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    This is a group to share information about gems and their spiritual uses.People can also share pictures of their favorite stones and their collections.
    Posted by Edward Shapiro on November 28, 2015
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    Role Play

    Come here to be who you want to be if you feel it is time to explore the meaning of identity.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Alternative Earth

    Alternative Earth is where nature is in control of the planet and its resources. We the people inhabit all things fairly and creatively belonging to such a place.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Cosmic Friends

    Appreciating the people who matter to us.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Laugh anything funny
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Positive Energy

    Energy I have been told can not be destroyed? If this is true then at death what happens to our stored up energy? Poof its gone? Perhaps the meaning of life is to charge up our energy to a higher positive that even at the point of leaving the shell you...  more
    led by David Pressler