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I am. I am the Silence. I am the Infinite Ocean. Without definition , without any trait. I feel Myself more than ever before. I have the awareness of existence. I’m blissful. I don’t need anything. I don’t go anywhere, because there is no thought inside me, which would give a direction to my next journey. I have no sense of time passing, because there is no reference to the Silence which I am. I come back. I feel Love. The most fantastic pictures appear in my mind. Coherent Pictures. Film. With sound. I sing my song. I have never heard it before. This song is beautiful, subtle like a feeling which accompanies it. Here I am again. I look at my body, I see reflection of my face. This time I have a form. I try to materialize through this form the beauty and knowledge I have experienced “there”. I create. Successive events bring sense of linear time. I enjoy experiencing of my potential. I love Myself and what I created. I extend knowledge about Myself and Infinite Ocean of Possibilities. Author: Teresa Maria Zalewska
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