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    Red alerts will warn you about aspects of our society that is considered dangerous, false advertising promises, local things to be wear of and to give you the tools to prevent attacks of this nature if you are faced with them. The wish is to guide people to show you what is recommended to be done in such situations based on tried and true experiences, personal or otherwise based on general opinion of how you would be prepared if it happened to you. The purpose of red alerts is to assure you the true nature of personal development will never be forgotten by learning about ways to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy and happy safe from harms way.
    Posted by Elshara Silverheart on February 24, 2016
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    Library of Light

    Share your favorite or most memorable photos, music, videos, links and books here.Store your information in the digital library of Light
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Vimanas Real and Ancient Flying Machines

    In order to better understand who we are, it helps to hear about our history and where we've been. Vimanas ,ancient air ships are a great subject to learn about.They are a part of forbidden history.- not commonly taught in western schools,and contrary to ...  more
    led by Edward Shapiro

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    What is Swara yoga?
    This is a meditation method. It is a way to slow down and gain access to the two sides of the human brain.Within ourselves are two halves a male and female half.
    In order to understand ourselves and experience Love we have ...  more
    led by Edward Shapiro

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    The Healing Center

    What is healing ? It doesn't mean you wont die.
    It implies you can attain peace and self understanding through heartfelt communication and love. In this group the members try to attain communication through understanding. The problems in our world are ...  more
    led by Edward Shapiro

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    Dream Yoga

    Everyone spends about a third of their life in the dream state. This group will explore what is the dream state , how we can obtain lucidity, and our various experiences and meanings to this important aspect of our consciousness.
    led by Edward Shapiro

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    Devas are etheric intelligences beyond the physical planeof consciousness. There are millions of them !
    This group will discuss a way to approach them through mantra and yantra and use tools called Tantra. We will identify some of the more popular ones.Th...  more
    led by Edward Shapiro

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    HIGHER SPIRITUALISM - Real Acended Masters Teachings

    MASTER COUNT ST GERMAIN - "A DECLARATION FOR PEACE" 1963 40 Min Audio Lesson - See Blog or .

    My Friends - it is 1963 - 51 years ago!...  more
    led by Sunkara Sankacharya

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    Yantras-Sacred Geometry Divine

    Abstract esoteric energies of thoughts and form beyond words, yantras are mathematical and geometric. They are encased by 4 gates called bhupur 10 directions with a central point called bindoo,lotus petal vibrations represented by different sounds, the l...  more
    led by Edward Shapiro