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Published: May 27, 2018 1:14:51 AM
Latest forum topics from members on Cosmic Nation.
  • May 24, 2018 10:04:53 PM
    Meditations Journeying Through The Crystalline Grid To Source   Archangel Chamuel's name means the one "who sees god" and this Steve Nobel angel transmission helps to clear, heal or restore right relations between people and with Source.   Here is a new and uplifting transmission and meditation from Mother Akasha & The Radiant Rose Academy to enjoy.   And this Steve Nobel transmission is well worth revisiting to help in your healing and spiritual growth. We are at a point where the timelines are splitting, and in this video you will also learn how to unhook from the old karmic earth grid and more fully connect to the new ascending crystalline 5D grid.    And here is a wonderful new message & light language transmission from Judy Satori.   Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love & Light & Abundance to all of you, Steve                             HOW YOU INFLUENCE A “FUTURE “ NOW BY TERCY LOGAN   POINT FROM THE NOW - POINT? If you unify your chakras and the three lower fields and the invite Spirit into the unified field, you can get to that other now-point.   Suppose, for example, that you are interviewing for a new job tomorrow, a job really want. Unify your chakras and invite Spirit to radiate from your heart into the unified chakra. Then imagine a door, Behind the door, you’ve already taken that job. Check behind the door to make sure that this one really feels good at all levels and is in alignment with Spirit (this alignment is important because if you and your new boss do not have a spirit- to – spirit agreement to work together, tomorrow will just be interviewing practice. If you do have such an agreement, you’ll have to work hard not to get the job).   It’s no use scripting the interview ahead of time – that just locks you into a mental body pattern.   Instead, sit down quietly and pull your field into this Now-point and space. Become a tight focus of physical, emotional, mental, and spirit energy. Now, if you know what the job entails and what you would be doing, then see, think, and feel yourself doing it NOW, not in the future. Make it as realistic as possible. Conjure up the smells and sounds of the office or work site. Bring it all to this NOW-point. After a few minutes, bring your consciousness back. What happened? You created a resonance between two now-points in simultaneity, you tapped into the energy of a future now-point from your current NOW-point. By doing so, You increase the intensity of your NOW-point energy fields by pulling some of the energy of the probability of getting the job into your NOW-point. You and the interviewer have, at some future now-point, got to make hiring decision. Many probability lines emanate from that decision-point and you selected the energy associated with one of the them and folded it back into the present. Wish you a beautiful Friday with love and light to all my great Light Warriors. Tercy   Healing Prayer at Bedtime By Tercy Logan (When you pray this prayer, Our God gently and gradually remove layers of emotional scar tissues while we sleep, allowing us to be happier people. Each night we pray it, we are making a deposit in an account with fantastic dividends)   In your wonderful name, Jesus I ask you to heal me in mind soul and body. Jesus through the power of the holy spirit , go back into my memory as I sleep.   Every hurt that has been done to me - heal that hurt. Every hurt that I have ever caused to another person heal tha hurt.   All the relationships that have been damaged in my whole life, that am not aware of - heal those relationships.   But Lord if there is anything that I need to do - If I need to go to a person because he/she is still suffering from my hand, bring to my awareness that person, I choose to forgive, and I ask to be forgiven, Remove whatever bitterness may be in my heart Lord, and fill the empty space with your Love.   Thank you Jesus Amen   Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings Of Light" - https://youtu.be/91mMEgLTGOQ    
  • May 23, 2018 9:04:16 AM
    nike air max 97 sale can be a compilation of shoes and boots released by simply Nike Which will debuted inside 1987 together with Nike Weather Greatest extent JUST ONE. Consequently Nike possesses released up-to-date types within the exact production. The actual unique type of Surroundings Greatest extent may be the obvious weather cushioning with the side in the midsole practically in most types. Nike Air flow Potential All these surroundings soft cushions successfully seduced individual wearing simply because they were unique the moment. Lots of names for these air conditioning blankets ended up released, including the Television atmosphere, Total Air flow and also Tuned Surroundings. Nike air flow cushioning shoes or boots are generally satisfied with Nike's happy design. There are numerous sorts of surroundings sofa shoes, hockey air flow pillow shoes and boots along with managing surroundings cushion boots and shoes. Nike air pillow is always to protect the particular athlete's leg from zap. cheap nike air max 97 Inside 1989 Nike released Surroundings Maximum II, formerly referred to as Air flow Potential Mild as a result of it's lighter fat as opposed to original Surroundings Utmost. Air flow Potential 180 and Air Utmost ST follows Air Potential II’s airy excess fat together with entirely visible air flow device within 1990, 1991 plus 1992 respectively. At this point, Nike footwear are extremely common along with just about all yrs, both sexes, almost all ages, rank, level and affliction with your life. Your model along with a higher level rivalry, the actual is more enjoyable associated with gentlemen. Nike Air conditioning Potential inside 1987 revenue because of the distinct Nike footwear was earliest released. After that, Nike often new and also modified being a model. nike air max 97 white always could inspire worldwide to its just about every patient and also give the best products since glory. Nike will be the action on the dialect with the dialect. Over the over four years, this company will be dedicated to set up for every indicate pride. Nike knows: solely employing sophisticated technology to make the most effective products. When using the athletic shoes at mattress mattress know-how is extremely well-known. Typical personal in addition to specialized athletes to help the item. Nike air-cushion boots and shoes is frequent with field hockey shoes, mainly because field hockey is an extremely famous experience sports plan, in addition to NBA is also like to observe, nike air-cushion sneakers launched to get field hockey shoes and boots to produce a damping result, most of Hand couch if anyone is by using much larger excess weight. nike air max 97mens Air's specialist atmosphere cushioning can be in other words: special macromolecule gas fullness is more substantial versus tiny difference on the manufactured rubberized layer, to ensure the gas inside weather couch will never be dropped. Nike Air flow energy compounds absorb alternative vibration along with surprise stress, after which speedily go back to their authentic physical appearance along with are prompted to digest another effect. Simultaneously, no don when using the living circuit from the footwear. The primary functionality with the surroundings cushioning sneakers can be distress assimilation, which in turn operates as being a padding safety for that knees and also toes and protects the body.
  • May 23, 2018 9:00:11 AM
    nike air max sale outlet brand's factor in order to managing shoes is usually worthy of realization. There's also numerous Nike going sneakers line that will allow persons to get reported by their demands. Diverse practical things can also be included in the design with boots and shoes to generate all the couple of sneakers. The actual consistency as well as company tend to be precisely the same. The positive aspects showed by way of various collection will in addition stand out. Whenever individuals buy Nike boots and shoes set, they will produce comparing connected with different number of parameters to support select nike air max 90 sale barefoot sequence can be quite clear to see. Their being dressed in effect is like barefoot. It could possibly provide some people's toes a superb sensation involving flexibleness. Them is not going to happen to be squashed. Together, there are also 0 to help TWELVE several trademarks to get barefoot outcomes. People today can make reported by their unique experience. This particular series of Nike footwear is definitely additional well suited for long term. Many individuals do high-intensity workout plans on a cardio equipment daily to lose weight. This kind of footwear is a good choice. That soles with Nike physical activities shoes are very different from ordinary buckskin footwear and also rubber shoes and boots throughout that they are commonly fluffy along with bendable and can have fun with the specific function inside streaming. cheap nike air max lunar line is going to be adored by means of some people. The item employs that fabric of the living space foam, that is certainly characterised through it has the quite luxury, beneficial board along with cushioning side effects, incredibly relaxed that will dress yourself in, plus more suitable for long-distance going. On most sporting activities, the airmax Nike operating shoes and boots string is also perfect, cushioning technological innovation is quite innovative, but in addition continues to be developed for quite a while. Increased elasticity during exercise routines, and some can avoid ankle wounds. cheap nike air max 95 boots and shoes line, are going to be afflicted through it's facts, the planning about the jogging shoes and boots is incredibly distinct, which include cost-free barefoot series, lunar clinching line plus airmax collection, and many others.,from the specific effectiveness, that attributes can also be a simple fact that, to ensure that great Being dressed in encounter. In accordance with numerous requirements, all these Nike managing footwear series might be simply presented, and as well provide research with regard to diverse peoples' decisions. For that reason, if doing sports, wear activities shoes, especially high-intensity techniques such as hockey in addition to running.
  • May 23, 2018 1:32:17 AM
        Infinite Blessings of The Creator For You ! By Steven Hutchinson   Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love & Light & Peace & Healing & Abundance are being sent to all who read this. Steve
  • May 23, 2018 12:40:45 AM
    I Will To Be ..... ? By Steven HutchinsonWhat I was divinely guided to share with you very much focuses on using your breathing together with the prayer affirmations to help you experience more fully Your Divine Self with your Soul & The Creator, for the more you consciously experience & embody  the Love & Light of your Soul & The Creator that you breathe in with your every breath - the more these Divine Vibrations will uplift you & naturally reach out to others through you to help manifest Peace on Earth & the New Golden Age !So you can use this as a guided meditation, calling upon your Divine Self & the Heavenly Host to lead you in the meditation, and consciously breathing in the Divine Energy that's in each affirmation.So when you are divinely led to do so - you may also want to pause for a few moments with some of the affirmations and be fully conscious and centered in your higher heart chakra in the moment, breathing in the Divine Energy in what you are reading & being open to receive any Divine Guidance that comes to you.And remember - what you consciously think & affirm every day is what you become and experience in your life....and the Divine Light & Love that you embody reflects and helps awaken the Divine Light & Love in every human being - helping uplift us all !I Will To Be ..... ?I Am My Divine Self continually merged  with ascended masters 'The Mahatma'  & Master Djwhal Khul in constant synthesis with the Mahatma Light that continually streams & spirals back & forth thru my Golden Mahatma Cord from the heart chakra of God and throughout My Whole Being to the heart chakra of Gaia ... bringing thru all of the Divine Energies that are enabling Gaia & myself to heal & release everything needed for our ascension, &  manifest Father/Mother/God's Pure Divine Will. I Will to always follow Father/Mother/God's guidance ! I manifest God's Will in all of my speech and actions !  I WILL TO BE ALL THAT I AM & embody my Soul & Soul Group. I Will to continually experience the Creativity & Joy of the Creator with my every breath.I embody God's Love & Light with my every breath. I Am The Creator, & The Creator's Joy & Creativity clearly & fully expresses thru my service work & writings & healings and in all aspects of my life.  . I Will to Be an Infinite Being of God embodied in this incarnation! I WILL TO BE GOD FREE!  In the name of my I Am Presence, and by the Power of Hercules, I WILL TO MANIFEST & EMBODY EVERYTHING I HAVE AFFIRMED...AND I WILL TO BE An Embodied Ascendant Master in Service to Mankind & co-create w/ God the Divine Plan for myself & Gaia & mankind.  I Will to experience the ever unfolding consciousness of Supreme Enlightenment with my every breath. Thank You God! And So It All Manifests with my every breath!And what do all of you beautiful people 'Will To Be'.....? Remember, what you focus on with faith & passion, feeling as if it has already manifested, is what you will experience in your life.Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love, Light, & Abundance to all of you,SteveVideo: "Fully Embody The Divine Energies Of Your Soul & The Creator In Your Life Now ! By Steven Hutchinson" - https://youtu.be/3AtaXA7v9e8 IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULD CHANGE? BY TERCY LOGANWhat do you like and dislike about your body, your emotions, thoughts, life circumstances, and friends? Is there anything you would change?Whatever you don’t like tells you something about energy in your field. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have noticed it. The energy would have just passed through unnoticed. Instead it hit some stuck energy, reinforced it, and you noticed it.You put it there for a reason, but do you still need it? If not, declare that you’re a master in your own house and banish it like this, saying; I am a master of divine expression. I acknowledge that I feel ………………………and that it no longer serves my path to Light. By the force of Grace, I release the energy of …………………………..back to the universe for the greatest good, to be transmuted into the highest form of Light.Systematically dump all the old baggage you’ve collected over the years. You don’t need it where you’re going, and it will slow you down.We’ve already dealt with shame, but another particularly heavy set of baggage is blame. It’s old energy and you can clear it as follows. One at a time, visualize everyone with whom you’ve ever had significant dealings in your life; parents, mate, children, boss, landlord, and so on (calling up a vision of them puts you in touch with their spirit selves). Tell them (Internally or out loud, if you like) that you forgive them for any harm that you ever felt that they did to you (it doesn’t matter if they don’t think that they hurt you – It’s what you think that’s trapped in your field). Tell them that you understand that it was all done by prior agreement, even if you didn’t know that at the time. Thank them you for fulfilling their end of agreement, and tell them that you love them. (This process alone could take several hours).Wish you a blessed week ahead with lots of love & light my blessed hearts. TercyVideo: "Tune Into & Embody The Flames Of Love, Light, & Power Of Your Soul With Melanie Beckler" - https://youtu.be/6WhU35XWFDM Love, Forgive, & Be Free & Joyful By Lea ChapinHoly Family Message By Mother MaryGreetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Christ. I come to you at this most auspicious time, for my beloved Mary is here as well. We say to you, Dear One, that this is a very important time now to begin to heal the heart and to begin to release the heart wounds that each of you are suffering. It is simply time to let go of all that no longer serves you, and begin to step into your brilliance and begin to step into the diamond light frequency of who you truly are.And so,  I ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace and the presence of love... and begin to breathe in the essence and presence of joy as you open your heart to this vibrational frequency of love and forgiveness.And so, may I step into your frequency, and if you so allow, allow me to take your hand and begin to take you upon a journey. Allow yourself to be released from all disharmonic frequencies and  to move forward with me into what we call the life of joy, bliss, peace, and tranquility. And so, Dearest Ones, allow yourself to move and breathe and to feel the essence of your beautiful spirit in its blissful state, in its tranquil state, in a state of relaxation, and in a state of peace and joy. And so now, Dearest Ones, breathe in the vibrational state of peace, and feel the love.As I come to each of you, I step forward and begin to open your heart chakra even further, and so allow your heart to center into this moment of truth, as you feel the love, you feel the peace, you feel the tranquility, and you feel the joy.Take another deep breath, Dearest Ones, and begin to breathe in this essence, deep, deep within your consciousness, within your subconscious, and into all aspects of your being, for this frequency is now beginning to heal and clear all frequencies that are not in alignment to the vibrational frequency of the truth and of who you are as the powerful spirit that you are, as the powerful light that you are, as the powerful being of love that you are.And so, take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this frequency of Divine, unconditional love and Holy Grace. Breathe it into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. Allowing your heart to open to Divine Grace. Allow your heart to open to Divine Grace, feeling the energy, feeling the peace, feeling the tranquility upon your soul, allowing your heart to open to Divine Grace.Now, Dearest Ones, as I step into your energy field, allow me to begin to clear away the pieces and the particles and the frequencies where you have held bitterness and anger and unforgiveness, first towards yourself, and then towards another. It is time, Dearest Children, that you begin to forgive yourself, and to release all energies that are not serving for your highest good. Begin to breathe, Dearest Children, in the frequency of forgiveness. Forgiveness holds a powerful vibration, and so please call it in, and begin to allow the miracles to take place as you forgive yourself and forgive all those who have trespassed against you. Forgive, let go, let God, and hold this powerful frequency and vibration within your heart, and begin to feel peace.Let it go, let it go, let it go. Allow your heart to open as your beautiful heart chakra begins to expand, allowing yourself to feel this energy of love, as you begin to bring this unconditional frequency of love and forgiveness into your being, as if the vibration is standing before you and has a life of its own. Love and forgiveness, bringing the two together, for as you hold this frequency of love and forgiveness within your consciousness, within your vibrational frequency, within your essence, it begins to take a life of its own, and begins to permeate into your consciousness and into every cell and every fiber and every pore of your being. And so, begin to breathe into this frequency of peace and tranquility, love, and joy, feeling the peace, the tranquility, the love, and the joy enters deep within your soul and permeates your whole being.And so, feel the love, feel the love, feel the love, for the love will heal all.  And allow your heart to open to the energy and the essence of tranquility, surrendering, letting go, surrendering, and letting go, surrendering, and letting go.  Take a deep, inhaling breath and breathe in the vibration of this powerful frequency of love And be at peace. Surrender, surrender and allow, and release and let go. Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, allow your heart to open to this frequency of peace, simply surrender as you breathe in these divine frequencies.Know at this time, Dearest Children, as you hold this vibration within your essence, as I have said, it will begin to take hold and the energy of any bitterness or anger or unforgiveness will simply begin to dissipate. And so, allow your heart to open to the frequency of love and allow the anger and the fear and the resentment to begin to fade away. Repeat, Dearest Ones, "I let go and let God, and I allow my beautiful light to shine. I let go, and I let God, and I allow my beautiful light to shine. I let go, and I let God, and I allow my beautiful light to shine."And so, as you begin to feel this energy of peace and tranquility centering into your being, it begins to shift and to change and to clear the frequencies that no longer serve you. And so, Dearest Ones, hold the energy in your consciousness, hold with intention that you are holding this vibration as clearly as you can possibly hold, that you are forgiving all those who have trespassed against you, including yourself, letting go, and letting God. Letting go, and letting God, letting go, and letting God.And allowing your heart to open to this powerful frequency of joy, feeling this energy of joy enter into your being and feeling the vibration now begin to replace any emotion, any disharmonic frequencies, any anger that you are holding. Breathe in the power of joy, breathe in the frequency of joy, for joy, Dearest Ones, is held within the essence of All That Is. For joy is the vibrational frequency of the Great Creator, joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. Breathe in this vibrational frequency of joy, and breathe it in, breathe it in, breathe it in. Holding this frequency as it now begins to enter into your being, and allow the happiness and the freedom, and the essence of joy to replace the unforgiveness, anger, the negativity. Release and let go.And so, I ask you to breathe in deeply and to open your heart further to yourself, forgiving yourself, and allowing yourself now to begin to call in this vibration of love, pure unconditional love, as you allow yourself to love yourself, be gentle with yourself, be kind with yourself, and open your heart to this essence of love and joy and freedom.For you see, Dearest Ones, your beautiful spirits are free, please allow your consciousness, your personality, your mental mind, your emotional body, and your physicality to be free. Living in the world but not of it, as they say, being free from all the struggles that have held you captive to your own emotional nature. Please allow yourself to rise above that which has been most difficult, and allow yourself to be free, living in an energy that is full of joy and tranquility, and allowing your heart to open to the beautiful resonance of the love that you are.You see, Dearest Children, this is the transformational process in order to experience freedom and to be at peace.  Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are loved. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are loved. Experience the joy and the tranquility as it enters into your essence and into your very presence, and be at peace.Know that today, as you open your heart even deeper, that you are feeling the love, and you are feeling the light, and you are allowing your body to become lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter. This, Dearest One, is a part of the journey of the soul. It is a part of the ascension process as you allow yourself to journey forward into an energy of forgiveness, Holy Grace, tranquility, and peace.As you enter into the energy of forgiveness, Holy Grace, and Divine peace, allow yourself to open your heart now and bless yourself. Affirm, "I will honor myself and my true Divinity and respect and love myself and who I truly am. Regardless of all of the struggles and the strife that has surrounded me, I am sovereign over my own energy field and I choose peace, I choose forgiveness, I choose love, I choose hope."Let this divine energy enter into your being as you honor yourself, and you now honor all those who have trespassed against you, and all those that you have trespassed against, allowing this stagnant energy to be cleared from you, for all negative energies are now null and void, they have no hold upon you, and what you have done to affect another is now cleared, and what another has done, it is now cleared. You are cleared, and you are released, and you no longer are a part of this frequency that has held captive over you. And so, Dearest Ones, let it go, let it go, let it go. Allow your heart to open and to awaken, as you feel the presence of God's Love permeate your whole being.Dearest Ones, this is up for you to decide, as they say. But I am here to help you, and if you wish to take my hand, I will guide you through the process and allow me to show you the way. And so at this time, Dearest Ones, the vibrational frequency of love and forgiveness is held deep within your essence, and I see, Dearest Ones, that you have received it within your heart.And so, allow it now to begin to germinate within you, as you continue to forgive, let go, and let God, and live your life as the beautiful, beautiful light being that you are. You are free and sovereign, and you are unencumbered by all that no longer serves you.Imagine what would this would feel like, Dearest Ones, to be totally free of any ill-will or resentment or bitterness or anger that you have held onto. Can you imagine what it would feel like within your body, within your mind, as you clear these frequencies from your soul? Can you imagine yourself being a clear template and coming forth with a clean slate, and living your life in a state of purity and grace and harmony? Can you imagine having your heart so open that you love all beings, regardless of what they say, do, or how they behave? Can you imagine having compassion for yourself, and holding compassion for the world at large? Holding the vibration of peace within your being will allow you to forgive.So know at this time, Dearest Ones, that as you remain in a peaceful, joyful state, you are able to shift your vibration from fear to love, from unforgiveness to forgiveness, and allow yourself to move into Divine, cosmic grace. Honoring and loving who you are at a deep and core level as you open your heart to this frequency, honor yourself, bless yourself, and love yourself.This is the key, Dearest Ones, to forgiveness, this is the secret of living a long and healthy life, letting go, and letting God, and allowing yourself to learn the art of non-attachment, and acceptance. And so, Dearest Ones, feel it within your essence, and now begin to feel the joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. And begin to feel the energy and essence of joy, as you now replace these frequencies with the highest of frequency, the vibrational frequency of joy, allowing this essence to be what you understand as your signature vibration.It is held within your being, the essence of joy. Every day, Dearest Children, it is a choice, a choice of how you wish to be. Do you wish to ponder upon the injustices, or do you wish to be free and live in joy? So please allow me to help you, it is why I’ve come today, it is why I’ve always been here, and some say how can you forgive all of the hurts and injustices, we say, Dearest Ones, it is only hurting yourself if you hold on to these lower frequencies. You are a master and please transmute all the energies that no longer serve you. The bitterness and the pain have no place within your home, for you are a vessel of peace, love and light.So go with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be. As you feel your light, and you feel the love, and you feel the peace, and you feel the tranquility that is now being emitted upon your soul. Go, my children, with the understanding that we are all here, my Mother, my Mary, myself, and all the heavenly hosts are here to help you and to guide you along this pathway, as we have taken you on this journey of healing, allow yourself to receive it, and to acknowledge it, and to live it, and to embody it.This is the gift that I give to you upon this day, I ask you to hold this frequency so strongly, so richly, so profoundly, that any energy that is not in alignment with the truth of love and forgiveness has no place within your home, within your consciousness, within your Divine vessel. And so, Dearest One, please accept this beautiful frequency as I assist you to move forward along Divine pathway.It is time, it is time, it is time, it is time to be set free. It is time, it is time, it is time to be  free, for the end of your suffering is long overdue. Allow yourself to let go of the suffering and be free. Today, we are cutting the ties and the bonds that connect you to the persons, places, and situations that have kept you at this lower frequency.And so, today is a beautiful celebration day, and so, we ask that you honor this moment of time and be at peace. Letting go and letting God, and seeing yourself now as you have allowed yourself to be free, as if the celebration of freedom is the gift that we bring to you today. And so, see the anchors, the chains, the bonds that have kept you captive to your own emotional nature, see them set free, and now, Dearest Children, allow your heart to open to this beautiful frequency of love, joy, peace, and tranquility. This is your true birthright, Dearest Children.We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the Divine presence of that which you hold. For, Dearest Ones, you are truly, truly Divine beings of love. And we are honored to be in your presence. Now go in peace.LeaChapin.comVideo: "The Rainbow Bridge Transmission: Upgrade Your Chakra System to 5D" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/JskJGCWQxYg
  • May 22, 2018 8:12:58 AM
    The Era of Remembrance By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Psychic Love: How Do You Recognize Your Soulmate? ... And ... Take Heart. You Live Forever ! By Ann Albers   The Era of Remembrance By Natalie GlassonGreetings, We are the Unicorn Consciousness, and we bring our love and blessings to you and bathe you in the purity of our light. Our vibration is similar to that of the Angelic Kingdom. It is our purpose to serve and to support a deeper connection and remembrance of the Creator. Like the Angelic Kingdom we are powerful healers, share wisdom, inspiration and sacred knowledge as well as aligning you with the purity of your being and essence.Our mission at this time is to support the manifestation of the Era of Remembrance upon the Earth and within the ascension processes of lightworkers. Since 2012 humanity has been existing within the Era of Love. Every activation, ascension shift, healing, awakening and enlightenment experience has been focused on love.The Era of Love is an energy wave and level of growth which has an intention and purpose as it grounds into the Earth and humanity. The purpose of the Era of Love is to aid self-love and connection to and embodiment of unconditional love, and help you experience perceptions born from love and expression of pure love. You may recognise that many challenges, growth processes, awakenings and healings may have been connected to the purpose of the Era of Love.Some souls upon the Earth are already embodying the purpose of the Era of Love, for them, their focus now is to experience life as love and with love. Others are focused on embodying the purpose of the Era of Love, perfecting their ability to love themselves and to be the love of the Creator upon the Earth.The level of your spiritual growth and whether you have embodied the Era of Love or not does not depend on how wise or evolved your soul is. Instead, it is the more risks you have taken in your past and past lifetimes to expand into being love and sharing love, which sometimes makes it more challenging to embody love.When you take risks to evolve, expand and share love further than your comfort zone, you can experience the supreme love of the Creator, or pain through rejection or fear. So, it can be that those who find it challenging to embody love and be love are the ones who are travelled the spiritual pathway the furthest and have experienced the most.An interesting thought is that those who are advanced in their ascension now and leading others forth in the light may not be the advanced souls, instead, they could be the souls who have journeyed less on the Earth and have less to heal. The souls who have yet to advance spiritually or even awaken may be the advanced souls as they have taken more on to work through and resolve spiritually, therefore need more time. We are not saying that this is the same for all. However, it is wonderful to shift perceptions as this allows you to let go of the ego, expand your awareness and allow the truth of the Creator to flow into your being with greater strength and power.The Era of RemembranceThere is no defined line between experiencing the Era of Love and the Era of Remembrance, for they are waves of light and consciousness that overlap. The more love you embody and realise within your being - the more you activate and light up your memory of the truth of the Creator. The embodiment of love supports your remembrance, so even if you awaken love within your being in a small way you will be igniting remembrance of yourself and the Creator to the same proportions.The purpose of the Era of Remembrance is to activate your inner knowledge, awaken wisdom you have collected from other lifetimes, and reconnect you with the wisdom of your soul and soul group. It will serve you in remembering other lifetimes and bringing forth healing as well as rediscovering soul connections and relationships. Remembrance is connected to seeing, sensing and experiencing yourself and the Earth without illusion or limitations, this is a gradual process that can be experienced as insights or glimpses of enlightenment.Often souls feel lost and uncertain in their reality upon the Earth. They feel they do not know why they are present, what they should be doing, how they should be helping others, or even what creates fulfilment in their lives. There are often many questions which go unanswered and seem to leave a void which hinders self-acceptance and self-understanding.It is the purpose of the Era of Remembrance to reconnect you with your inner wisdom, intuition and communication with the Creator in order to fill the void and answer the questions which seem impossible to answer. This experience is likened to regaining your inner power, while others may see it as advancing spiritually and evolving your senses. However, it manifests within your reality, the presence and influence of the Era of Remembrance awakening within you will be a gradual and even subtle process that could even be unnoticed by some. Instead, some may see themselves advancing in intellect.Spiritual growth and ascension is a process of unfolding and expanding who you really are - the Truth of the Creator. It is a process that occurs within your being with multiple shifts and transformations occurring at multiple times. Often these shifts and transformations go unnoticed, especially if your focus is outside of you in your reality. Even through the experience of numerous shifts you may still feel the same.When an ascension shift occurs, it may take days or even weeks to integrate fully into your being, so you are likely to not even notice. When you look back at your experiences over a year ago, it is then that you may realise the progression that has been made. It is because of the subtle nature of transformation that many adopt the perspective that they are not growing spiritual or advancing even though they practice meditation and so forth. They cannot see what is so close to them. They cannot recognise the transformations because they are not as explosive or impactful as they believe they should be.With the embodiment of the Era of Remembrance so comes an awareness of the shifts taking place within your being and a greater understanding of the ascension process you are moving through. Love already ignites contentment and acceptance; however, the Era of Remembrance develops this further, encouraging a deep-seated feeling of being supported by the Creator and the Universe of the Creator. Remembrance in truth is a realisation of Self as the Creator in embodiment on the Earth and the inner planes.Meditation Practice to Prepare for Acceptance and Embodiment of the Era of RemembranceIt is with observation of and connection with Self that the acceptance and embodiment of the influence of the Era of Remembrance can be recognised and experienced fully.First, shake or move parts of your body moving from your feet to your head, being aware of the sensation and feeling of your body.Place your index and middle fingers of any hand on your brow at your third eye, breathe in deeply as if you are breathing in through your brow and exhale deeply through your brow. Feel your brow expand. Move your fingers to your heart chakra and practice the same, breathing in and out through your heart chakra. Feel your heart chakra expand.Focus on breathing deeply, draw energy up through your feet as you inhale into your heart chakra. As you exhale, draw the energy from your heart chakra into your crown chakra. Repeat this until you feel centred.Take a few moments to observe your body and being, imagine, sense or acknowledge you are scanning your being from below your feet to above your head simply being observant and accepting each area of your being.Take the attention of your mind and third eye to your heart chakra and allow yourself to rest within your heart chakra breathing naturally.When you are ready, ask yourself, ‘What is essential for me to observe, realise or be aware of now?’ You are asking your heart and soul to make you aware of any shifts, remembrance, healing that is required or anything else, that is taking place or has taken place within your being. Simply observe without expectation and accept anything that comes to your awareness. Even if it is subtle or a fleeting insight.This practice will allow you to awaken your awareness and observation of yourself. Thus, allowing you to access and realise the presence and influence of the Era of Remembrance within you.You may also wish to use this invocation to serve your connection to the Era of Remembrance:‘Unicorn Kingdom, please align my entire being to the Era of Remembrance, let me receive the energy waves, divine influence and inspiration of the Era of Remembrance within my being. Fill my being with the love of the Creator, encourage me to recognise the abundant presence of love within me, therefore embodying the Era of Remembrance. And so, I am aligned.’In loving joy, encouragement and expansion,The Unicorn ConsciousnessRead More from the Unicorn Consciousness - https://www.omna.org/unicorns-list-of-channeled-messages/Free audio download of Natalie's message: https://www.omna.org/era-remembrance-unicorn/Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/Video: "Natalie Glasson - Join Us In This Meditation To Manifest Divine Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone ! - https://youtu.be/rDASKEOXKc8   Psychic Love: How Do You Recognize Your Soulmate? By Helela“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.” — Edgar Cayce Sometimes a psychic love reading is just what you need to clarify your feelings. A reading may also be enlightening to help you understand that it may be time to let go of a particular "love" relationship.The dictionary defines "love" as "an intense feeling of deep affection or "a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone." In spiritual terms, love is said to be the most important experience that a human being can have. We sacrifice for love. It inspires us. Love may be the strongest force in the universe. It is the energy that connects us all at a soul level and elevates all of humanity.Popular culture views this deep feeling of fondness and tenderness as a wonderful thing. Music and film especially idealize the romantic type of love.Despite the romance and beauty in the energy of love, it could turn deadly. Even if you find someone that you have lived other lives with, it can be toxic this time around. "After removing the fairy-tale element, a soul mate defined is simply a soul you knew in a previous incarnation." — Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo. What is a Soulmate? Have you ever looked across a crowded room and met the eyes of a stranger? Did you feel a heightened awareness or recognition? Maybe you were drawn together by an almost magical, magnetic energy. Do you think that you have met your soulmate? Does it feel like you may have finally connected up with that vital "other half"? Could be! Maybe that feeling of "deja vu" is the real deal. This person may be your soulmate.Even if you are in the midst of this magical, mystical energy though, it may not be your destiny to stay with your soulmate forever.There is an instant "knowing" of the person that may be your soulmate. It's like an itch that you can't scratch. You may feel strongly that you know them, but can't remember from where. It isn't easy not to get caught up in the energy. Some people look all their life for their "soulmate".You may be tempted to decide that this person is the answer to all your dreams.Even if you are feeling yourself drawn towards this person, slow down and think about it. What is a soulmate, anyway?Your soul is not divided into two halves. You are the total package. No other soul will "complete" you.Although the feelings you are having may be profound, you can live without that other person. When we meet someone from another life, there is always a reason. But this person may not have been your lover in a previous existence. In terms of reincarnation, you may have lived many lifetimes before this physical incarnation. They could have been your parent, friend, brother, sister, or even your greatest enemy! Your soul geometry may be linked to hundreds or even thousands of other souls. There is often a karmic link to the people we are in relationships with today. So in that respect, you may have many so-called soulmates in the course of a lifetime.So you have met someone that feels like a soulmate. Now it's time to work on the relationship to end the karma. Sometimes we are destined to be with these lovers forever. More often, the soulmate energy is too overwhelming. We will have lessons involved with these attachments. It may be about being good to the person, letting go, or even learning to love unconditionally. There are as many karmic lessons as there are relationships. Linked by Energy People do not always get to choose who they love. When you love someone, you are linked to them by energy. Sometimes this connection goes both ways. That's when love is at it's best.When your soulmate does not return or changes the love energy, it can become something else. Stalkers and angry exes may be both consciously or unconsciously building the energy in a relationship that has ended. When this happens, no one is focusing on working out the karma and learning and growing from the relationship. This type of focused energy can be distracting to both parties. It is not healthy for either soul. The unrequited lover experiences low self-esteem and depression. When you focus all your energy on someone else, it's almost like you shrink your physical experience. "Of course, what would your love life be without a little fantasy and magic? It’s the spice of love and can lead to much happiness, if you keep it in check and remember to be realistic." — Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo. Cutting the Psychic Cords A strong emotional attachment that was first established in love energy is difficult to unravel. These psychic cords can exist in almost any relationship. But if you believe you are losing your soulmate, it can get desperate. Thoughts are energy! If you are fixating yourself on someone, you may be accidentally creating the strong and emotional ties to the lover. Even if you realize that the other person is not good for you, you may continue to focus on them. This focusing feeds the psychic cords and ultimately is unhealthy for the sender. Likewise, the person who has moved on may feel like a particular person is draining their energy. You may feel that an ex-lover may present a physical danger, as well as an energy attack. If someone identifies you as their soulmate and you don't feel the same way, it may be time to cut the cord or sever that unreturned "love" energy link.Cutting the emotional cord involves visualization. Always wish the soul well. Imagine letting them go so that they can find their true purpose and happiness. Let them move towards the light for healing. Often imagining an energy cord being cut by scissors or broken by giant hands works for closure.It doesn't matter if you are the source of the continued energy link or if it's coming from someone else. You are letting go.After you have cut the cord, surround yourself with white light for protection and inspiration. Now get ready to face the future.Keep the faith. Remember that you have found them for a reason. There will always be soul connections that are healthier, happier and more compatible than others. So if you have to cut the energy link that binds you to one relationship, that may just be a way to open the door to another soulmate that will bring you greater joy. When the time is right, they will walk through that door.Sources:4 Soul Mate Revelations–Set Yourself Free With These Tips, Posted on November 5, 2010. Online: http://spiritualgrowthnow.com/soulmatetips/ https://psychicelements.com/blog/psychic-love/Video: "Ascension News: Sexual Energy & Sexual Liberation" By Steve Noblehttps://youtu.be/CRf2PuCz7Ek http://www.visionsofheaven.com/AAngels/newsletter_art/ann-messages.jpg" style="color: #04a9f4; display: block; font-family: Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; line-height: 25px;" class="CToWUd a6T" width="650" height="241" border="0"/>Take Heart. You Live Forever ! By Ann AlbersTake heart! There is no death. You live eternally, changing costumes, changing lives, and yet never you never lose the essence of who you truly are. You let go of the illusions of your material life each time you transition, but you keep the memories, the lessons, and most importantly the love.Message From Ann,Hi Everyone, I got the email three weeks ago. “My uncle is in the hospital and may be ready to leave. Can you check in on him...” I was in between clients, but quickly tuned into Uncle D. “Are you going to live?” I asked. “Not sure yet,” came the answer. “Ask me later.” I checked in after work. “I’m leaving but have to give the family a little time,” he replied. He was in a coma. My friend confirmed what I felt. He asked me if he could arrange a conference call with his sister to talk to Uncle D, who was at this time, expanded out of his body in the hospital room. What followed was an incredible two and a half hour conversation with a beautiful soul in transition. Uncle D explained that once he realized “he’d be a vegetable” the rest of his life, he decided to leave. He told us he had a choice. He was currently experiencing himself as a consciousness, expanded way beyond his body, and feeling a freedom he had never felt on earth. He could see into the past and future. He knew his wife would have a hard time but that she’d be OK. He gave us clear advice on how to help his kids deal with his transition. He detailed how each would feel and what they'd need. He joked about feeling the presence of his relatives in heaven, hearing them, sensing them, but not seeing them yet. He told us “the light” was right there and he was using every ounce of willpower not to let go and go into it because it felt so good. He was waiting till his sister arrived before he let go, but it wasn't easy to resist the love that was calling him home. He explained that he could see, feel, and understand everyone he loved all at once, no matter where they were. The amazing thing was, when we were talking to him, so could we. We started to feel as he did. My friend was driving home in one state. His sister was in her home in another. Uncle D was in the hospital, and I was on the couch in Arizona far away. Separated by miles, we felt no separation whatsoever. We were all aware of our individual realities and yet we felt as if we were completely with one another in a space outside of normal space and time. In my former engineering life, we’d say that we become “parallel processors!” We finally ended the call as my energy waned. Uncle D was thrilled to share his joy and freedom. My friend and his sister were delighted to hear it at a time which otherwise would have been terribly sad. I was in awe. As promised, he waited until his sister reached the hospital and quietly, joyfuly gave in to the love calling him home. These types of conversations have comforted me, educated me, and given me great joy over the years. Some spirits give me details some don’t, but they've all convinced me, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we are so much more than these bodies. I know we will meet all our dear ones again I know there is no loss, only a never ending expansion into our understandings of love.Here are a few pointers to help your loved ones in spirit learn to connect with you: 1. Set the rules When you start dealing with the spirit world, set clear intentions. We have free will and they must respect that. I’ve learned the hard way over the years, so now you can learn it easily! Simply say a little prayer before attempting contact: Only spirits of light and love are allowed around me and to be in communication with me. Or if you like ask only for the specific person. For example, Only grandma and my angels are allowed to be around me and to be in communication with me. 2. Sit with spirit Set aside a little time each week or every few days – only 1-2 minutes maximum. That’s about how long most people can hold a focus without getting frustrated. It is best to have a schedule and do it at the same time each day or week (e.g., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm). Tell the spirit you are trying to connect with your schedule. That way they can make you a priority during those times. For just these few minutes, set aside sadness and grief and simply focus on your love for them – not your longing, not your regrets, not guilt – just love. Feel it expand in your heart. Then wait. Pay attention to your body, your mind, your emotions. Notice any different feelings, like heat, tingling, coolness, a pitter patter in your heart or an expanded feeling. See if you see colors through your closed eyes, or have sudden memories pop in. Just be the observer. 3. Give feedback and repeat Give your spirit feedback. Even if you feel nothing, say so. You can say it out loud or internally. “I feel nothing. I feel a little heat. I think I felt a tingle. I am seeing light.” The after a minute or two, stop. Wait till next time and repeat. It is the job of your dear one in spirit to figure out how to shift their energy to reach you. By giving them feedback, they learn how their energy is affecting you in the body. They can then go back, work with their angels and guides and make adjustments. Some spirits get through instantly. Some take months to figure it out. It is a matter of them learning how to match your energy and focus long enough for you to feel it. It is not your job to do anything but love, notice and give feedback then repeat!If you keep this up eventually your loved one will figure out how to get through. It is best to work with one at a time at first. It took my grandpa months to connect with me this way, after his passing, but now every time I sit still I feel my right hand heat up, as he holds it. I love him so much it is a huge comfort. Some spirits come with an embracing warmth, a feeling in the heat, a fragrance, a song in your head, etc. You never know what they'll choose to be their "calling card." Just roll with it until one signal or sign becomes consistent. Have fun with this. As the angels like to say, “There is no death… only doorways through eternity.” Love you all! AnnVideo: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Thru The Great Beings Of Light !" - https://youtu.be/91mMEgLTGOQ 
  • May 19, 2018 7:12:24 AM
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    A Belgian soldier stands guard outside Brussels central railway station after a suicide bomber was shot dead in the Belgian capital yesterday following the failure of his attack. — Reuters BELGIUM tightened security even more yesterday to counter fears that lone attackers could strike anywhere and at any time. The move came a day after a failed bombing by a man shouting “Allahu akbar” at a Brussels train station put the nation on edge. A soldier killed the attacker jordan 6 unc black , who had tried to set off a nail bomb that could have led to fatalities among the two dozen or so travelers checking train times on a public display board at Brussels Central Station, officials said. Similar attacks by lone assailants causing maximum mayhem but few victims have also happened in London and Paris recently, putting European capitals on alert on the eve of the summer tourist season. The Brussels attacker was a 36-year-old Moroccan national not known to authorities for being involved in terror activities, federal magistrate Eric Van der Sypt told reporters. He declined to say if the man had a criminal record. The man charged soldiers at Brussels Central Station after his suitcase, containing nails and gas canisters jordan 6 unc pre order , had failed to fully explode, Van der Sypt said. The man then shouted “Allahu akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” before a soldier shot him dead, the magistrate said. Nobody else was injured. “It was clear he wanted to cause much more damage than what happened jordan 6 unc 2017 ,” Van der Sypt said. “The bag exploded twice but it could have been a lot worse.” Witness Remy Bonnaffe had just walked away from the timetable board when he heard a loud bang and saw flames while he was on his phone. Still unsure whether it was an attack, he took time to take a photo but dashed off when he heard a second blast and shots. “There must have been some 20, 30 people spread around the screens there,” Bonnaffe told reporters, painting an image of the scope of carnage that could have happened. Van der Sypt said that the man was from the Molenbeek neighborhood jordan 6 unc , the home and transit point for many of the suspects linked to deadly attacks in Brussels and in Paris in November 2015. Yesterday, hooded police and forensic officers raided a home in the neighborhood and left with bags full of evidence. Belgium has been on high alert since suicide bombers killed 32 people at the Brussels airport and a subway station on March 22 last year. Security remained high around rail facilities and preparations were underway to beef up security for a Coldplay concert at the 50,000-seat King Baudouin Stadium last night. “In three years we have been confronted with several attacks or attempts and we say the zero risk does not exist,” Prime Minister Charles Michel said after a special security meeting. Central Station reopened yesterday morning. A mobile police command unit and several officers were still at the station, a photographer said. Burn marks remained on the floor at the scene Men's Air Jordan 6 Retro UNC Black University Blue 384664-006 , as workers continued to clean up and paint the area. Belgium’s Crisis Center said that it sees no need to raise the national security alert level, which has been on its second-highest rung for more than a year. It said that no public events would be canceled but that additional police and troops have been mobilized. English Premier League -giants Manchester United and Manchester City as well as the German Bundesliga's Borussia Dortmund are set to play friendlies in China as part of the International Champions Cup friendly tournament, organizer LeSports announced Wednesday. United will take on Dortmund in Shanghai on July 22 before heading to Beijing to meet cross-town rivals City three days later at the Bird's Nest. Dortmund will play against City on July 28 in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province. The first Manchester derby to be held outside the UK is likely to be a showdown between new coaches on both sides. Spaniard Pep Guardiola, who is set to take the reins at City after the current season womens jordan 6 unc online , will visit China again, following his visit to the National Stadium at the helm of Bayern -Munich last summer, when they won 4-1 against Valencia. All eyes are on United as rampant speculation has named Jose Mourinho as a possible replacement for current coach Louis van Gaal, who failed to lead the team to qualify for the Europa League quarterfinals after an early exit in the Champions League. "I know how it feels when the derby comes," said former China international Sun Jihai mens jordan 6 unc online , who spent six years with the blue side of Manchester and is now an ambassador for the club. "It's very attractive." Sun was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UK last year. No Chinese players will play in the three games. The upcoming European Championship has dampened some fans' enthusiasm for the derby, as several of the teams' starting players are -likely to have international duties at Euro 2016, and may have to sacrifice their vacation to come to China. Fans have also been raised concerns that all three games are to be played on weekdays, with some fans arguing that it is very difficult for them to -come out to support their team on working days. Last year's tournament included a derby between Italian giants AC Milan and Inter -Milan in Shenzhen, where a near-capacity stadium saw -Milan win the derby 1-0 with a volley from Philippe Mexes. 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    BEIJING Cheap Women's Nike Shox OZ D Black Peach UK , Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- The United States, Canada and Mexico on Tuesday wrapped up the second round of talks to update their trilateral trade pact, claiming they made progress and are striving to conclude the talks by the end this year. But experts say the road ahead will not be flat. "Important progress was achieved in many disciplines," said U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo in a trilateral statement after wrapping up their five-day talks in Mexico City. The lead negotiators from the three countries said the latest talks had consolidated proposals for subsequent rounds of negotiation, including the third round of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks slated for Sept. 23-27 in Ottawa Cheap Men's Nike Shox OZ D Red Black UK , Canada. They vowed to conclude the process towards the end of this year despite U.S. President Donald Trump's recent threat to terminate the 23-year-old trilateral trade deal, among others. Both Lighthizer and Guajardo said there was progress in the areas of e-commerce, competitiveness, small- and medium-size companies, and the environment. However, the thornier issues Cheap Nike Shox R4 Black UK , such as rules of origin and dispute resolution rules, were still pending. Trump took office with a pledge to revise NAFTA, to better benefit U.S. industries and jobs, but recently announced at a rally that he was also considering withdrawing from the treaty. Simon Lester, a trade policy analyst with Cato Institute, a Washington-D.C. based think tank Cheap Men's Nike Shox NZ Black Gold UK , believed Trump's threat of NAFTA termination was "a negotiating tactic" and Trump was unlikely to withdraw from the deal at the current stage. "In theory, you can gain leverage in any negotiation by threatening to walk out. It's not clear how much credibility Trump's threat has, though," Lester wrote in a recent analysis, noting Trump might not have the legal authority to terminate NAFTA without Congressional approval. Also, Mexico will have a general election in July 2018 and the U.S. congressional mid-term elections are slated for next fall. Trade experts doubt NAFTA talks will be quickly finished due to the extensive agenda and contentious issues among the three countries. "Because the agenda of the negotiations is so extensive Cheap Off-White X Air Max 90 Ice White UK , so comprehensive, it will be very difficult for the three countries to come together on agreement on this entire agenda of issues in the next few months," said Jeffrey Schott, a trade expert and senior fellow at the Washington-D.C.-based Peterson Institute for International Economics. "There will be delays caused by electoral considerations, which will limit the flexibility of negotiators to make commitments and compromises before votes are taken," he said Cheap Off-White x Nike Air Max 97 Black Blue UK , adding it's "very possible" that NAFTA negotiations "will still be ongoing in 2019". The renegotiation of the NAFTA was still at a "very early stage," and cannot be assessed yet, Mexico's Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce (Concanaco) said Monday. "They are starting to move some topics, but still at the initial stage of proposals, analysis and possibilities," Concanaco's President Enrique Solana told reporters Cheap Off-White x Nike Vapormax Black White UK , as he was leaving the hotel hosting the second round of talks in Mexico City. "There is still time to go before there can be news on the matter. Right now, they are revising, talking and adjusting. They are warming up their engines. It's too soon to say how the talks are going," added Solana. The three-way talks, which began with a first round held in Washington in August, aim to update the 1994 trade deal at the request of the United States. Trump insisted the agreement be renegotiated Cheap Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Betrue 2017 Blue UK , claiming it unfairly benefited Mexico at the expense of U.S. industries and jobs. The United States also wants to amend rules of origin so that NAFTA goods that benefit from tariff exemptions include a higher percentage of components made in North America, another demand Mexico is resisting. Xi addresses Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries Xi meets journalists as BRICS summit concludes Xi, Modi stress stable, cooperative China-India ties China to advance comprehensive strategic partnership with Egypt Autumn scenery of Hunhe River in N China's Hohhot Villagers air harvests in south China Dew drops seen on plant leaves in east China Fish Dish Festival celebrated in C China's Hunan BUCHAREST, May 25 (Xinhua) -- The three-party ruling coalition won the largest share of vote with over 40 percent in Sunday's European Parliament (EP) elections in Romania, according to main exit polls announced after polling stations closed at 9 p.m. local time. The electoral alliance of the ruling coalition Cheap Men's Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2018 Olive Green UK , led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta and consisted of the Social Democratic Party, the National Union for the Progress of Romania and the Conservative Party, obtained 41.01 to 43 percent of votes in the elections, showed results of three exit-polls conducted by pollsters Info-Politics Center of Studies and Research, Operations Research and CURS Avangarde, respectively. The ruling coalition is followed far away by its former partner and now opposition National Liberal Party with 13.3 to 14.92 percent of the votes. Three more parties Cheap Men's Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2018 Blue UK , the Democratic Liberal Party, the People's Movement Party and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, reached the 5-percent vote threshold for entreing the new European Parliament. The exit polls confirmed the results of pre-election opinion survey. The voter turnout in elections was 26.52 percent at 7 p.m., two hours before the vote ended, higher than that of the previous elections of 2009 when the turnout at 7 p.m. was 21.63 percent. Romanians went to the polls Sunday to elect their 32 representatives for the European Parliament. A total of 572 ca. MLB Jerseys Wholesale   Football Jerseys China   Soccer Jerseys From China   Custom NHL Jerseys Cheap   Cheap Twins Jerseys   Cheap Tampa Bay Rays Jerseys   Wholesale Pittsburgh Pirates Jerseys   Wholesale Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys   Wholesale San Diego Padres Jerseys   Wholesale Washington Nationals Jerseys    
  • May 19, 2018 2:18:44 AM
    LAGOS Cheap New Balance 574 Sale , June 11 (Xinhua) -- Nigeria has concluded plans to invite 35 players to camp on June 15, ahead of the forthcoming 11th World Junior Softball Championship scheduled to hold in Oklahoma, U.S. The players would commence a 40-day program in southern city of Port Harcourt and other locations in the country ahead of the competition Cheap New Balance 574 Shoes , Kehinde Laniyan, the scribe of Nigeria Baseball and Softball Association (NBSA) told reporters in Lagos on Thursday. Laniyan said the players were selected from tryouts that were held in southwest city of Ibadan and Port Harcourt in May. The Nigerian official said 20 players would be eventually selected based on merit to represent the country at the championship. The scribe appealed to corporate organizations and philanthropists to support the team' s preparations for the event. Nigeria is in pool A alongside Ecuador, China Cheap New Balance 574 , Britain and Japan. No fewer than 18 teams will participate at the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) sanctioned event holding from Aug. 9 to Aug. 15 in Oklahoma. NEW YORK, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Oil prices fell for the second consecutive session on Monday, after data showed a recovery for U.S. drilling activity. The number of U.S. rigs classified as drilling for oil was up 15 to 566 last week, according to oilfield service firm Baker Hughes on Friday, the highest since November 2015. Analysts said oil prices, which have remained above 50 U.S. dollars a barrel since December last year, have stimulated U.S. shale producers to ramp up production. The rising U.S. oil production will offset some of the efforts from other producers to cut outputs, leaving investors worrying about lingering global crude glut, said analysts. The West Texas Intermediate for March Delivery erased 0.54 dollars to settle at 52.63 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, while Brent crude for March delivery decreased 0.29 dollars to close at 55.23 dollars a barrel on the London ICE Futures Exchange. NEW YORK, March 2 (Xinhua) -- Oil prices fell on Thursday after data showed weak compliance with an output cut deal reached by major producers last year. The West Texas Intermediate for April Delivery erased 1.22 U.S. dollars to settle at 52.61 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, while Brent crude for May delivery decreased 1.28 dollars to close at 55.08 dollars a barrel on the London ICE Futures Exchange. A tourist picks grapes at a vineyard in Anci District, Langfang City, north China's Hebei Province New Balance 597 Grey Teal , Sept. 9, 2017. (XinhuaWang Xiao) China, Pakistan air forces hold joint training exercises Pic story: Chinese grape and wine expert Farmers busy with farm work around Bailu across China Rural children take free lunch in SW China's Guizhou In pics: China's future Mars simulation base in Qinghai Actors perform during acrobatics show in central China's Puyang Colorful houses seen in N China's beautiful countryside Spectacular scenery of Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River JERUSALEM Cheap New Balance 597 Blue Grey Shoes , May 22 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump is heading to Israel on Monday morning, where he will hold meetings about the long-stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and reaffirm the U.S. alliance with Israel. This is the second leg of of Trump's first official trip abroad as president. In his visit to Saudi Arabia, he signed 350-billion-dollar arms deal. During Trump's two-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian West Bank Cheap New Balance 574 Swarovski Black Gold Shoes , Trump will meet Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday before traveling to Bethlehem to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday. The meetings will focus on the U.S. efforts to revive the long-stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The last round of talks reached an impasse in April 2014, mainly due to Israel's refusal to halt the construction in the West Bank settlements. On Tuesday, Trump is scheduled to give a speech at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to conclude his visit Cheap Kid's New Balance 574 Outdoor Pack Mint Orange Shoes , before heading to Europe. On Sunday night, Israel's cabinet approved a few economic concessions to the Palestinians requested by Trump, including the establishment of two industrial zones and keeping the Allenby Bridge crossing between the West Bank and Jordan open 24 hours a day. The cabinet also voted to establish a committee to examine legalizing outposts which were built without permits on private Palestinian land in the West Bank. "The security cabinet has approved economic measures that will ease daily life for Palestinians as confidence-building steps Cheap Women's New Balance 574 Palm Springs Collection Blue Pink Black Shoes ," the cabinet said in a statement. Weekly choices of Xinhua photos (May 15 - May 21) Last batch of rebels evacuate Syria's Homs city Screening of "The Meyerowitz Stories" held at Cannes Int'l Film Festival Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day Tourists visit lily garden in SW China's Guizhou In pics: scenery of cliffs in Guoliang Village Cheongsam lovers give performance in east China Pic story: Technique of making Jianzhan porcelain RIO DE JANEIRO, July 14 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Football Confederation (CBF) Monday said it has accepted coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's offer to resign along with his backroom team. Host and five time champion Brazil was dismantled in the World Cup semifinals with a disastrous 7-1 loss to Germany in the national team's worst defeat in its 100-year history. Brazil also slumped 3-0 to the Netherlands in the third-place match. Scolari's contract ended after the World Cup. French President Emmanuel Macron (2nd L) and his wife Brigitte Macron (1st L), and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (2nd R) and his wife Carmen Iohan. Jerseys Free Shipping   NHL Jerseys Wholesale   MLB Jerseys Wholesale   Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholsale   Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale   NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Soccer Jerseys From China   Nike NBA Jerseys From China   MLB Jerseys Free Shipping   Authentic Soccer Jerseys From China    
  • May 19, 2018 2:18:22 AM
    THE HAGUE Air Force One Uomo Basse Rosse Saldi , Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- The disputed 1000-year-old Chinese mummy Buddha was thrown into the spotlight once again last week as the villagers of Yangchun, a small village in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian initiated a legal procedure to have the statue returned to its Puzhao temple, while the Dutch collector insists on giving it to a bigger temple in the same province only if his conditions for repatriation are satisfied. "I can scientifically prove that the statue does not come from that village," the Dutch collector told Xinhua over the phone. His view stands in direct opposition to the declaration of the Chinese State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) that this statue known as "Zhanggong Patriarch" had been stolen from no elsewhere but Yangchun village 20 years earlier. "Reports said villagers remember a hole drilled in the left hand of the Buddha, and that the head was lost. With my hand on my heart I tell you, there is no hole in that hand Uomo Air Force One Basse Rosse Grigie Saldi , and his head is not lost at all," said the collector who still wishes to stay anonymous though his identity has been disclosed by other media. "Just with these two points I can prove it is not their mummy. They can see the MRI scans of the statue. If they still do not believe it, they can make their own scans," he said. It was through scans that researchers commissioned by the Dutch collector found out that a mummified body is encased in the statue. When the statue toured in a mummy exhibition in Hungary last March, overseas Chinese residents there noticed its resemblance to the disappeared Zhanggong Patriarch in their home village and took on a cross-continental quest for its return. For Chinese cultural heritage researchers, details such as a hole in a hand or a crack in the neck are excerpts from the memory of just a few villagers. "These details cannot be counted as hard arguments Uomo Air Force One Alte Rosse Bianche Saldi , especially when there is a full package of really crucial evidences," a SACH official told Xinhua. In the photos taken by the villagers in the 1980s sits a Buddhist figure with a faint smile, cross-legged, shoulders slightly hunched forward. "Compared with widely mediated images of the statue now in hands of the Dutch collector, the facial expression, the posture and the decoration do look identical. In an interview with Dutch daily NRC published last March Air Force One Basse Nere Rosse Uomo Saldi , the collector said the Buddha statue came into his possession by coincidence, because actually the "crazy thing" did not fit in his collection. "A Buddha is supposed to sit upright. This man has a curved back and proportionally his head is too large. And he is golden, something the owner does not like," said the NRC article. "But this made the statue intriguing and so the collector bought it for about 40,000 guilders." An inescapable difference between the figure in villagers' photos and the statue once in exhibition is that the statue in the photos wears clothes, which makes the Dutchman suspect the authenticity of the Buddhist faith of the villagers. "If someone really took away the statue Air Force One Mid 07 Nere Saldi , why would they have taken its clothes off? That he would ever have worn clothes is ridiculous. A real Buddhist monastery would not put clothes on such a statue. It is completely decorated with decorations of symbolic and religious value, you would not hide those under clothing," argued the collector in a conversation with Xinhua earlier in May. A SACH document of which Xinhua obtained a copy explains that the specific Patriarch belief in the south of Fujian is a Buddhist belief that has adopted local forms. It is a blend of Buddhism, Taoism, witchcraft and folk-customs. In its particular traditions, Patriarch statues are always crowned and dressed. From generation to generation OFF White x Air Force One Basse The Ten Bianche Saldi , village believers have always paraded their statues in full appeal at festivals every year. In order to convince the collector that Zhanggong Patriarch does come from Yangchun, the SACH official has also sent him pictures of the linen text roll of the village's genealogy, and of the scroll and veiling that Puzhao Temple has kept for centuries. The ancient text roll records the origin of Zhanggong Patriarch, or "Zhanggong Liuquan Zushi" by its full Chinese name, and shows that it has been worshiped at Puzhao temple in Yangchun village from the Song dynasty (960-1279) to the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368). The Chinese characters on these documents are consistent with those on the praying mat stolen along with the statue of the mummy Buddha, according to Chinese cultural heritage experts. Besides Air Force One Rosa Saldi , a thorough investigation across Fujian province confirmed that apart from Yangchun village there is no other place where both a "Zhanggong Liuquan Zushi" and a "Puzhao Temple" existed together. In fact, ever since the mummy Buddha gained international attention, no other institution or individual in Fujian has made any claim for its ownership. The collector also questioned the history of Puzhao temple in Yangchun village. "The temple shown on television is completely new, it is built recently with new wood," he told Xinhua. However, the SACH told Xinhua that the Puzhao temple has been repaired and rebuilt many times Air Force One Premium Saldi , which actually demonstrates the deep bond and attachment between the villagers and their Zhanggong Patriarch. Certain pillars of the temple still stand on four stone foundations that date back to the Ming Dynasty, which proves that Puzhao temple is not a new construction, said the Chinese experts. Earlier in March, the Dutch collector argued that the previous owner had acquired the statue in Hong Kong in the winter of 1994-1995 before shipping it to Amsterdam in 1995, and in mid-1996 he himself "legally acquired" it. If his saying proves to be true, the mummy Buddha appeared in both Hong Kong and the Netherlands before Yangchun villagers found their statue was stolen on Dec. 15 Air Force One Mid Saldi , 1995. However, the collector did not ac . Soccer Jerseys From China   Adidas NHL Jerseys Cheap   Baseball Jerseys Cheap   New NHL Jerseys Cheap   New NFL Jerseys Cheap   Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys Wholesale   Authentic Jerseys China   New NBA Jerseys Cheap   Baseball Jerseys From China    
  • May 19, 2018 2:16:18 AM
    BEIJING Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 97 2017 Retro Silver UK , March 12 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Finance's one trillion debt swap line has been assigned to local governments, regional delegates to China's annual parliamentary session said on Thursday. China's Ministry of Finance has recently confirmed a debt restructuring program that lets local government to convert some of their most urgent debts into municipal bonds with a longer tenor. The ministry has confirmed a swap totalling one trillion that will begin this year. Each province will be assigned a quota for replacing its soon-to-mature debts with bond issued to commercial banks and other financial institutions. So far 50 billion yuan were granted to southern Chinese province Guangdong, 40 billion earmarked for Shandong, 30 billion for Anhui and 20 billion for Jiangxi Cheap Women's Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 KPU TPU Pink Black UK , Xinhua-affiliated business newspaper Economic Information Daily reports on Thursday, citing local deputies to the National People's Congress. The restructuring quota is granted based on existing liabilities set to come due this year, said Zeng Zhiquan, director of Guangdong's department of finance. The debt restructuring program also triggered a rally of banking stocks on the Chinese mainland on Thursday as investors view it as a positive development to improve bank balance sheets Cheap Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 KPU TPU Black Red UK , especially those that have lent heavily to local governments. A government audit of local government debt as of June 2013 shows 2.78 trillion yuan of debts will mature this year, two thirds of which are a direct liability for local governments. Total debt for local governments, including contingent liabilities, currently stands at 17.9 trillion. China's Ministry of Finance says the restructuring program will save local governments up to 50 billion yuan in interest payments. Extending the maturity of debt will significantly ease the burden for local governments. A simple projection shows that the debt repayment will be lowered by 50 percent in the next three years if tenors are extended from three years to seven Cheap Men's Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Black UK , says China economists Liu Ligang and Zhou Hao at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) China has also earmarked a 600 billion quota for local government debt this year and has expanded its municipal bond pilot scheme in a bid to wean local government from unsustainable and risky borrowing through designated financing vehicles. Up to 70 percent of financing vehicles that raise funds on local governments' behalf have borrowed new loans to service old debts from 2011 to 2013, Moody's Chinese mainland rating arm CCXI found in an analysis of more than 1,100 local government financing vehicles' balance sheet. Authorities also designed guidelines last year to encourage private investments into infrastructure and utilities to ease local governments' spending in the hope that alternative funding will reduce government's financing needs. The debt-to-bond swap fuelled speculation that China central bank may purchase bonds issued by local governments, a move that many likened to the quantitative easing (QE) of the United States. But officials quickly dismissed any notion of a Chinese version of QE Cheap Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 KPU TPU White Black UK , saying the country's law currently prohibits its central bank from purchasing sovereign bonds from any country, including those issued by the Chinese government. ANZ economists say the debt swap is more like "Operation Twist", which the U.S. Federal Reserve has used to buy and sell bonds of short and long terms to guide interest rates lower. " could help smooth out debt repayment for local governments and thus facilitate the de-leveraging process in China." ANZ economists said. Many of us flip through garden magazines, all the while thinking that it takes years Cheap Off White Air Max 90 UK , a professional, or tons of money to landscape the gardens featured in the glossy pictures. This isn?t necessarily true. You can design a breathtaking garden and be the envy of the neighborhood by following some of the following tips. Know What You Like and What Works Drive around your neighborhood and see what?s out there that grows well in your zone. You can jot down what you see on index cards, so they are organized and handy. Start gathering page clippings from magazines and collect some pictures of the designs that interest you. This can help you decide what garden style you like. You?ll have an easy reference for plants and placement too. Select Location and Color Next, look at your notes and clippings and choose the color scheme you?d like to have in your garden. Don't forget to keep in mind if you?re designing and planting in shade Cheap Nike Shox Avenue UK , sun, or partial shade or partial sun. Are you looking for something bright and vibrant or something more calming and soothing? Consider starting with a foundation of shrubs and accenting with some perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses Cheap Nike Shox TLX UK , and annuals for more seasonal color. Perhaps, you want all flowers. Decide on a shape that compliments your house style. Straight styles give a more formal appearance while curves give a more informal feel. If you don?t feel confident selecting colors, you can use a color wheel to help pick contrasting and complimenting colors. Budget and Create a Plan Decide how much you are able to and want to spend on your new garden. Do you want to start with a foundation and add to it gradually? If so, start with purchasing your most expensive plants and shrubs first. Use these as a focal point for your garden. Start watching for sales and discount plants at garden centers and nurseries. Tell everyone you know that you?re starting a garden and would love it if they could give you divisions of their perennials or seeds they have saved from their garden. Let family and friends know that you have a wish list of plants that would be the perfect gift idea. If you have access online Cheap Nike Shox OZ UK , do a search for seed swaps. Many gardeners love to help a ne. NHL Jerseys China   NFL Jerseys Online   NCAA College Jerseys Cheap   Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap   Soccer Jerseys Online   College Football Jerseys Cheap   Baseball Jerseys Cheap   NHL Hockey Jerseys Cheap   NFL Football Jerseys Cheap   NBA Basketball Jerseys Cheap    
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    NAIROBI nike air force 1 bianche saldi , July 24 (Xinhua) -- The Kenya shilling started the weeklower on Monday, weakening against the U.S. dollar as outflowsoutweighed inflows. The shilling exchanged against the dollar at an average of103.86, a decline from 103.84 at the end of last week. The Central Bank on Monday quoted the shilling at 103.87 nike cortez uomo saldi , downfrom 103.84 on Friday, with the currency sliding despite theregulator selling dollars to buttress it. On the other hand, commercial banks put the value of theshilling against the dollar at between 103.85 and 104.05 nike cortez classic saldi , withtraders noting there was high dollar demand from various sectors,including manufacturing and oil. Last week, latest data showed that the Central Bank used 88million dollars to support the shilling as forex reserves fell from5.23 months of import cover to 5.17 months of import cover. The Kenya shilling last week remained stable mainly driven byCentral Bank support nike air presto uncaged saldi , inflows from horticulture exporters, whichoffset the dollar demand by oil importers. Analysts noted that shilling would remain relatively stable inthe short term, boosted by CBK's support as can be seen by thedecline in the forex reserve levels. On a year to date basis nike air presto woven saldi , theshilling has depreciated against the dollar by 1.4 percent.Enditem " Formula One drivers are hoping to give more back to their fans, at a time when unfavorable comparisons are being made with other series, with a new initiative to be presented in Monaco next week. Alex Wurz nike air presto ultra flyknit saldi , the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA), told Reuters that more details would be -presented on the Friday rest day before the race in the Mediterranean principality. The Austrian said the -drivers had unanimously agreed the move at a meeting at last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. ""To make sure this sport -remains at the pinnacle and gets ever more popular, we would like to engage more with the fans nike air presto qs saldi ,"" said the former Formula One driver who now competes in the world endurance championship and is a two-time Le Mans winner. ""How we are doing this I don't want to go into because this will be announced in -Monaco in great detail. ""We want to give a little bit back and communicate with the people who love the sport equally to us."" Social media is expected to feature largely in the plans, with many drivers already -attracting a large number of followers. ""Great GPDA meeting today! At the Monaco GP we will announce big plans on how to properly connect with you, the fans nike air presto nere saldi ,"" Lotus driver Romain Grosjean told his 438,000 -followers on Twitter after -Friday's meeting. Mercedes double Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has 2.74 million -followers on Twitter, more than 3 million likes on Facebook and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. However the sport still has a reputation for being exclusive and inaccessible compared to series like the world endurance championship nike air presto bianche saldi , where fans have much more access to the paddock and drivers during race weekends. " " PHNOM PENH, May 26 (Xinhua) -- A Cambodian court announced late Thursday that it has requested authorities to hunt for deputy opposition leader and lawmaker Kem Sokha after he refused to appear in the court twice in a prostitution case involving his alleged mistress. ""The prosecutor of Phnom Penh Municipal Court has requested justice police officers to carry out the hunt and arrest of His Excellency Kem Sokha,""the statement said, adding that Sokha committed a ""red-handed""crime after he failed to present himself in the court for the second time on Thursday morning. ""The prosecutor of Phnom Penh Municipal Court has decided to charge His Excellency Kem Sokha with 'refusal to appear' under the article 538 of the Penal Code of the Kingdom of Cambodia,"" it said. Under the charge, Sokha could face a prison term of between one and six months and a fine of up to 250 U.S. dollars, the statement said. It added that because Sokha committed the ""red-handed"" crime, his parliamentary immunity could not protect him against the arrest. According to the statement, the justice police officers surrounded Sokha's car on Thursday on Norodom Boulevard in Phnom Penh in order to hunt for him, but he was not in the car. Opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party spokesman Ou Chanrith confirmed that armed police stopped Sokha's car and surrounded the party's headquarters in Phnom Penh on Thursday, but did not find him. He said that Sokha is currently hiding in Cambodia, but his whereabouts is not disclosed. Last month, 25-year-old hairdresser Khom Chandaraty, an alleged mistress of Sokha, admitted of having an affair with him and said that Sokha promised to give her 3,000 U.S. dollars, to buy her a house and to open her a shop in exchange for sex, but he had never honoured his promises. Khom Chandaraty, better known by her nickname Srey Mom, sued Sokha for breach of trust and demanded a compensation of 300,000 U.S. dollars. The alleged sex scandal between Srey Mom and Sokha came to light in February when leaked audio clips of telephone conversation between them went viral on the Internet. In the clips, they discussed sex, pregnancy and paying for an apartment. Since the scandal broke out, Sokha has not publicly commented on the veracity of the audio recordings; instead, he advised supporters not to react to provocations. " "   Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe answers reporters questions during a press conference in Tokyo, Friday The governor of Tokyo has triggered public outrage for flying first-class and staying at up to $1,800-a-night suites in Europe and America during official trips. Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe and his entourage spent 213 million yen ($2 million) on eight trips in his first two years in office nike air presto donna saldi , an investigation by opposition lawmakers found. He also . Authentic Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   NFL Jerseys From China   Basketball Jerseys China   NHL Jerseys From China   NFL Jerseys From China   MLB Jerseys Cheap   NCAA Jerseys Wholesale   Hockey Jerseys China   Soccer Jerseys For Cheap   MLB Jerseys From China    
  • May 19, 2018 2:12:43 AM
    People walk under blooming orchid trees in Liuzhou Cheap OFF WHITE X Nike Blazer Studio Mid The Ten White Black , south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, April 12, 2017. (XinhuaLi Hanchi) Aerial view of Medog highway in SW China's Tibet Stewardesses for high-speed train take part in training program in Harbin Scenery of Hani terraced fields in SW China's Yunnan Aerial view of farmland scenery in SW China's Yunnan Wild giant pandas seen in northwest China China to create Xiongan New Area in Hebei Annual swan parade held in Ontario Cheap Off-White X Air Max 90 Ice All White , Canada Aerial view of beautiful scenery around China BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhua) -- U.S. high-tech firm Dow Chemical's CEO on Tuesday advised China to further encourage entrepreneurship and innovation to climb up the global value chain. Andrew Liveris told Xinhua that China's transition from low-end to medium and high manufacturing was the right strategy, but to this end Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 270 Black Red , China needed to make more efforts. He said the government should put in place the right policies, regulations and standards to encourage entrepreneurial innovation to invest in technology that will allow China to move up the value chain. "You can't go from driving a slow car in a slow lane to a fast car in a fast lane without changing lanes," said Liveris Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Summit White , adding that China should go "crawl, walk, run." Although the transition is a gradual process Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Essential Black White , the senior executive said China must move fast as the world was changing so rapidly. In his view, China has plenty of "brains" and it should organize the "ecosystem" to encourage them to be entrepreneurial. He said: "this is China's opportunity." "To be entrepreneurial, you have to be taught that there is no boundary to taking a risk as long as you are safe and ethical Cheap Air Max 96 XX Men's Nike Triple Black Anthracite ," said Liveris. Dow Chemical expressed willingness to assist China's transition to an advanced manufacturing economy as it would help its business. "We are very suited to providing technology answers to environmental protection, food safety, clean water Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 360 All Black , sustainable urbanization and green technology," said Liveris. Amid the current economic slowdown, China is turning to mass entrepreneurship and innovation to boost market vitality. Premier Li Keqiang said earlier this month that the government will continue to "remove roadblocks and pave the way" for entrepreneurship. " By Ben Ochieng NAIROBI, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Kenya made its debut into the Olympic Games in 1956, but not much is retrievable from its archive of sport since the country won no medals in its traditional holds. However, one significant fact escaped the attention of many. Alongside Kenya' s then budding distance runners were two representatives who participated in target shooting - small bore rifle; the three positions; and the prone rifle events. Shoaib Vayani, Kenya Regiment Rifle Club (KRRC) Vice-Chairman told Xinhua during an interview on Sunday that sports shooting programs that are run by the association covers those disciplines that are competed at the Olympic Games. ""The lessons cover both the rifle and pistol shooting categories in disciplines from 10 meters to 100 meters,"" Vayani said in Nairobi. Vayani, who is also the vice-president of the Africa Sports Shooting Federation is one of the most decorated shooters in Kenya and has followed in the tradition of his late father, Abulgani, who served as chairman of KRRC between 1989 and 2003. ""Our family generation in target shooting spans 60 years. My father as the team captain to the 1978 Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton, Canada, and my brother and 15-year-old son are also shooting adherents,"" he remarked. In a country where gun battles between police and gangsters dominate daily news headlines, Vayani and his Kenyan shooting officials are in sort of predicament in their efforts to sustain interest in the sport, especially form the youngsters. ""Target shooting, because it involves the use of firearms, has some red tape attached to it that involves the police, Firearms Bureau and the Ministry of Sports. Therefore parents should not fear to encourage their children to take up target shooting,"" Vayani said. Most Kenyan shooters are drawn from the Kenya Defense Forces, Kenya Police and the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club and those who participate in rifle, pistol and shotgun categories alongside the full-bore and small-bore shoots. Vayani estimates that there are about 200 active shooters in Kenya and over 2,000 social shooters, with the bulk of the active shooters coming from the disciplined forces. ""Shooting is the most popular individual sport in the world, with more shooters than footballers. In Kenya, inadequate finance and lack of equipment have impeded the growth and development of the sport where the cost of setting up a shooting range in the country exceeds 3,000 U.S. dollars,"" he disclosed. Even as target shooting in Kenya remains an unremarkable sport among its more prominent cousins like football, athletics and rugby, the sport still holds its ground in terms of tradition with the bigger boys. Kenyan shooters are the most active on the African continent and have been competing annually in the full-bore events at the Bisley Shooting Competition in Surrey, Britain for many years. In Africa, Kenya has proved itself a force to reckon with especially in the .22m caliber rifle category, where during continental championships, the country is an invariable podium finisher. Target shooting started in Kenya in 1906. Some of the best shooters Kenyan has ever produced include Abgulgani Vayani, Anuj Desai, Shoaib Adam, Peter Mathenge, David Okeyo, Sammy Kihara and John Harun Mwau who is also a one-time Member of Parliament. " Ding Ning (R) of China celebrates victory after the women's singles final match against her compa. Soccer Jerseys Cheap   NBA Jerseys China   Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys China   Custom NHL Jerseys Cheap   Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap   Custom NCAA Jerseys Cheap   Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap   Authentic Jerseys Wholesale   College Hockey Jerseys Cheap    
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    TORONTO, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will join a group of comic superheros to show on the cover of Marvel Comics' August issue. The premier's office acknowledged the leader's new image in the expected comic book, and said it wouldn't endorse it but was OK with the idea, according to a Tuesday report of the Toronto-based Canadian Press. Wearing red boxing gloves and a sleeveless top with a red maple in the middle, Trudeau is surrounded by several Canadian comic heros and smiling on the cover of Issue 5 of Marvel's comic book "Civil War II: Choosing Sides". The Canadian premier will feature as an adviser and old boss to a team of traditional stars in Marvel's comic series, said the story writer Chip Zdarsky. The Toronto-based cartoonist Ramon Perez told the local press that he made a bit of changes to the premier's real-life appearances when drawing his comic pictures in a bid to show "his personality in that likeness." The new comic book is due to be released on August 31. The American publisher Marvel Comics has created many well-known superheros such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America as well as fictional characters as the X-Men. Even if you haven't visited Fiji Uomo Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Obsidian Bianche Scontate , you probably have an idea of what this small island nation looks like - miles of sandy beaches, palm trees, lush mountains and pristine coral reefs. Fiji has become a major travel destination and has become especially popular with honeymooners, divers and water sports enthusiasts. Part of the appeal of a visit to Fiji lies in the fascinating mix of cultures Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Bianche Scontate , the welcoming nature of its people and the country's ancient and unusual traditions. The following are some interesting Fiji facts:Fiji isn't just one island - the country is comprised of about 300 islands that are large enough to be inhabited. If you count every coral outcrop, the country actually consists of thousands of islands. Fiji covers a surprisingly large area of water - in total, measuring approximately 40,000 square miles. The country's highest mountain is Mt. Tomanivi at around 4300 feet high.Fijians are known for their hospitality and friendliness - although this hasn't always been the case. A little over a century ago Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Nere Uomo Scontate , the Fijian people were thought to be ferocious cannibals. Souvenir and craft shops on the islands offer four-pronged wooden forks for sale, reminding tourists of those days. One unfortunate victim of the cannibals was the missionary Thomas Baker, who was eaten with the exception of one of his shoes. Today, the uneaten shoe is on display in the Fiji Museum.Fiji is one of the first places in the world to greet each new day Uomo Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Tutte Nere Scontate , as it is situated on the 180 degree meridian - also known as the International Date Line. For practical reasons, the line makes a detour around Fiji so that everyone observes the same time. However, on the island of Taveuni, a marker indicates a spot where you can stand with one foot in one day and one foot in the day before!Fijians have an interesting way of celebrating the New Year - in January Nike Shox Avenue Scontate , some of the women of the villages take part in a traditional game of veicaqe moli, loosely translated as 锟絢ick the orange锟? The winning team must present a gift of clothes to the losing team, while the losing team prepares and serves the traditional Fijian drink of yaqona. Fire walking is still popular in Fiji - although today it is practiced mainly to entertain the tourists, rather than for ceremonial or ritual reasons. Fijian legend has it that a god once gave a Beqa warrior the ability to walk unharmed on fire Nike Shox OZ D Scontate , in return for a favor. A legend, perhaps, but there's no doubt that the stones used in this ritual are as hot today as they were then.Fiji has become known as the melting pot of the South Pacific and, as a result Nike Shox R4 Scontate , has some interesting food and drink for a visitor to sample. Some delicacies you may want to try are various roots, boiled bat, and raw fish marinated in coconut cream. Don't miss the chance to attend a lovo - a traditional Fijian banquet in which the food is wrapped in banana leaves and then heated on stones buried under the ground.The country was originally one of the most remote British colonies, and there are still some reminders of British colonial rule. Rugby and soccer - those most English of sports - are the two major competitive sports. Cricket and golf are also popular. Fiji hosted the Pacific Games in 2003 Nike Shox NZ Scontate , resulting in an increased interest in sports throughout the islands.Since Fijians pride themselves on their hospitality, their culture demands that visitors are treated as honored guests. If you are invited to someone's house during your stay, there are some rules you must observe. It is polite to bring a small gift. If your hosts are feeding you, they may well wait for you to eat before eating any food themselves. Remember this too: If you are visiting a Fijian village Nike Shox Scontate , only the village chief is allowed to wear sunglasses and a hat! The flag of Fiji is still the British flag, with the Union Jack on it. The light blue background on the flag represents the huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean, and the white dove on the coat of arms that comprises the rest of the flag symbolizes peace and friendship with the UK. The coat of arms also contains some items commonly associated with Fiji; bananas, sugarcane and a palm tree. An image of the Queen of England can be seen on the country's coins and colorful banknotes. Some Fijians called for the Queen's image to be removed after Fiji claimed independence in 1970 Nike Vapormax Off White Scontate , but tradition prevailed. The Queen actually has the proud title of Paramount Chief of the Great Council of Chiefs of Fiji. Author's Resource Box About Author:Brian Jenkins is a freelance writer who writes about topics pertaining to vacations and th. Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   NBA Jerseys From China   Jerseys For Cheap   Jerseys From China   New NHL Jerseys Cheap   Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap   Throwback NCAA Jerseys Cheap   NBA Basketball Jerseys Cheap   Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap   College Baseball Jerseys Cheap    
  • May 19, 2018 2:10:28 AM
    MADRID, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The Spanish stock market index Ibex-35 fell 0.02 percent on Wednesday to close at 9,329.70 points, down from the 9,331.50 points of Tuesday. On Wednesday session, Tecnicas Reunidas shares led falls losing 1.69 percent, followed by Mapfre, Gas Natural, Banco Santander, BBVA and Caixabank that lost 1.66 percent, 1.39 percent, 1.39 percent, 1.24 percent and 1.09 percent respectively. On the other hand, ACS shares led rises climbing 2.80 percent, followed by IAG, Gamesa, Iberdrola, Cellnex and R.E.C. that rose 1.99 percent, 1.98 percent, 1.88 percent, 1.85 percent and 1.84 percent respectively. Meanwhile, Spain's risk premium closed at 141 points and Spain's ten-year bond interest rate closed at 1.77 percent, both showing no differences when compared with Tuesday's closing time. Enditem Photo taken on Oct. 19 Men's Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Premium Black For Sale Online , 2016 shows the screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center showing the two Chinese astronauts Jing Haipeng (L) and Chen Dong saluting in the space lab Tiangong-2. The two astronauts onboard the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft entered the space lab Tiangong-2 Wednesday morning. (XinhuaJu Zhenhua) by Xinhua special correspondent Jing Haipeng ABOARD TIANGONG-2, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- Today is the first day that our flight crew moved into the space complex for the Shenzhou-11 mission. It is 10:05 p.m. now, and we haven't finished our work yet. I'm told people are concerned about our life here in space. Tutuping'an, a net user of Xinhua mobile app, is curious about how we sleep and have meal in the space lab. I should say Chen Dong and I feel fulfilled in work, and we really want to go to bed now. As we were so busy in the morning, docking Shenzhou-11 and Tiangong-2 and then entering Tiangong-2 of the complex, we had no time for dinner. We ate only one meal for breakfast and lunch. They were largely ready-to-eat foods, or what we often say snacks. We took few staple food. We did heat rice and noodle, but in a little while forgot all about them. We are to make up for the meal at night. This is my third time to fly into space. This is also my second time to enter Tiangong. Tiangong-1 was quite well, but Tiangong-2 is much more comfortable. It is perfect in layout, decoration and matching of colors. Speaking of the family, I remember I said when meeting the press that half of the credit should be given to our family members. Chen Dong and I talked about it today, and we agreed with that. At this very moment, Chen Dong and I miss you so much in Tiangong-2. I want to tell you, dear comrades from the astronaut brigade, that in the past 18 years, we have taken meals at the same table, attended class in the same room, and played basketball in the same court. In the 18 years, we have worked together, lived together, received training together, and chased dream together. We are as dear to each other as members of one family. I know you are standing guard, cheering us on, and on duty for us. And we salute you all! The renminbi is on track to become the third-largest international currency behind the US dollar and the euro within five years as China accelerates its promotion of the yuan, said a Renmin University of China report released on Sunday. Last year, RMB cross-border trade settlement amounted to 4.63 trillion yuan ($746 billion) Mens Air Jordan 1 OG Black Blue For Sale Online , up 57.5 percent from 2012. It accounted for 2.5 percent of cross-border trade settlement worldwide, the report said. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2013, direct investment settled in renminbi amounted to 533 billion yuan Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Storm Blue White For Sale Online , 1.9 times the same period in 2012. The RMB is currently the fifth-most widely used currency internationally. The British pound is third and the Japanese yen fourth. The offshore yuan market has been developing rapidly in recent years, and this year the People's Bank of China signed a memorandum of understanding regarding yuan clearing and settlement arrangements with the central banks of the UK, Germany Men's Air Jordan 1 Retro High Flyknit Black Red For Sale Online , Luxembourg, France and South Korea. Chen Yulu, president of Renmin University and member of the central bank's monetary policy committee Men's Air Jordan 1 Retro High Flyknit Royal Black White For Sale Online , said the offshore yuan market in Europe has huge potential since major European financial centers are competing for the market. Wei Jianguo, vice-chairman of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, suggested the government establish additional centers in places such as Dubai Men's OFF white x fragment design x Air Jordan 1 Black Blue For Sale Online , South Africa and Latin America. In spite of the rapid expansion of the RMB, its internationalization still faces many challenges including technical difficulties using the currency globally. "To resolve the problem, China has to build a safe Men's Off-White x Air Jordan 1 The Ten White Black For Sale Online , efficient and low-cost offshore RMB clearing system as soon as possible," Chen said. "In addition, the regulators must create a legal framework for the offshore RMB market and make sound regulations to stop money laundering and tax evasion via offshore yuan transactions." At present Air Jordan 11 Low For Sale , Chinese financial institutions are relying mainly on traditional offshore yuan businesses such as RMB trade settlement and deposit. They have to innovate on products to deepen and widen the offshore RMB market, Chen said. By the end of 2013, the outstanding volume of international bonds and bank notes denominated in renminbi rose 24.9 percent year-on-year to $71.9 billion. The issuers of RMB-denominated bonds started to expand out of Hong Kong Air Jordan 11 High For Sale , with countries such as Japan and Canada joining in. As Chinese economic power continues to grow, an increasing number of countries have become willing to accept the renminbi as a reserve currency. By the end of 2013, the PBOC had signed currency swap agreements involving a total of 2.57 trillion yuan with 23 countries and regions Air Jordan 11 Retro For Sale , the report said. Guo Bin, a 6-year-old boy whose eyes were gouged out in Aug. Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys Wholesale   Jerseys China   Jerseys Free Shipping   Jerseys China   Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale   Retro Soccer Jerseys China   Nike NFL Jerseys China    
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    If you are interested in buying combat trousers ecco dress shoes clearance , army boots and military boots, the military itself is a great place to begin your search. The military generally disposes of such materials when they are no longer needed. You can buy these clothing items from a commodity store. Commodity stores also sell camping equipment, rucksacks, camping tools, sports gear, trousers ecco boots clearance , footwear and leather jackets. These clothing items and camping equipment are made of very sturdy material and are ideal if you are planning to camp outdoors, hiking and other outdoor activities.At the end of the Second World War, combat trousers and other such military equipment became popular sales among ordinary citizens. There was a huge surplus of military clothing of great durability. Many people enjoy using these items as a result of its uniqueness. You would even find these items sold at any local market as well as many online stores. These are not expensive items. And many people buy such clothing because they receive useful clothing at affordable prices. Once you've purchased your combat trousers and army boots, you will begin to feel the significance of military men who served the nation. The importance of many brave men who sacrificed their lives for the people will start to dawn on you, once you become the owner of military clothing and equipment. Military clothing represents many significant ideals such as strength, courage and a strong sense of responsibility.For movie makers military clothing and equipment are ideal for projecting a movie with a military background. You can easily buy these goods from online sites that sell military items and many brick and mortar shops. If you are looking to buy army clothing and camping equipment which are both valuable and durable ecco kinhin shoes clearance , then visit some of these stores that directly trade with military surplus goods. Military clothing projects an adventurous effect, and are ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. In the modern day, military clothing and camping equipment are customized with advanced technology. They are generally made with fabric that can withstand both hotter and colder temperatures. It is essential that such goods have taken on a more modernized tone, as the military needs to withstand many harsh conditions. This trend has also become popular with the public. People love buying army clothes, army boots, combat boots ecco fraser shoes clearance , jackets, shoes and other such items. In terms of value, durability and quality, military clothing surpasses most others.Usually, army equipment is sold at various retailers, websites and local stores as well as by specialists who specialize in outdoor activities and camping gear. Websites that have officially taken on trading such goods display a range of comprehensive military clothing and equipment. These are usually licensed stores. You can also visit auction sites that specialist stores generally operate in order to buy the lager military equipment such as mobile kitchens and vehicles. Items such as uniforms and helmets are considered to be more expensive ecco biom lite shoes clearance , because these are collectible items than merely buying rucksacks and army boots. KATHMANDU, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a 150-million-U.S.-dollar loan to help improve the delivery of urban services and infrastructure in eight municipalities in the southern parts of Nepal. Issuing a statement on Monday, ADB Nepal office informed that the project will help those municipalities become more sustainable, inclusive and resilient places to live in for more than 1.5 million people. "Improving urban infrastructure and service delivery in major urban areas in Nepal, including in the Terai region, is a must given their importance to the country's economy and development ecco intrinsic knit shoes clearance ," Vivian Castro-Wooldridge, an ADB Urban Development Specialist has been quoted in the statement. Urbanization in Nepal has been growing at a rapid pace at about 6 percent since the 1970s. However, this has not contributed significantly to inclusive economic growth due to inadequate urban planning, weak institutions, neglected operations and maintenance of existing urban infrastructures, as well as limited technical capacity. To address this issue ecco transporter shoes clearance , it is estimated that the government would need to double its spending on urban infrastructure to meet the backlog of future demand up to 2030 worth 24.5 billion dollars. According to ADB, the project will also support a project development facility for the preparation of a pipeline of urban infrastructure projects, particularly in solid waste management, drainage, roads, water supply ecco soft shoes clearance , and sanitation, with high readiness to reduce future startup delays. Workers set up large flower terrace on Tian'anmen Square in Beijing Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China's Guangxi Military drill held near Turkish-Iraqi border in Sirnak Autumn scenery of paddy fields in SW China's Guizhou In pics: paddy fields across China Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China's Guangxi Autumn scenery of Kanas scenic area in NW China's Xinjiang 10th Pink Ribbon Charity Walk held in Switzerland LIMA, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Three foreign mountain climbers were found dead in Peru's Cordillera Blanca on Tuesday, state news agency Andina said. The men, two Chileans and a Russian, had been missing for 10 days among the snowy peaks of the mountain range in the country's northwest Ancash region. The bodies were recovered from a snowy peak known as Piramide ecco ennio shoes clearance , and identified as Cristobal Bizzarri (23), Gabriel Navarrete (32) and Alexander Maznev. "They died due to an avalanche of ice blocks," the agency said. Given the inaccessibility of the site, their bodies were not expected to reach the city of Caraz, in the region's Huaylas province, until Wednesday. The Cordillera B. Jerseys China   NHL Jerseys Cheap   MLB Jerseys Cheap   NHL Jerseys China   NFL Jerseys From China   NFL Jerseys China   Soccer Jerseys Cheap   Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap   MLB Jerseys From China   Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping    
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    A Bigfoot smashes other cars at the International USA Car Festival in Komarom Homme Nike Air Max 270 Ultramarine Blanche , northern Hungary, Aug. 12, 2017. (XinhuaAttila Volgyi) Highlights of multinational drill in Georgia People mark national Fitness Day around China Aerial view of Gula Town in S China Qiandao Lake: Home to 114 known fish species Delicious in-flight meal for BRICS Summit In pics: Daofu Tibetan houses in SW China's Sichuan In pics: lotus flowers amid morning mist in E China 1st high speed railway in Inner Mongolia starts operation Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has accused his successor Angela Merkel of neglecting her duties by going on holiday rather than chairing talks on diesel car emissions aimed at repairing the vital auto industry's battered reputation. Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union has a commanding lead in opinion polls ahead of a parliamentary election on September 24. But her government has come under mounting pressure for not doing enough to crack down on vehicle pollution after an emissions scandal and for being too close to carmakers. At a "diesel summit" in Berlin on August 2, while Merkel was on a three-week holiday, politicians and carmakers agreed to overhaul engine software on 5.3 million diesel cars. But environmentalists immediately dismissed the plan - almost two years after Volkswagen admitted to cheating US diesel emissions tests - as too little Homme Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch Noir , too late. by Ben Ochieng NAIROBI, June 11 (Xinhua) -- Kenya will send a team of 16 for two friendly matches against the German and British amputee football national teams in July. The team, which comprises of 12 players and four officials, will use the trip for build-up matches ahead of the Amputee Football Africa Cup of Nations scheduled for early next year in Angola, and the World Cup to be held in September 2016 in Poland. "The Germany outing will last between July 3 and 5 during which we will play the German team in Berlin and later proceed to Britain for a match against the British national team from July 11-12 AH8050-009 Homme Nike Air Max 270 Photo Bleu Noir ," head coach Willis Odhiambo said on Thursday. Odhiambo said the Germany and Britain are among the sides Kenya played against during the last Amputee Football World Cup that was held in Culiacan, Mexico in December 2014, hence the invitation. The Kenya National Amputee Football Federation (KNAFF) is currently on a searching mission to recruit talented players across the counties in Kenya where amputee football is very active. Kenya participated at the 14th edition of the 2014 Amputee Football World where it was pitted against Russia, Germany and Haiti, and in which it finished last in Group "D" after it lost all the matches. The sport is still taking root in the country which has a total of 11 clubs and about 220 players. BEIJING Homme Nike Air Max 270 Noir Blanche , Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Renowned Hollywood composer Klaus Badelt is seeking to internationalize Tibetan music by combining original folk melody with symphony. He has been working on the musical "Dream", which mixes original music from Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, and Baingoin county of Nagqu Prefecture. "It's an amazing opportunity for an artist to explore the rich history of Tibet," Badelt said. Best known for film scores for Pirates of the Caribbean and Pearl Harbor AQ6239-001 Homme Nike Air Max 270 Camo Heel Noir , and as the only western composer in the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, Badelt was drawn by the exotic music of Tibet when he first heard it. During his first research visit to Tibet, an 83-year-old musician who had lived and worked in Tibet for more than 46 years shared with him all his collections of original Tibetan music. "We were stunned when we heard it, we can feel the power of the music although we don't even understand the lyrics," said Yang Gefang AH8050-005 Homme Nike Air Max 270 Triple Noir , music director for "Dream", who was on the same trip. "I feel like Tibetan music can be appreciated by all people despite their language and skin color," said Yang. According to Yang, Badelt said most music has good and bad sections, but Tibetan music is "all beautiful". After their trip Homme Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Rouge Pulse , Badelt decided to keep the original songs and dances without changing them. "My intention is to be very true to the original ancient song and dance. I want to incorporate and be influenced and inspired by these songs and dances," Badelt said. Zhang Yuan, CEO of the Kalavinka company, which invested in the musical, agreed with Badelt's decision. "Original Tibetan music is like a fine cooking ingredient. What we need to do now is to simply fry it and decorate the plate with symphony and some modern elements to make it look nicer Homme Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Casual Work Bleu ," Zhang said. "The music is so beautiful and touching that it seems disrespectful to make any kind of change." The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was invited to partake in the musical, marking the first time a renowned orchestra has played Tibetan music. As for the dancing, Yin Mei, department head and tenured professor of Queens College of The City University of New York, was invited to help choreograph. "It's my first time seeing Tibetan dance Homme Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Laser Orange , it is nothing like any of the dances I've learned and known before," Yin said. "There's something so pure and so true to life that cannot be described through language and techniques. I feel like I'm just a student." Twenty-one untrained dancers from Baingoin county have been selected to dance in the musical. Ngodrup, a young man who has lived his whole life on the grassland in Baingoin, arrived in Beijing with the rest of local dancers in July for rehearsal. He said dancing and singing are the happiest things in his life. He promised to bring his best performance and help more people appreciate original Tibetan music. The musical is adopted from a real story. It's about a photographer who was . Soccer Jerseys From China   NFL Jerseys Cheap   Basketball Jerseys Cheap   NHL Jerseys Cheap   NFL Jerseys Wholesale   College Jerseys Cheap   Hockey Jerseys Wholesale   Jerseys From China   MLB Jerseys Cheap   Hockey Jerseys Cheap