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Basic Understanding Of Modern Extraterrestrial Intelligence

  • November 12, 2015

    As current knowledge stands, there are a few different but highly related projects going on that involve extraterestrial life on Earth. More specifically, such projects involve missions or purposes in which such extraterrestrials communicate with us as a whole. For the past few decades, a couple of very specific projects have been globally active including starseeds, ufos and lightworkers via extraterrestrial forces.

    When I say extraterrestrial, this includes extradimensional, psychic and otherwise off world entities as well as forces. In the physical realm, this is most often seen using crop circles and ufos. However in the spiritual realm, this is most commonly refered to as starseeds, lightworkers, healers, ascended beings, otherwise known as messengers of spirit from an alien consciousness. Usually such a consciousness has a rather insignificant presence on Earth, ainly used to observe, not interfere or have too high a profile. Such knowledge usually comes through at random times during the lives of individuals coming here for the past 50 years or more. Such people have tried to bring the Earth and its inhabitants into a more civilized state according to galactic standards. Although this hasn't been very successful on a technological scale, it has shown an interest from the spirit level up. Used in conjunction with the ufo program, there are bound to be a relation somehow between such forces working together to make Earth a sort of galactic power base uniting people across the universe if not beyond with the idea of moving Earth towards a central gateway of knowlege for all races.

    Note not a lot of knowledge to this extent can be verified publically as it still is in the stages of collecting and applying evidence. It seems however, that the media more than anything in modern times, has taken an interest in promoting the idea, however diverse its methods may be, in order for it to grow. One day, this will likely evolve into something we do or work towards, and in this way, Earth as a whole will have cosmic access to technology beyond our current understanding. It is my belief that such a thing as the internet couldn't have been possible without help. I believe much of the world military has hidden alien technology from us because that is a possible means of war should a full on world war ever occur, that wasn't already being made as a side show for current inteligence at the time such as what the Germans displayed under a secret science program. We all know secret military testing has lead to new discoveries, and if the military can fund it, so can the government leading us to discover new organizations and intelligence every day. This is probably a stepping stone to introduce us to a cosmic society, even if it doesn't happen over night, some things cnanot be explained by simple local science which is one reason why multivarious elements to the extraterrestrial presence on Earth seem to be happening working as a collective to help us onwards and upwards. Most of us feel that such a mission has one goal, unconditional love for peace on all worlds. It has yet to be said whether advanced form of technology such as time travel, alternative reality and space jumping have yet to be seen as has appeared to exist in science fiction media programs in real life, however answers to this can usually be found in the secret of ufos if indeed they have a connection to crop circles and the secrecy of alien intelligence on Earth.