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Other Times, Other Places

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    November 3, 2015 6:45 AM PST

    Experiments with time travel, reality travel and other cosmic science discoveries may be closer at hand than we realize. For a long time at least a couple of decades if not more, Earth has put out some interesting documentaries on the subject with key whistle blowers at its core. Although people such as Steven Greer may be a little nuts, others have pointed out some varying similarities in their claims.

    The United States military is often involved with the claims. People who have been said to have such technical abilities along with free energy and antigravity technology have been using them with telepathic help from extraterrestrials. If such people ever went public with their knowledge, they were taken down or relocated to whree they couldn't or wouldn't talk about it openly. All we seem to have is some of the documentaries about the remnants of their discoveries narrated by either disinformation agents or ground shaking whistle blowers according to Earth modern standards. Of course, cosmically speaking, please do speak up if you have come from an alternative reality, the future, the past, have extra sensory perception or other such abilities, we'd love to make your acquaintance. Otherwise, lets talk about what actually exists in the present to make of such fascinating topics what we can.

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    November 3, 2015 6:47 AM PST

    I have studied the foundations to a lot of these claims and what I know for a fact is if it were science fiction, a lot of things we know to be science fiction such as movies and music along with their respective visuals and images couldn't have been made without outside help.

  • November 6, 2015 9:31 PM PST

    Dear Elshara

    A little bit of history might help you better shape your ideas.

    In 1801, Thomas Young was appointed Professor of natural philosophy at the Royal Institute in London. Over a period of 2 years he delivered 91 lectures on the wave theory of light, this in a city that was populated largely by an illiterate, poverty stricken community.

    In 1894, Thompson discovered the electron, and by the 2nd decade of the 20th century, physicists like Einstein had formulated the mathematical equations that eventually led to all the marvellous technological devices that we enjoy today, so you would do well not to underestimate the skills and expertise of all human physicists and scientists scattered across the entire globe.

    It is worth noting that the Turin machine, invented by Alan Turin, and on which all futurel computing was based, was invented in 1936.

    You might care to read the credits shown at the end of films and movies, because you will see that veritable armies of software engineers and other technicians are employed specifically to create the incredible special effects that entertain us.

    I would recommend watching 'Forbidden Planet' which was released in 1956. It served as a benchmark for all future sci fi films. The special effects are simply breathtaking, a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the people who made the film.

    Man's ingenuity serves him very well. He doesn't need outside help.

    Man's evolution has spanned 13.8 billion years. 9 billion years after the Big Bang, this solar system was formed, and 1 billion years later, simple life forms appeared. It then took a further 3.5 billion years for sentient beings - us, to finally arrive.

    If extraterrestrial beings do exist, when did their evolution begin? It can't have been before us, because the essential elements of life - sunlight, oxygen, carbon based DNA or whatever, water, suitable temperature range etc all required billions of years to come to fruition on a planet that had to be of a certain size, be an appropriate distance from a sun, have an angular displacement to provide for night and day, as well as protection from meteorites that the other planets in our solar system provide.

    The odds of sentient life evolving on this planet are as tiny as the Universe is large.

    The entire Universe is made up of 61 fundamental particles confirmed by the Standard Model - see

    These all combine in one shape or other to form 118 elements, and this is true across the entire Universe. Where ever you go in the Universe, water will boil at 100 degrees C at standard pressure and temperature.

    There is no higher life form than home sapiens. As a matter of interest, 100,000 years ago, there were 6 species of homo, but the other 5 died out leaving us as the dominant species. See Sapiens - A Brief History of Mankind. We all began in Tanzania and gradually migrated across the entire planet, entering America via the Berring Strait that separates Russian and Alaska.

    It's my contention though that there was some cross breeding which might go some way towards explaining the divergence of humans into white Caucasian, black African, Indian and Oriental, all of whom have distinct characteristics.

    All life began 3.5 billion years ago as tiny microscopic amoeba. I am sure that all life on planet earth is derived from the same strand of DNA, or whatever the fundamental building block of life is.  Our knowledge of the Universe has rocketed in the past 20 years or so, but the original research and discoveries by physicists occurred over 100 years ago, and this should not be overlooked.