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What Are The 144 Starseeds?

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    May 24, 2021 5:53 PM PDT

    This topic refers to the 144,000 starseeds said to be incarnate right now on this planet from other worlds. The number significance of 144, is a shortened form of 144,000. Referring to the number of souls achieving the most advanced form of ascension of soul knowledge incarnate into human form.

    This knowledge was given to us through several transchannelers from the lightworker community back in 1998. I can tell you that many more of us do exist, however where we once had a community, we now have a handful of sites, networks and blogs in which we communicate. This shall change, as more of us awaken and congregate where we are needed.

    So, why 144000? Honestly I believe that there's a lot more of us than that awakening to the love frequency here and now. I get the fact that this concept refers to starseeds as lightworkers because, it would make sense to bring knowledge in from higher dimensions. But, to answer the question of why 144000 is significant, you have to realize this number comes from numerology. It may not reflect our true numbers in mass living as humans here.

    I wonder if it is more accurate to say that 144 different star systems are participating in the dimensional shift to 5d of Gaia? And that a thousand starseeds from each place are here concurrently to lead the lightworkers to victory. It seems to me that the success of our 3d self is different from that of the vibrational levels we have achieved inwardly. Which does surprise me because the law of attraction is more powerful than I thought.

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