whatever good you want — greater happiness, joy-filled relationships, abundant income, satisfying work. Then say, “Thank you, God” and release your prayers to the Universe to be fulfilled. Whenever you think of it, bless your life, say thank you for what you have and want, then let Divine Will take over.

    You deserve to be happy and have miracles in your life. A prayerful attitude of blessing and gratitude can bring to you all the good life has to offer. You are worthy to receive the grace of God. All who ask sincerely are answered in kind.

    Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today is:

    Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.
    Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
    February 18, 2018
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    Stepping Into The New In Joy & Love By Melanie Beckler
    Melanie Beckler
    Hey there! 

    I like to start my morning's off with a simple process I teach in the Angel Intuitive Course... 

    Basically, I raise my vibration, open my heart, connect with my team of guides and angels, and my inner Divine Being...

    And then I draw some angel cards as a way of triggering and tuning into direct angel messages and guidance here and now. 

    Today I drew the New Beginnings Card. (Image below) 

    And while the guidance I received absolutely has a level of specific personal meaning for me... 

    I was also prompted to remind you that each and every moment is a new beginning. 

    In fact, what you believe to be true about yourself, including your current level of abundance, your relationship status, career path and even your personality traits... 

    These are reflections of the past. 

    And while most people energetically copy and paste what's happened in their past into the present, and into their future through beliefs, patterns, habits, and thoughts... 

    The truth is, that this moment in entirely new. 

    You're not who you were yesterday, and when you give yourself permission to let go of who you've been and even who you are now... 

    You make room and make way for new levels of light and the embodiment of your highest Divine self to shine through. 

    So I guess what I'm trying to say... 

    Is that rather than just accepting things as they've always been... 

    Instead of accepting that what's happened in your past will continue to manifest in your future. 

    Know that you have the opportunity now to boldly step into the new. 

    To tune into the light of your heart at the center of your being and ask: 

    "What do I really want to be, see, do, and experience in this life"

    and ... 

    "How can I serve with joy and love making a difference in the highest interest of all"... 

    And then know that whatever limitations, doubts, fears or insecurities you've had... Are now in the past! 

    And in this moment now you can step forward... 

    One step at a time, towards bringing your future self and life into alignment with what you really want... 

    And with who you really are. 

    This is a new moment for you to create within. 

    Keep your heart open... 

    Breathe light into your being. 

    Tune into your inner guidance... 

    And then take the step towards what it is you really want. 

    Changing your future takes changing your energy, actions, and intentions in the present... 

    But it is well within your scope and in the beautiful new beginnings we're stepping into the possibilities are really endless. 

    So check in with your heart, raise your vibration, and take your very next step. 

    With love, 

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