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A Calming Treat For Empaths

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    December 5, 2015 10:09 AM PST

    This is a little tip I learned about when I visited the astral plane a few days ago.

    Empaths in the physical world often experience emotions tied up with stress, excitement and the combination of thoughts from all other people. Empaths automatically transmute such thoughts into a stream of understanding, however things can quickly become overwhelming resulting in either an emotional or mental breakdown. This won't effect your spirit, but it will effect your body and physical health, you will have symptoms of headaches, nausia, chest pain and stomach cramps. To avoid this, focus on a comfort memory and visualize it embracing you.

    Comfort memories are memories which define and shape themselves as happy, or soul memories because of how they make you feel, every time you experience them. As you may have guessed, comfort memories may not always be good memories, but they are a reminder of who you are and why you feel the way you do. They are specific to consciousness of a physical form and often bring happiness and joy, a division of peace. This is what we want, when ever you feel physically hurt or in pain, rely on peace to relax your inner mind and focus on your breathing.

    Once your breathing and heart rate slows to a more calm and normal pace, visualize yourself in a wirlwind. Whatever negative thoughts you may have, stress, fear, complexity, overwhelming, put them in the wirlwind and watch them spin. As they spin, detach yourself from them and gaze into the wirlwind, seeing yourself through its depths. Once there, allow your focus to switch to a place you wish to visit and see yourself planted there, grounded to the planet, like a sunny beach, a bed time snooze, anything you like. Once integrated, refocus your thoughts on your current task and you should be right as rain.