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    June 4, 2018 1:20 AM PDT


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    Surrender To Love & Awaken To Divine Light & Healing ! By Steven Hutchinson

    From the heart chakra of Mother/Father/God, I breathe into my entire embodiment the Highest Vibrations of the Creator's Supreme Love & Joy with my every in-breath, and with my every out-breath I breathe all of this Divine Energy into the crystalline grid to all of Gaia & to every human being. And my every out-breath also takes this Divine Energy into every cell of my body, and each cell lovingly receives this energy and releases into Divine Beauty and Love with my every breath.


    I Surrender to the divine activity of the Creator's Energies of Supreme Love, Light, & Joy within me with my every breath. I Am a Divine Transmuter of Cosmic Love Consciousness as I synthesize and use and embody the Creator's Supreme Love in all aspects of my life. 


    I Awaken to the Oneness in All. I live by the Law of Love. I hold ALL with the eyes of Love and I invoke and invite the power, peace and joy of this Love to take form in ALL my thoughts, affairs and relations. I hold ALL people, circumstances and events in this boundless and unconditional energy field of Love and Light that I AM. 

    May ALL beings Awaken

    May ALL beings be healed.

    May ALL beings be forgiven.

    Thank You God ! And So It Is !

    Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all who read this,


    Video: "Fully Embody The Divine Energies of The Creator's Love In Your Life Now ! By Steven Hutchinson