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    MASTER COUNT ST GERMAIN - "A DECLARATION FOR PEACE" 1963 40 Min Audio Lesson - See Blog or . My Friends - it is 1963 - 51 years ago! Meditate to the vibration of Ascended Consciousness. Since that Seance no Master, claimed Channel or human has stated TRUTH more evidentially than Count St. Germain. Support the Master's Plan with your presence in the International Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters here and visit http.// The Medium - Keith Milton Rhinehart remains the most Scientificlly PROVEN Trance Adept of the time! Apportation - (Materializations) proof of Spirit over Matta - Fully formed Flesh & Blood Masters materialize from Pools of Ectoplasm, Trumpet floats in air - a voice box is created from the Adepts Ectoplasm and the Masters via independent voice phenomena give their timeless Teachings to the world. However the Important Phenomena is in the Spiritual Lessons from the Guides - the Real Ascended Masters - Elders to the Race of Man! We have some 140 Amazing Lessons from Seances under Test conditions given in the1960s to late 80s . Would you Worship TRUTH? Would you KNOW TRUTH? Enter into a Sacred Meditation with Count St. Germain - participate - hold hands around our Globe - in a ring of Spiritual Healing Light to a planet in need. Sri Sunkara HIGHER SPIRITUALISM http.//
    Posted by Sunkara Sankacharya on October 30, 2015
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    Health Is Wealth

    Having a balanced body is important to everything you do while your spirit is on Earth incarnated in physical form.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

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    Daily Philosophy

    Philosophy is the study of the theories of the universe. Share and explore your beliefs in the realm of possibilities with others who understand what it means to be a theoretical knowledge base. Path finders and other seekers of information are welcome.
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    Animal Lovers

    Lets protect all living things in this world. Humans are animals with an adult intelligence. Animals come in all shapes and sizes, we all have love in common.
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    This group is created for all merfolk or anything related.
    led by Sarah Decker