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Sixteen Ways You Can Prove Ufos Are From Space

  • November 13, 2015

    1. When a ufo is seen, it is usually from a distance. Any close up experiences reveal only the outer craft for a few miliseconds and then it is gone. A ship required to travel long distances in space would need to use a powerful porpulsion system to let it travel on planet as well as off. A hybrid craft that can travel in air and in space would be able to accomplish this as a simple task without a problem.

    2. Every ufo seen tends to have a sort of intelligence behind it. Some encounters of space revealed in documentaries from independent sources claim that the methods used for communication were telepathic. If so, the ships used to communicate must be as well, meaning there is a connection between the ships mind and the occupant perhaps even who is in local range to see it move across the sky.

    3. Every documented ufo case has some sort of connection with remote areas. In recent times, they are seen in cities however not in broad daylight which leads to a potential purpose involving less busy times of day where ufos can travel more freely across the sky. Any night time watchers especially ones who tend to live in mountain ranges or forested areas, see the ufos more clearly giving them easier access to view where they may be headed. If ufos are traveling on less known paths even by air rather than by road, it could mean they wish to be not disturbed so the chances of anyone finding out about what they may be up to if for example their mission is to collect minerals, stones or other Earth like samples for study or use on their home world.

    4. Ufos which are seen do not wish to be recorded. A craft capable of disabling local technology as it passes overhead would have to have a reason for doing so. If such a craft is telepathic, it may be able to scan what is noticing it and effectively reverse or enhance the process as it wishes depending on the purpose of the pilot of such a craft may have in mind.

    5. The relation between ufo reports documented and the abduction case phenomena in terms of being highly noticed have started around the same period. Post world war two era has shown evidence that such technology may have been used on Earth in mass as Early as the 1930s which could've been useful in the hands of the Germans, who could've used the war as a distraction to or power base to implement such technology in future space projects. Such evidence has sinced moved to the United States as has a number of post war German Scientists who have been in possession of such technology. Indeed, since the war, the most cases of ufo discovery have appeared in the United States, followed by Europe, and Asia, who has covered up the incident with the help of government religions and civil wars over the years happening in the central middle east which in recent times have expanded to cover up such an exploration.

    6. The hight of technology in its prime time seems to be where the ufos are most found. This could be for a number of reasons, particularly as this may not in fact be a sign ufos come entirely from space, but also may be used locally as well but may have originated from space. Perhaps such a craft is common in secret government projects, otherwise there is more than one extraterrestrial missions being carried out simultaneously, perhaps as a means of awakening humanity to advanced technology while collecting Earth samples to take home.

    7. Earth may be knowned to more planets than just us if seen from space. Perhaps this is why the ufos have crowded our skies so much, our radio and space missions could've been more successful than Nasa may have been allowed to admit. Yes of course there are documentaries saying Nasa never went to the moon, which I don't believe is true. It is possible that a few space probes from Nasa fell into the hands of an existing civilization on the moon and around other local space, not to mention local dimensional shifts in reality, which could've triggered a mass alien interest on to Earth mostly to help us. Though it remains of course, unknown whether the technology to do this didn't already come from a lonely traveler at some point, a crash landing perhaps or an original mistake in coordinates, a sample mission or just simply a means to visit another world and has ended up becoming so much more today.

    8. Another possibility is that there may be a war going on in space and Earth got caught or rather is caught in its crossfire. Unseen to humans, ufos could be crowding our skies to protect races like ours from being involved in an off world struggle. Although the military may be interested in such affairs, we wouldn't have a clue as citizens. So the more people who care about their freedom end up taking over our skies and considering the plethora of resources Earth has, makes it an ideal place for them to make a sort of secondary home as the war progresses.

    9. Unknown to many, the Earth is unnaturally rich with a million different species living here. From sea creatures to land animals to tribes we seldom see or hear about, this planet may be a drop off zone for alien life as an experiment to see how we evolve or change. This could lead to us being rewarded with technology if we learn to coexist with each other peacefully. This may be the reason why so many people neglect Asia, as it along with Europe has been the source of many local wars, as has Africa and Native America. Tribes know their own, like wild animals know their families. Could this be a programmed state of being of worlders want to fix? It may be interesting to note that the generation of crop circles originate from ufos with messages that support such a theory. Destroying crops may not have any lasting effect, however perhaps there is a sign we do not yet know of which suggests a purpose behind it however misguided it may appear.

    10. AS remote locations has been a drop off zone for ufos to be commonly found, such as Ant Arctica, Area 51, a possible military underground base or secret headquarters and even the ocean. There is said to be any number of shaped ufo craft appearing around Earth, though its reason for being here or rather, its purpose for seeming to be so quick about it, suggests a plan which if the military knows about, could mean there is no such thing as first contact. For years many people have often wondered if first contact would happen, placing their faith in new age based beliefs suggesting a channeled message could be the solution. However physical contact never happened, and the channelers all but disappeared at the point of entry. Having said that, the best way to capture a ufo is to have the means to follow it and track its signal. I'm almost positive there's a connection between such a technology being used in the hands of international military and the ufo agenda.

    11. Ufos are never seen to travel in fleetes. You will never see a huge mass of them traveling together at one time. This could be because one sighting may be hidden better, or they split up traveling all over the world at one time, but only one per location. This would make sense given the nature of the ufo reports being seen are as different to one another as they are related. Different ship design, same agenda.

    12. When ever a ufo is spotted, it only stays still for the duration of its mission. it is sometimes hard to tell how high a ufo is, however low hovering crafts have been spotted which look nothing like local air craft. Ufos have been seen to both hover and move changing their position in the sky as they navigate around a particular destination. Some people have even suggested ufos move where they want them to move using a sort of telepathic thought wave, though this is a highly speculated belief and shouldn't until proven otherwise be taken seriously. As has been reported, ufos tend to hover around centers of technology. This means anything from local houses and businesses to forested areas, but never too far away from some civilization. Could this mean a ufo is powered by electrical waves? This would be a power source for ufos to travel freely as has often been the case when a ufo is seen, electrical appliances stop working. Could a ufo be partially responsible for having a temporary influence over the energy of an electrical current? If so, this would explain why so many of electrical appliances are effected when ever a ufo is seen.

    13. The relationship between a ufo and humanity has been one many people have found fascinating. The most clear evidence we have to prove ufos come from space, is when they started appearing in our skies. Why is it ufos are so secretive? To answer this, we must look into reasons why space traffic has slowed on the part of human funded projects such as Nasa. Sure it may be a funding issue, but apart from that, it is also a security issue. Increased ufo activity since humans have not gone into space as frequently apart from interacting with the space station, suggests traffic around Earth is rather more crowded than it may appear. Can ufos orbit around earth and then zoom across the sky as they wish? If so, it would be hard for a human space ship to just rocket from the ground into space unless a specific date and time has been set to clear the spaceway for this to occur.

    14. Ufos aren't necessarily a good thing. Too much interference with their activity can and have potentially been known to cause accidents especially when local traffic may be involved such as big air craft or commercial ships at sea. If ufos are known ot interfere with the navigation system of either one of these humans have little to know warning to move out of the way to avoid a collision. IF at sea, the ufos must travel beneath the water and as such, if an electrical forcefield is generated to power their porpultion system, this means if a ship is caught in the forcefield, it could sink. On the other hand, air craft taken off course could crash land if they are being influenced by an additional electrical wave pulling the air craft away from its predestined coordinates. Natural weather disruptions are also a major contributing factor for collisions, sometimes, it is human error however as technology advances, we start to see a patern emerging. Ufos porpultion system depends on a ystem that may interfere with our navigation system of electrical reliance. Everything we do is electrical, considering electricity may be nothing new to space travelers, this could cause a problem for us if they use our appliances as a means of navigating around Earth.

    15. While most of us see ufos as physical objects, perhaps their whole system could be multidimensional. Some people suggest ufos can move in multiple dimensions and or through dimensions to achieve their destination. If so, it may be possible that their system could be taken out of the physical dimension and into another dimension where only thought and consciousness exists. Extraterrestrial after all, may not mean just a physical form. It could be extra dimensional, meaning spirit or thought form, using psychic consciousness to move around using the power of a spirit or thought or something yet unknown to us.

    16. The commonly known case of Roswell has responded in the US government dismissing the report as a weather balloon when a ufo was spotted to have crash landed. Unfortunately, weather balloons or hot air balloons do not move in the same way as our modern space fairing friends do. this looks like a cover up on the humanities part and has been going on since at least the beginning of modern history. Perhaps there may be a clue in cultural hot spots across time. It is said ancient aliens exist, though how may be a result of primitive explanation. Never the less, we are not alone in the world and we have ufos to prove it.