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Simulated universe documentary 2016 about quantum theory which is behind simulation theory or simulation argument. Quantum physics or a microscopic universe is so strange that can provide simulated reality. Best simulation theory documentary full program or computer simulation hypothesis you can find here (and is not conspiracy theory documentary). When two subatomic particles interact, they can become entangled-- That means their spin, position or other properties become linked through a process unknown to modern science. If you then make a measurement of one of the particles, then that instantaneously determines what he behavior of the other particle should be. And when the experiment is done, it's found that indeed the other particle's quantum state is exactly determined once you've made a measurement of the partner particle's quantum state. Are we live in simulated reality like in Matrix movie? Whatever exists at this incredibly small scale, most scientists believe that the concepts of space and time segue into another kind of universe where shrinking smaller is a meaningless concept. It could be that time and space are what we call "emergent properties" of the universe, but that if you go to very small spatial scales, or very small intervals of time, the concepts of time and space break down-- they don't make sense. Scientists say the conditions of the planck length may be very similar to those that existed before the Big Bang, when everything in our universe was probably concentrated in a microscopic pinpoint. Maybe the same answers to the question about what happens to the universe at the very smallest scales may also be connected to knowing what was the universe like before the Big Bang? Did it just come into being at the Big Bang? Or was there something different which then turned into the universe that we're familiar with at the Big Bang? These are all questions we don't know the answer to, but are all connected to the issue of what's going on at the planck scale. You might think that these tiny planck-scale things have nothing to do with us who are much bigger. But actually it has everything to do with us. It's our origins. Our entire universe, if we extrapolate backwards, would have been smaller than the planck length. Whatever exists at the smallest scales of the subatomic world, and however these things behave, scientists say they must make sense of it all before they can possibly comprehend the cosmos above, human behavior, and what might have existed before the Big Bang. It's a mind-boggling amount of information tucked inside an unimaginably small space of our microscopic universe.
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