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  1. In life, we often see the appearance of stainless steel faucets, and know that the benefits of stainless steel faucets are many, then you know how to properly clean stainless steel faucets after a long time, then take a look at kitchen faucets manufacturers . Preparation tools: a tube of toothpaste, a used toothbrush, an old stocking, an orange peel, a clean cloth 1. Squeeze the toothpaste in a dirty place with a stainless steel faucet. Rinse the toothpaste with a wet toothbrush repeatedly, then rinse it off with clean water and dry it with a clean cloth. 2. Use an old stocking to wipe and polish on the faucet. 3. Then use orange peel to wipe back and forth on the metal surface of the faucet (the orange peel contains fruit acid, which can maintain the stainless steel surface), and then wipe it clean with a clean soft cloth. At this time, the faucet will be restored to the light of the past.
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