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Published: Nov 22, 2017 11:48:13 PM
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    Moon of ACTIVE CREATION - The World is Changing NOW! By Sonja Myriel ------------ Dearly Beloved Awakening and Awakened Ones, The world around us is changing as WE ARE CHANGING our old patterns and habits, saying farewell to victim and perpetrator consciousness, inviting and welcoming new and healthy thoughts, emotions and corresponding action into our life. Today the door for CHANGE is opening. Let us take advantage and contribute our share to the prophecy fulfilling! We see former victims overcoming their fear of persecution, outing themselves, telling the public what happened to them, we witness women who were abused showing courage in airing the unthinkable and we read and watch documentals about purposeful bloodshed, organised organ removal and transplantation and more. This moon let us focus our meditative attention on bringing LIGHT to all these scenarios! I would like to invite you all to sit in quiet meditation for one minute - or be it one hour or any other time in between - each day with a candle lit, immersed in the frequency of your I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of All of Humanity focussing on LOVE empowering each man, woman and child on Earth! This moon is going to lead up to the darkest time on Earth on the Northern hemisphere whence the LIGHT will be reborn while in the South the days are still getting longer and longer until the climax will be reached on December 21. America, Russia, China and the Middle East are all located in the Northern hemisphere where the nights are still getting longer and longer but the New Light is already beginning to sip through - and we, the awakening and awakened ones, the Divine Lightrods on Earth, are preparing for the REBIRTH of the CHRIST LIGHT through Humanity which will take place during the 7 days from December 20 to 26, 2017! During this time period until December 18 do as much as you can in order to ACTIVELY do good and raise humanity's awareness of what is going on behind the scenes! Organise family meetings, donations for those in need, events to raise awareness, to meditate and sit together in silence and oneness, and to talk about and SHARE the inner and outer changes you are and have been experiencing throughout your soul's awakening. Use the time of ADVENT to PREPARE for the RESURRECTION of the CHRIST LIGHT on EARTH and CELEBRATE TOGETHER the dawning of LOVE and COMPASSION on our beautifulf, living, breathing PLANET GAIA TERRA SHAN VEJ! Do not keep the joy of ascending into the higher spheres of the acknowledgement of our natural DIVINITY to yourself but share it and pass on the SPARK of the LIVING LIGHT to all who you are and come into touch with every day! A smile, a word, a hand stretched out at the right time, a coin given with humility and the wish for the other to prosper ... follow the lead   of your HEART and witness how LOVE is going to spread and multiply without effort, touching upon the lives not only of the one person you are interacting with at that moment, but all who shall be touched in turn by this person's reawakened SELF-LOVE and SELF-esteem! The FLAME of LOVE, the FLAME of WISDOM, the FLAME of DIVINE WILL and POWER ... the THREEFOLD FLAME UNFOLDING is igniting the VIOLET FLAME ACTIVITY in our lives and the lives of all life streams we are touching upon ... and through the growing activity of the Violet Flame and Ray on the planet each person's connection to their I AM PRESENCE is fortified and strengthened and their cord of LIGHT is widening so their bodies are nurtured again by the LOVE and LIGHT of the CREATOR/CREATRESS and the "game" of taking advantage of the life force of others in order to benefit from stolen energy shall finally no longer be necessary! One minute or more of SILENCE, one minute or more of a daily focus on humanity's AWAKENING in the LIGHT of the THREEFOLD FLAME, the Violet Ray and the Cord of Light nurturing humanity again as was intended from the beginning. This is my vision for the Moon of Active Creation, this is the journey I invite you to join me in, the focus I ask you to SHARE with your friends, on social networks, in your everyday lives! Please forward this message on facebook, twitter, what'sapp and any social media you participate in to bring this vision to LIFE! Thank you from the bottom of my HEART for embodying LOVE and COMPASSION as much as you can and more and more every day - and for particpiating in this unified meditation focus of ONE MINUTE for LOVE and humanity's awakening which I am sensing is ocurring NOW ... and forevermore NOW! LOVE eternal - more information shall follow, Sonja MYriel RAouineVideo: "Tuning Into Cosmic Christ Light By Melanie Beckler"https://youtu.be/6WhU35XWFDM An Inside Out Twist By Algernon Williams We spend most of our time dealing with our external world. We strive to make it better.  But what if this is just a futile game, what if in fact it works the other way around. What if it is our outside world that is actually dealing with us. It pushes us, it challenges us, it teaches us, it informs us, it is our mirror. And no matter what we seem to do out there, things don’t really change, we get the same old results. We have all heard that we must fix our internal world before we can see our external world change. “Be the change we want to see” Etc. Etc. …. But what does that really mean? Simply put it means letting go of all the noise around us. It means that we stop putting things to do, other people’s wishes and places to be, in front of what our heart is telling us. It means dropping the blame and judgment of people and circumstances that we perceive are causing our pain and sitting with ourselves.Sitting in whatever feelings are there, owning them as our own and allowing them to pass.It means dropping the words “YOU”, “THEY”, and “IT” from our vocabulary. As in YOU said…, THEY did…., IT was because of…..When we can truly take responsibility for how we feel, not necessarily for the external manifestation of that as that may come in many forms. But in how we feel as a result of whatever has happened out there, then we are on the right track. It is our job to only deal with our inner world of thoughts and feelings, to forget about the world out there. Yes of course there are things to do in our daily lives to keep us functioning in our world and we must focus somewhat on those. But apart from that, if we can shift our striving, our fixing, our worry, blame, shame, judgment, and fear from our usual habitual external focus. And turn internally to focus on how we are feeling inside as opposed to what is happening outside, things will start to change. When we first start to do this, we may go back and forth from our internal focus to our external focus and that can be a bit of a battle as our heads are looking for something to blame, while are hearts are looking for something to love. We may also sit in the middle, in a void not knowing if we are coming or going, lost in an unfamiliar world. It is when we can just BE, sitting in how we are feeling devoid of any reason for feeling that way. Owning our feelings as our own without any blame or shame.When the perceived causes are no longer a part of the equation, and all that is left is us with ourselves. Then the magic happens, and we allow ourselves to let go, to release, to shift to new realities as our frequencies increase.This is not sitting contemplating why he / she did whatever they did, or why we are thinking these horrible feelings. It is complete acceptance of whatever is happening at that moment, of whatever we are feeling. It is a calm, sometimes painful moment of SELF refection. Just YOU and YOUR feeling sitting, being, allowing. This allowing will change your external world in ways you would have never imagined, as it mirrors back to you your new found higher frequencies. Frequencies of love and abundance as you begin to play with the all loving, ever abundant universal energies. This is you as a creator incarnate, where anything is possible. Welcome to a new way of living Algernon WilliamsVideo: "11:11 Galactic Gateway Transmission. Weaving Light Codes into Your DNA and Future Timeline" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/CPz_B_nFQ1s Bringing Clarity into Chaos By Shanta Gabriel  We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives. This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to expand our perception about the experiences life is bringing to us.  The Gabriel Message Card for this Week A Disruption of Energy Serves to Bring More Clarity. Bless it.  Most of the time I have received this card with more irritation than gratitude. Usually this message comes at a time when something I consider disturbing has occurred. When the card shows up, it almost always makes me smile. I wish I could say that I welcome this card and gracefully begin to bless the situation around me that caused my upheaval. Often I may grumble a bit, even though the mere reading of the card has already caused me to surrender and shift from my position. It is just so TRUE. I cannot argue with the premise that certain situations can act as a wake-up call to spur me back into alignment with my most divine self. There is a certain element of freedom in the awareness that my blessing the situation will cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency. To bless means to confer energy upon. When we bless something, it brings the Infinite Intelligence in Divine Light to the circumstance. It also gives us the opportunity to ask for a Creative Solution if it seems so dire that we can't see our way through it. The Divine always offers a solution inherent in every problem, as long as we raise our frequency to match our desire. Our prayers act as a beacon to call to the energy that we want to experience. Those who have had near-death experiences report seeing brilliant streamers of light shooting off the earth as people pray. They were even shown the angels waiting to fulfill those prayers. That is one of the jobs Angels were given to do by the Divine Presence. This is very reassuring information for me. So when discordant situations arise in my life, I am committing to remember to bless the situation NOW, thus bringing some beautiful light into it. I also want to be grateful for the clarity that comes to me when I am shown what I do not want. It is abundantly clear that I become VERY aware during the disruption  what I would prefer to experience. That is a gift. My next step may be to write down my intentions for what I really want in my life and send blessing energy to this clear awareness. At that point I can invite the Universe to come and open the way to graceful and easy fulfillment of my prayer. And it is very beneficial to remember to give thanks in advance, knowing that all my needs are being met as long as I am a vibrational match for what I truly desire in my life. I can trust this process because I have seen it work so often. Only now it is even more exciting, because the change that comes when I bless the uncomfortable situation is often amazingly quick. There must have been an angel just waiting for me to ask... Divine Presence, Thank you for bringing more clarity into my life. Please soothe my nervous system, healing any waves this wake-up call presented, with a flow of beautiful Golden Light through my being. Let my heart be filled with Compassion for myself and all others as we evolve together in expanded consciousness and anchor new frequencies of Love, Freedom and Harmony on the Earth. And so it is. Shanta Gabriel November 12, 2017 www.ShantaGabriel.comThe Gabriel Messages Book #41  A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it. Dear One, Just as a storm can clear the air with its cleansing rain, a disruption of energy also serves to bring clarity. This disruption is a blessing that may come disguised as that which you do not want in your world. Sometimes knowing what you don't want is the quickest way to knowing what you do want for yourself in all situations. Clarity of mind is necessary in order to bring about that which you would like to see manifested in every area of your life. Daily life is the cosmic educational system. Every disruption of energy has something to teach. You are here to learn and to grow from your experiences. It's important to remember that it is possible to learn from Joy as well as pain.  This is your choice. A disruption of the status quo creates change. Though change is often uncomfortable, it is intended to bring you continually closer to God. This is your larger life goal, and it's helpful to remember this "bigger picture" when changes occur. It is often the energy from a disruptive circumstance that can propel you to your greater good. Changes are upsetting because you do not know what is coming into your life and this may cause you to feel fearful. But please remember that whatever comes to you can be a significant opportunity for spiritual growth and that you have Angels to walk with you through these changing times. You can ask for what you want. Claim the greater good that will come from the disruption that has occurred. Ask for the perfect outworking for all concerned in any situation. When you desire that which is for the highest good of all, you set in motion the forces of the universe to support you. All that you need is miraculously provided when you are in alignment with your inner being. So when upsets happen, bless them. Write them down, place your hand over the writing and imagine brilliant, divine light, which is God's healing energy, working through the situation. Claim Divine Order and know that God and the Angels are available to assist in a perfect outpouring for your highest good. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today: A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it. Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel November 12, 2017 www.ShantaGabriel.comVideo: "New Moon Angel Card Reading ~ Ascension Angel Messages for Nov 13- 19 2017" - https://youtu.be/UWgeDwcVHi8 Diamond White Violet Fire Transmission: Forgiveness, Cleansing, Freedom - By Steve NobelAt this time, we have the opportunity to clear much old dense karma in ourselves. Actually, there are different spiritual dispensations that have been granted by the spiritual hierarchy that allows for personal karma spanning many lifetimes in the multiverse to be dissolved.For a number of years, we have had the Violet Flame dispensation. In this time of ascension and global shift there are a number of new dispensations that we can call upon. One of these is the Diamond-Violet Ray.This ray combines the Violet Flame which holds the energies of freedom, transmutation and forgiveness with the energies deep cleansing, purity and clarity of the Diamond White Ray.This new ray is held jointly by Archangel Metatron (of the Diamond White) and Archangel Zadkiel (of the Violet Fire).In this (remastered) transmission, we will invoke the ray to transmute any lower energies in your energetic space, then clear any lines of difficult communication between you and another and finally the transmission works to clear your path (both past and future) so that you can step more joyfully towards your soul’s highest choice and destiny.**DOWNLOAD MY LATEST FREE STARSEEDS EBOOK** http://thesoulmatrix.com/audio-library/Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all,Steven HutchinsonVideo: "Diamond White Violet Fire Transmission By Steve Nobel"https://youtu.be/ykqGIneGvE4
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    Der Timer beginnt durch dem ersten Angriff - läuft er ab, wird ein aggressives Gas in der Base freigesetzt, das ausschließlich living room Angreifern schadet. Ab hier wird auch kein Schaden a good der Base mehr möglich sein, die Raider m&u...
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    This specific Pandora Charms Black Friday 2017 appeal bracelet weblog celebrates your release from the Pandora Ebony Exclusive 2015 appeal which has a complete preview. Pandora are generally debuting restrained edition Dark Ending friday necklaces these days! The particular Trollbeads Night Splendour is offered by any your business price just for this day simply consequently complete make sure to look at that particulars.Besides contributing some eye-catching fresh appearance doing the actual attraction a superb gift intended for golf followers they’ve additionally designed several wanting to wear gift sets. Our personalized most liked could be the bracelet fixed which often attributes two in the Pandora Clleular layers involving Lace Clips, the Rugby pandora charms uk outlet plus the silver precious metal bracelet with cardiovascular form.There are plenty of layouts that feature additional flexibility although they need a sensitive femininity that will lends by itself attractively to the occasion. That Pandora Glowing Like pattern characteristics together some sort of attraction and a wonderful dangle.pandora black friday deals possess started off to consider their very own sneak peeks by means of web 2 . 0, although they’ve guided toward jewellery pieces until now. 1st will come the actual lovely wide lace top encouraged pendant by using it’s refined flowered layout.Last but not least that bracelet under illustrates many of the different charms. The actual dangle with the focus is a brand-new cheap pandora charms outlet Like Wild hair and this also is definitely another allure I’m coveting increasingly.
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    cheap adidas trainers will be the planet's primary sensor-based sneaker this feelings the actual shoe's shock-absorbing procedure exactly, around the actual bodyweight belonging to the shape, right down to the particular excess weight of an curly hair, along with has the capacity to feel by itself Runner's prominence plus rate, plus as outlined by the degree regarding floor delicate as well as intelligent adjustment performs exactly like the individual nerve response process: through the of our sensing process, the usage of receptors in addition to magnets that will find athletes distinct load situation, in addition to about each and every LOT OF situations the information exceeded towards microprocessor at the bottom from the shoes. That processor chip then progressively adjusts the actual shoe's suspension process to supply the most beneficial cushioning. Shoes built-in power, capable to give A HUNDRED a long time involving power assistance. Wise chips footwear adidas spent Three years made by Ny "Times" called that world's 2004 best EIGHT inventions.adidas womens trainers sale midsole which provides cushioning, firmness as well as versatility will be an important component of the shoe): adidas + - Exactly the same fabric because the visible foam, put for a gasket on the forefoot of your standard midsole, earthquake stream outcome as well as come back influence. your adidas-intensive eva material, used in this heel-stricken spot, absorbs influence and also directs strain greater. a3- An electricity change method consists of free stampers on the tpu dish markets the excess vitality with activity moderately to be able to act to be a load, instruction along with propulsion through the entire step, completely at odds with nike's shox technology comparable. a³Structure : structural midsole features give a much more consistent, longer lasting cushioning and also help support when compared with regular cushioning systems. depending on the type of exercise, the actual cycle with muscle-building activities and any type of physique from the sportsman, these types of midsole parts additionally include unique loading defense and also solidity capabilities. a practical midsole that will gradually adapts for you to ground circumstances enhances activity control as well as slows the velocity involving pronation of the ft .. torsion : a good put in the midsole to deliver freedom and torsion between the forefoot plus the hindfoot. could strengthen firmness.adidas mens trainers sale proper rubberized singular at the front end instep of any soccer casino shoe to offer additional electric power, improved tennis ball handling, rewrite capability, and higher correctness if transferring, capturing as well as dribbling. Outsole (to produce scrubbing plus have on opposition, will be the primary distinct safety against additional shocks): adidas-made by using substantial wear-resistant rubber-free outsole, increasing the actual assistance lifestyle of shoes and boots, used in rugby boots and shoes and also Managing shoes. Traxion - odd toe nail suggestion small, spike frame surface, considering the large finish of every location, considering the submitting belonging to the center plus the periphery, the horizontally submitting regarding uneven toenails simple to perform directly inside longitudinal, longitudinal submitting regarding unusual fingernails straightforward for you to aid that motion for the steering Plus downward slope movements, plus enhance the make contact with patch of boots and shoes as well as surface area, therefore growing the chaffing, the adaptable outsole to further improve this adaptability in addition to flexibility associated with footwear; High-end anti-scratch TPU substance production surges with regard to soccer boots and shoes and Discipline sneakers.adidas superstar sale uk delivering service for that central in the foot even though in addition allowing for organic rotation in between the hindfoot as well as forefoot. Insole (in lead phone when using the singular component of your casino shoe ease and comfort participate in an immediate and also instinctive role): adiDRY-PU impervious include to be a material, just about all repleat by using water-proof tape just about everywhere, within the Maintain feet waterless, relaxed along with breathable in almost any temperature from the old. Contain the casino shoe within the hands within your side, lower this tilt, deal with your shoe's overlook, make it a lot more stable. Adifit -- worthy of toddler footwear, insoles released, obvious over the actual tag, in the event the infant's base from the circle wire recognise assortment, suggesting the fact that footwear match. adiSave -- YOUR assist gadget in the biggest market of your midsole in which avoids some athletes coming from turning their own ankles.
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    New year is coming soon. The most excited and Buy RS 3 Gold  long - anticipated updates in Old School RS may be the Raids which will come in January 2017. Are you make full ready for it? Recently Jagex has answered some questions about Raids on ...
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