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Videos » Music » Trip To The Sun [Goa Trance Mix 2014]

Trip To The Sun [Goa Trance Mix 2014]

A TRIBUTE TO SUNTRIP RECORDS! Get ready for a VERY intense & long journey! It's over 200 minutes of groundshaking Goa Trance! 30 tracks, all released on Suntrip Records, which are celebrating their 10th birthday this year! Feeling very happy & lucky about beeing part of the Suntrip family I decided to create this mix, so this is considered my birthday present to this outstanding label! It contains all my favorites from Suntrip Records but also a few tracks which are included for technical reasons but they are great anyway of course! They had the correct key and I needed them to make all transitions as harmonic as possible and due to this ALL tracks are mixed in key! What can you expect from this journey? Well, if you know me, you know it already! If not: the very best in melodic & acidic Goa Trance! Some more words to describe it: hypnotic, energetic, dreamy, mindbending, trippy, spacey, driving, hearttouching and surely a lot more! Enjoy another flight with "TB Spaceways" Visuals created with MilkDrop2 for Winamp! Download: IF YOU LIKE THIS MIX PLEASE SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! THANKS! *HINT* LOOK INTO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE OF MY MIXES! Follow me! Facebook: SoundCloud: Mixcloud: Twitter: Downloads: Suntrip Records: Tracklist: [0:00:03] Merr0w - Blue Planet (Adrenalin Run Remix) BUY: [0:08:43] Cymatics - Celestial Sunrise BUY: [0:14:43] Aerosis - Contorsion BUY: [0:20:59] Mindsphere - All Alone BUY: [0:27:39] E-Mantra - Praying Forest (Short) BUY: [0:34:49] Asura vs. Aes Dana - Elie BUY: [0:43:18] Skarma - Naltayada BUY: [0:49:33] E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru BUY: [0:55:13] Dimension 5 - Intastella BUY: [1:02:34] Cosmic Dimension - Universe Of Destruction BUY: [1:09:14] Mindsphere - Ornamentation BUY: [1:14:53] E-Mantra - Shamanistic Rituals BUY: [1:23:21] Mindsphere - We Have A Dream BUY: [1:28:53] Mindsphere - Depth Of Consciousness BUY: [1:34:53] Dimension 5 - Blue Pyramid BUY: [1:40:54] Ethereal - Moondawn BUY: [1:49:06] E-Mantra - Distant Signals BUY: [1:54:21] Liquid Flow - Reformation BUY: [2:00:08] RA - Gateway Eight (Cosmic Dimension Remix) BUY: [2:06:57] Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (E-Mantra Remix) BUY: [2:12:39] Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories BUY: [2:20:53] RA - Predator BUY: [2:27:15] Daimon - Codex BUY: [2:35:15] Dimension 5 - Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix) BUY: [2:41:28] Skarma - Thysselian BUY: [2:49:02] RA - Time Current (E-Mantra Remix) BUY: [2:56:02] Mindsphere - In To Reality BUY: [3:02:41] Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven BUY: [3:07:51] Cosmic Silence - Psy Spirit BUY: [3:14:18] Virtuart & Chronomyst - Zanchin BUY:
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