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Registration Terms

Thank you for becoming a member of Soul Family.

We first wish to applaud your efforts as the hard part is over. You've found us! And this is just the start of your journey. One we hope will be an enlightening and positive rewarding experience for you.

There's a few things you need to familiarize yourself with before you join.

We are all equal here. Staff and members abide by the same rules and guidelines to help govern the terms of use and official practices we as people feel is the best course of action to take considering individual needs and benefits along the way for differences in both opinion and diverse perspectives. Having said that, keep in mind that our goal is to help you, not to hinder you. Disrespecting this rule won't do you any favors. We treat you with respect both publicly and privately, for who you are, and do our best to understand your needs as well as we do our own.

Should we be unable to compromise on certain issues, we'll let you know what those are ahead of time. General online code of conduct applies here, including no abuse, no trolling, no flames, and no long lengthy topics of non mutual consent that tend to pop up in complaints.

Should we find anything of this nature, we'll take steps appropriately to eliminate the offending material, including members as a last resort.

All in all, we are well equipt to handle a forum and look forward to your contributions, as they will be a benefit to all members who come here to be supportive, have fun and learn more about our universe, our lives and our world.

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