Adama & His Guidance Into The Higher Dimensions By Mehroo Fitter   Beloved Ahnamar continues~ <3 All that we are resides within your cells as well. The only difference is that we recognize it fully and love it unconditionally. We also share it with all those surrounding us. We speak to each other from our hearts, and we store and imprint our hearts with all experiences for ourselves and for our lineage. We follow a practice of “being” which differs from those primarily “mind” techniques that many of you use. What we do is not based on meditation. You could call it allowing ourselves to “contemplate” rather than to meditate. And we reach with our practices very high levels of heightened awareness. What we practice is not based on visualization or imagery techniques either, which still require mental effort, and place the emphasis on something you are not rather than something you are. For example, we contemplate the infinite aspects of our divinity in order to raise our vibration to higher levels and integrate those new truths we constantly discover about ourselves. We start by becoming silent and still enough to listen to our own hearts beat. We lighten the attention of our minds and let the mind talk to itself for a while. Then we allow our receptivity to expand to all that is around us. We don’t tune out the world around us, but instead tune in with all of our senses by becoming one with the flow that is around us and within us. The heart has its own emotional intellect. It senses and records all that impacts it. As it becomes entrained to the gentle energetic waves of nature, with the physical world around it, we know with complete consciousness that we have contacted the world through our heart. We allow the heart lessons that are around us in every moment to inform us, and we store them in our cellular memory. We shift time, for when the heart is tuned to its inherent frequency in the present moment and in the flow of “All That Is,” self, time and space are united in oneness. Lastly, we send our heart lessons out to the world around us. For in truth, this is the true act of creation. It is the true “doing” and “being” which informs all of our existence and yours. The inspiration and the passion of the heart are bonded to the inspiration and passion of the Divine. The attention of the mind is then focused on it, for where awareness goes, so goes the energy to sustain it. And finally, the creation is anchored into the cellular template of the physical wherein it takes form. The point of light that blossoms at the intersection of soul touching soul, of heart energy touching heart energy, receives true expression in the physical world. Follow this practice of heart and mind. Allow your being and your consciousness to connect with the Heart of Lemuria once again, and you will find yourself in the paradise that you are yearning for. We greet you as always, with our hearts open and receptive to all the possibilities that exist in your dimension and ours. We offer our support in assisting you to remember your real identity, and who you have always been. With love and blessings until we meet again. ( From Telos Book 3 by Aurelia) <3   Video: "Experience The Divine Blessings, Healing, & Power of Judy Satori's Light Language!         " alt="Chakra 7" class="align-center"/>     Wings of Angels Are Enfolding You in Light ! By Shanta Gabriel We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives. For this week, this Gabriel Message Card brings the energy of Divine Love to open our hearts and help us remember that we are never alone.   The Gabriel Message Card for this Week   Call on us often and picture the Wings of Angels enfolding you in Light. Shanta Gabriel: In this message from Archangel Gabriel, we are being reminded that we have assistance to call upon in every situation in our daily lives. If we are receptive to it, we can imagine ourselves wrapped in Wings of Light, and we can feel that energetically. You may even notice your heart feels softer when you open in this way. In a time of rampant change and acceleration, many feel alone and alienated from their inner spirit. A recurring theme from the Angelic Dimensions has been their commitment to our awakening process. And when I allow myself to receive, there is an instant awareness of comfort and love.  At times I have truly felt as though I am being wrapped in Wings of Pure Love. When I do this my heart feels more at peace. As expansive as I allow myself to grow, there is a sense of support working with me that I have opened to receive. Since I allowed more connection with the Angelic Dimensions, any sense of being alone has vanished from my life..   I have a friend who finds white feathers whenever she questions whether Angels really exist. I was with her for a walk one day when she let me know her process. Secretly I suspect she really does embrace the wisdom that Angels are working with her, but she just enjoys having a sign. Sure enough, within seconds of telling me her story, she found a beautiful white feather. It had never occurred to me to ask for a sign, so I also said I wanted proof that the Angels were working in my life. Almost immediately I discovered a beautiful white fluffy feather on the ground at my feet. I have kept it on my altar as a reminder that I only need to ask.                   -8ffdb0cb56ed.jpg" width="300" class="CToWUd a6T"/> It is easy to close our hearts and look at what is missing in our lives, but it does not make us happy or add to our sense of Well-being. The Angels are very invested in our conscious evolution, so they have come to let us know they are available for real life support. Whenever we invite them to enter our lives, changes occur in miraculous ways. There are Angels overseeing every project, opening doors and connecting us with people and circumstances that will fulfill our dreams. There is a special Angel watching over each of our relationships. We can call these Beings of Light into our conversations and interactions so that Harmony and Divine Order will prevail for the highest good of all concerned. When we turn our attention to feeling supported and nourished in everyday situations, it can feel as though we are being uplifted on Wings of Pure Light. From that place, all is truly well. Divine Presence and Beings of Light and Love, I am inviting the Angel of each of my relationships to guide me into a place of Harmony and Love within them. I ask to receive a deeper connection to my Highest Self so I can trust my intuition in greater ways. I call upon Creative Solutions to fill all my interactions with others for the highest good of all concerned. May this empowered energy bless all of humanity now and always. In all my projects and ideas, I invite the over-lighting Angel of Light to intervene. May I remember I am not alone. May I allow the support and guidance I require for the fulfillment of my dreams. Please uplift me and show me the way. I gratefully receive all the Love and Support the Universe has to give me now. Thank you God and so it is. Shanta Gabriel Video: "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" - The Gabriel Messages #22   Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light. Archangel Gabriel: Dear One, To call on the Angels does not symbolize weakness, it shows strength. It takes great courage to ask for assistance. There is a thought-form in your society that says you must "do it alone" if you are to be considered responsible and mature. This, however, creates a great burden for you in your world because there is so much to deal with in worldly life. It is not easy to live in an Earth body, so assistance is necessary in order to live in a happier, more harmonious way. You cannot look for answers to life's challenges in the world around you. The answers and the way through are in the higher frequencies available in the light of Truth and Wisdom. This is the light of God's love and it is the comfort offered by the Angels. When you ask for assistance, Light and Love flow to you immediately. This expands your conscious awareness so you can see the greater truth in any situation. This receptivity gives you freedom to act in ways that you know are in your highest good.      You are provided with guardian Angels who are with you throughout your life. They are always available for you to call upon, to ask questions of, and to provide the depth of companionship for which your soul longs. Human companions are not capable of giving you the depth, wisdom and strength that the Angels can give you.      If this level of relationship is something you desire, call on your Angelic friends now. There has never been a time when the Angels were so closely available as they are at this time. Presently, the veils are very thin between the worlds. This means that you can pray and take the time to call in the presence of your guiding Angels and they will be there for you. You can ask for signs of proof. You can ask to bask in their loving light. All this will occur. But your desire for a personal relationship is necessary to bring the Angels into your conscious awareness. This is easy for you to do. Use the power of your imagination and allow your mind to soar in expansive ways.       Release now the burden of having to do it alone. Call on the Angels often. Ask for help in every situation. You will be held in comforting wings of loving light and your way will be cleared. This is an Angelic promise to you. We love you and bless you always. Remember:    Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light. Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel July 29, 2018 Video: "You Can Help Manifest Divine Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone !" Message 25   Illusions of Limitations By Peggy Black   There is magic, there is alchemical power available to each starhuman who learns to ride the wave of energy that is creating all the NOW's. It is a skill, it is a game.   Practice today as you go about your mundane tasks to anchor divine energy into the moment.   Practice returning to your full awareness.   Practice stepping out of your habitual thoughts that run your unconscious activities. Practice being fully present in the present moment.   The place to start is the heart center. When you place your awareness in your heart you will naturally dwell in the NOW.   It is the mind that likes to play in the realms of past and future. It is the mind that dwells in the game of "what if" and "if only"... the game of regrets and sorrows.   It is the mind that entertains fear and hatred. It is the programs of the mind that keep each multidimensional starhuman locked in the illusion of limitations. This is the highest and grandest service you can offer others: your full divine presence, your full divine presence in the NOW.   Bring your full consciousness to each moment and you will be embraced by your joy and gratitude. This joy and gratitude will bubble up from your sacred heart and radiate out to all.   Then every activity, every encounter will be uplifted into the realms of light and love. You will begin to live in the sacred alchemical portal of the NOW.    ©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address: subscribe to the FREE 88 messages. Share with me your experiences and insights of how these Morning Messages have served you, email me at: Thank you. Video: "Let Yourself Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Thru The Great Beings Of Light ! -  
An Experience and Reminder of Your Purpose On Earth ... And ... Enhancing Your Personal God Essence By Ronna Herman ... And ...There Is No Need To Fight For Or Against Anything An Experience and Reminder of Your Purpose On Earth   Allow yourself to sit peacefully content in experiencing your solid material reality, enjoy the experience of your body and surroundings, honouring energy in physical form.   When you are ready imagine a violet beacon of light manifesting at your third eye chakra, it captures your imagination. Explore the violet energy as much as you wish.   Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you dive head first into glistening violet light, enthralled by the freedom that has been given to you as your bathe in the violet light. Your body feels weightless, your emotions light enhanced, and your mind clear. You can swim effortlessly following your intuition and inner sense of direction through the light.   Turquoise light seeps into your expansive violet pool of light, enjoy the light and notice as red, blue and green light also integrates. Imagine, sense, acknowledge you wrap yourself in each manifestation of colour, there is so much to explore and discover. You find yourself diving into each colour, vitality, freedom, energy and expansion are experienced, let your senses open to the light.   White peaceful light enters into your awareness with strength and holiness. You swim upwards and bathe yourself in the purity of the white light.   With your permission, a golden beam penetrates your central axis flowing down to the base of your being.   You are one with all that is the Creator, this is your destiny, your truth and your eternal existence. It is what you seek in every moment and now you are consciously experiencing it. Your mission is to realise that you seek oneness with the Creator in your daily reality and understand that each experience on the Earth offers you the opportunity to experience oneness.    Feel yourself shift back to your physical body, all that you have experienced drifts into your body creating a rose shaped energy at your heart centre. You have achieved your greatest desire in the entire world and universe, to be one with all that is the Creator and the universe. You embody this eternally and can access it always.   This is from Natalie Glasson's message from St. Germaine called "Responsibility: Your Gateway To Ascension", which you can read in full by clicking on this link:   Video: "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" -       ENHANCING YOUR PERSONAL GOD ESSENCE BY RONNA HERMAN   Archangel Michael   Beloved masters, the Creator’s breath is the fuel of existence, and you are the flame it feeds. It is important you understand that you are developing your individual SUNLIGHT, which is a reflection of your own God Essence.    The human intellectual thought process must evolve beyond the limitations of language. There is a vast wealth of information awaiting humanity via inspiration. You must develop your intuitive abilities in order to receive the wisdom of the Divine Blueprint for the Aquarian Age, which is now being RAY-diated from our Father/Mother God via the Twelve Galactic Rays of cosmic consciousness. It will not come from outside you. It will well up within your own Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. You must reach up and grasp it, for it will not come down into the effluvia of the Earth planes and seek you out.    Mature spirituality is not an unconscious experience. You must develop a self-sustaining Divinity, whereby you are constantly breathing the rich Pranic Breath of Life / Adamantine Particles of Creator Essence, so that you may receive spiritual sustenance from the River of Life via the Eighth Chakra, your Soul Star. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. You must broaden your inner perspective as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving. The Spirit of the Creator cannot be isolated. Spirit permeates everything in existence to one degree or another. You must expand your consciousness to incorporate the vastness of Creation.       Are you ready to accept the fact that the Heart Core of our Father/Mother God is the focal point and the basis of all religions? It is not the dogma, superstition, rules and restrictions, but the love, power and perfection, which result in the ability to create and enjoy worlds of beauty, balance and harmony. When the mind and heart of God become manifested within you, you become a Facet of the Collective Messiah.  It is the creative fulfillment of your destiny.   You are a Spark of the Creator – a manifested Divine Facet of consciousness – a Still Point within Creation. You either enrich the world you live in or you help to contaminate it. How bright and warm is your Sacred Fire? Does it blaze brightly and warm the hearts of others?  Or is it a feeble flame, not even strong enough to warm your own heart? “Cold-hearted” is not a term associated with a true Bearer of God Light. You may journey through the shadow lands with those who helped create them, or you may walk with delight in the radiance of God Light.    All of you are familiar with the Twelve Rays of God-consciousness, which you are currently striving to integrate and claim as your own. However, there has been a very important facet of Creation that has been withheld from the masses until now. All manifestations in the Omniverse are composed of organized Energy from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. There is a Master Creator Core of Cosmic Consciousness, which contains an allotment of the Full Spectrum Essence of the Supreme Creator.   The Father and Mother God of this universe were endowed with a portion of these Creator attributes, qualities and virtues. This is the primary source of Creator Consciousness within this universe, and all is balanced – all is equal – all is harmonious.  Before the God Rays of our Father/Mother God were radiated out into the great void, there were an incalculable number of powerful Supreme Creator Rays sent forth out into the cosmic void. These Creator Rays became great regions of space with different Light densities and time-consciousness memory cells, which contain infinite Divine schematics of material world possibilities. There are membranes of Light that create barriers so that there is a firm demarcation between each Sub-universe.  These Light-line barriers cannot be penetrated or crossed without special Divine dispensation – that is until your personal Soul Song resonates to the refined Light frequencies which are harmonious with that particular level of God-consciousness.   Some of these great Creator Rays are much wider than others, and separating them are a number of thin membranes of Light which contain time cell encodings within pyramids of Light. There are living pyramids of Light/life within every energy field and dimensional space of Creation.  Creator Light pours forth from the pyramid-shaped treasuries of Light to be used by the Elohim and the Builders of Form in making new creative designs as mandated by our Father/Mother God.  Each star in the galaxy is a node of energy vibration. Also, each person functions as a living star capable of receiving and conveying harmonic frequency vibrations according to his/her level of consciousness.  As you are now aware, these frequencies are called your Soul Song. You are a point of Light, a vibrant Spark of the Divine. This universe is composed of one giganticCelestial Soul Song.   From the Heart Core Essence of our Father/Mother God, the Essence of the Son/Daughter Cocreators was made manifest. These wondrous Beings are stepped-down refractions of the power and majesty of our God Parents – just as our Father/Mother God are a stepped-down refraction of the Supreme Creator.   From the Essence within the Master Core of Cosmic Consciousness (mentioned above), there were a specific number of Sub-universes created within this universal whole with both feminine and masculine attributes, virtues and qualities of Divine Light in perfect equality and balance. However, when the major portion of the Sub-universes was created, the predominant forces of the creative process were allotted to either the masculine or the feminine attributes of Creator-consciousness.  In half of the Sub-universal Divine Blueprints (plans), the Father/Son qualities of Divine will, power and purpose, the mental/outward-focused attributes of the Creator were emphasized, while the Mother/Daughter attributes of compassion, nurturing, intuition, inward-focused qualities were in a support position.   There are also an equal number of sub-universes with the Mother/Daughter qualities and virtues in the leadership role, while the Father/Son attributes take the secondary position.  Have we not told you that this universe could be called a universe of great and unique diversity?  It was created as aunivers-ity of learning for you, the StarSeed of the Omniverse. Essentially, however, the indeterminable diverseness and magnitude of Creation were designed so that the Creator could experience unlimited variations of ITSELF.   This sub-universe has been primarily a Father/Son universal experience from its inception.  Our Mother God and the beautiful Goddess qualities have always been present, but not in the full glory and Essence of her Beingness. It is now time for the Mother/Daughter and the Father/Son aspects of the Creator to return to equal partnership. This is the wondrous evolutionary process now in progress within this entire universe and within all its creations.   You, as seekers on the Path, must be initiated into the Pyramidal functions of Light before you can be advanced to the next level of evolution – the next consciousness time cell. Human creation is only a small part of a much greater and grander creative process. That is why we have placed such emphasis on creating your personal Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension. It is also why we have given you instructions in great detail as to the various pyramids of Light available to you, and the important part they play in the ascension process.   You are called StarSeed for a reason, for as you return to Self-mastery, you will initiate the process of creating Crystalline Seed Life Memory Codes, a new evolutionary process to be used in the next forthcoming Golden Galaxy. This process is a part of the Wheel within the Wheel Creative Process, which we will reveal to you in the future. In the meantime, we ask you to study what we have revealed, and to endeavor to get the universal schematic we have created firmly within your mind so that you will understand the next phase of the wondrous cosmic events that are unfolding before your eyes.   My brave ones, we know there can be much pain, discomfort and fear as you move through these accelerated processes, which are causing the dramatic changes now taking place throughout your world. Know that together we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to harmony. Know that each of you is making a difference. When you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come into your Pyramid of Light and we will give you courage, lift you up and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your Sacred Heart center, and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant love of our Mother/Father God. I AM Archangel Michael. ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ QUESTION: “Some people seem to come into this life with obvious gifts: healing, psychic abilities, etc.  How does the average person know what his / her gifts to offer mankind truly are, when they are not obvious to them, other than a burning desire to be of service in conjunction with other Light workers?”   RONNA’S ANSWER: Dear hearts, there are very few people who are aware of their creative or spiritual gifts early in life. There may be an interest or desire in learning or perfecting certain talents; however, everyone I know has had to experience many facets of life, as well as many trials and tests, in order to gradually, over time, develop their talents. Although I had some spiritual experiences at various times throughout my lifetime, I did not develop an intense desire to seek spiritual wisdom until I was in my late fifties. The gifts gradually come forth as you seek to balance and harmonize the many Facets of your Being. A Facet of your Higher Self is always waiting to connect with you or take up residency within your Sacred Heart, and with each download of your Soul Self, more gifts, talents and wisdom will be available to you.   It takes work, dedication and tenacity; however, I can attest it is well worth the effort.  We are on Earth to be cocreators with our Father/Mother God. The gifts of Spirit are available to each of us, but we must do the work and turn inward and reach outward to attain them.    ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S COMMENTS: ^^       First, it is important that you eliminate those things in your life that you do not like while you are seeking to develop your talents and find your passion. If you do nothing more than become a Beacon of Love/Light, so that you may shine the radiance of our Father/Mother God out into the world, it is enough.   ^^      An important part of your earthly mission is to develop and perfect the gifts and talents you bring forth to experience in each lifetime. There will be an emphasis, a desire or preference to perfect certain underdeveloped talents and abilities.  However, you must make the effort and take the time to become accomplished in each chosen endeavor. Occasionally, a person who is well on his/her way to mastery will incarnate with certaingenius abilities which he / she has perfected in previous lifetimes. This is happening more and more frequently with the old Souls who are incarnating during these accelerated times of transformation.   ^^   There will be some negative traits or addictive habits which will be emphasized so that you may release, modify or refine them; thereby, you return to balance and harmony so that you may begin the process of Soul expansion and Self-awareness.   ^^       There will be things you do not like or that you will have strong opinions about – things you do not approve of which can cause discord and make you unhappy or uncomfortable.  Some of these will be things that you cannot change, and therefore, you must accept them and endeavor to make the best of the situation or condition.   ^^      However, the most important life lesson is to strive to engage your Soul Self, and to begin the journey of reunification with the many Facets of your Divine nature; all else will follow.            ​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   Video: "The Power Of Judy Satori's Light Language Transmissions" -                                   There Is No Need To Fight For Or Against Anything By Pauline T. Hansen LET GO OF HAVING TO KNOW WHEN AND HOW THINGS OR EVENTS WILL HAPPEN. WHAT WILL HAPPEN, WILL HAPPEN, SO THERE IS NO NEED TO FIGHT FOR OR AGAINST ANYTHING.... A transmission here for us from Salusa who resides on Sirius.... "There is nothing you need to know from external sources, you have it all inside of you. Your most important source is your heart. Why do you think we stress so much the importance of meditation and I don’t think of the classic version of meditation. I speak of your necessary quiet time, your ‘me-time’ where you can focus solely on what you do – not your job – but being creative, being with your beloved pets, cuddling your cats or dogs, watching children play, listening to relaxing and calming music, or just watching the clouds. Of course you can meditate the classic way but don’t concentrate too much on having a perfect meditation. Important is that you are quiet and go into your heart. Feel what moves you, where there is pain, injuries and thoughts and attitudes that don’t serve you anymore. Release all these energies, give it to the violet flame for transmutation and then let it go. Establish a daily cleaning and healing procedure for yourself. Some do this already and for others I give you this advice: Close your eyes and visualize green light flowing into your body and auric field through your crown chakra, let it flow counterclockwise through your body and leaving it through your hands and feet. At first it will be leaving in a much darker color, but after a while you can see it becoming lighter until the color leaving your body is the same color as it enters your crown chakra. You can also use the violet flame, but the emerald green light of Archangel Raphael and me is also a healing light. After that visualize white light entering your body clockwise through your crown chakra and filling your body and your auric field. This will give you energies. If you want you can smoke your body and your auric field with a smoking material of your choice. It will help cleaning and strengthening your body. The more you go into your heart and listen to what you can find there – it might come through a soft gentle voice – the more you will learn. In your heart is a hidden library and you have the key to this, it is unconditional love. In your heart you will find all you need to know about ascension. Reflect and contemplate about your thoughts and attitudes. Be and do love and accept and love all you can see, feel, do in yourself and others. There is no need to fight against anything or you give energies to these situations or people. Love is the cure and answer to all questions and illness. The only one. Let go the ‘importance’ of having to know when and how things and events will happen. They will happen, but more important and necessary is that you release all your energetic baggage as you can’t take it with you into the higher dimensions and you can’t go to the higher dimensions with them. This is your mission on Earth. Release your baggage and heal yourself as nobody else can do this for you, as nobody can rescue you than you yourself. This is my message to you today." Video: "LEt Your self Receive The Creator's Grace & Blessings Through The Great Beings of Light !" -
  Re-Uniting Again ! By Sonja Myriel RAouine After these powerful days of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse, it is time to JOIN FORCES again from the 8th of August (Lion’s Gate Opening – Patricia Cota Robles) through to the eleventh, New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and to OPEN UP WORLD-WIDE CONNEXION TIMES again on every FRIDAY of the week, beginning with the 10th of August 2018.   Firstly, on the 8:8  Gateway of the Lion’s HEART, doorway to INFINITY, I would like to invite you to visit and come to know the Crystalline Violet Light Temple within the Solar Heart of Mother Earth, Gaia Terra Shan Vej.   Set up your SACRED SPACE and take time OUT of the busy ways of life on Wednesday. Relax into the MOMENT of NOW any time that is suitable to you and become aware of your body, your feelings and sensations, your thoughts …. And let go! ….   Travel to your inner Sanctuary and go within your HEART where you will find the Lion’s Heart Portal. It opens before your very presence and you enter the Violet Light Temple within the HEART, the SUN, of Mother Earth.   If this is your first time visit, see who is welcoming you and honor the place and the beings you encounter. Tell them/it/him/her that you have come in order to find out more about your Divine Mission and how you can best be of SERVICE (Ray 6), and ask for HELP in whatever area of your life you may need inspiration.   Confirm that you INVITE CHANGE and TOGETHER with your guides and guardians, AA. Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst and ALL the Beings of the Violet Light, invoke the Violet Flame on your behalf and on behalf of any woman, man and child on this planet incarnate now.   See each human being’s 3-fold Flame in the Centre of their HEART IGNITE a SPARK of LIVING VIOLET LIGHT, a SEED ATOM of the NEW DAWNING DAY … It’s like little Violet Light Fireworks all over the planet, so that the entire globe is lit by the LIGHT emanating from these small, tiny fireworks of TRANSMUTATIVE LIGHT within the core cell of each human body’s HEART Fire.     9th of August 2018: Day of the THREEFOLD FLAME, the Lion’s HEART E,NERGY and CHRIST LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS – DAY of the GODDESS!: Visit the Crystalline Violet Light Temple again and IGNITE the POWER of the Violet Flame in your heart in the name of your I AM Presence and all of humanity by going through the same ritual as last time!   10th of August, Violet Light UNITY PULSE Initiation: Together we STEP ino SERVICE again! From now on we meet every Friday at the Violet Light Temple to get the PULSE of Violet Light STARTED again, pumping the CRYSTALLINE PURE Violet Light POWER of FORGIVENESS and FREEDOM, of JUSTICE and PEACE through the evolving Crystalline Grid of Light on Earth!   For the third time in a row, after August 8 and 9,  we IGNITE the DIVINE VIOLET LIGHT RAY in every person’s HEART cell, SEEDING visions, possibilities, power songs and words of truth, love, wisdom and FROGIVENESS in every man, woman’s and child’s HEART … in accordance with every person’s Divine HEART Plan!   Universal Connection times: every FRIDAY at 10 and 4 am/pm UTC   This Eclipse Cycle has brought and is bringing all possible versions of REALity into RELATION … New possibilities always result from lessons learnt, as you are then asked to live and integrate them into your everyday life decisions,   11 August 2018, New Moon and Solar Eclipse:   At the Time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, let us ALL JOIN TOGETHER at the Crystalline Violet Light Temple within the HEART of Mother Earth! Let us INVOKE the Violet Light on our own behalf first, and then on behalf of all people as we unite in the INTENT to bring JOY, PEACE, LOVE, BALANCE and DIVINE LIGHT and HARMONY back to humanity and thus our beloved Planet, Mother Earth, Gaia Terra Shan Vej!   The Interconnectedness of all LIFE is at the HEART of this day – and this interconnectedness, which creates synchronicities, possibilities, and bridges abysses is what you can INVITE into your LIFE on that day of this Closing Solar Eclipse.   Insights received:   The Crystal Grid of CHRYST-alline LOVE is back and ready to SERVE the Universal Divine Plan now after this Eclipse Cycle. THANKS to all who have been contributing to this universal breakthrough!   KARMA can no longer be pleaded with. Each of us is confronted with karmic scenarios and we are asked to finally LEARN from them and INTEGRATE Higher Divine Wisdom into our lives. So please be OPEN to receive these lessons of self- correction and learn as quickly as possible – it need not be hard on you , you know?   Actually, it can even be FUN!!! But for that to happen you need to FORGIVE – forgive yourself and all others for not being perfect in all ways … we are all on our way to higher wisdom, aren’t we?   We are all in this boat together and we can learn so much from one another – so every chance you get: CONNECT to the people around you, talk about how you perceive life, what is important for you and what you LOVE and LISTEN to what the other has to say.   INVITE LIFE to supply all that you and others need, and BE PREPARED TO LEARN FROM LIFE’s LESSONS, as these are the “Rites de Passage” – the Rites of Initiation – in our modern day world where re-LIGIOn has been removed by the power of money and what it can buy.   DNA is CHANING – got the message?! It’s time to step into our FULL POTENTIAL – and it’s definitely a PROCESS of letting go, receiving and building upon it, a cycle which has been repeating for AEONS and AEONS of times which is NOW to click into Divine ACTION, a last movement, a last letting go, lifting each one of us out of the misery of our lives as we begin to perceive the bigger picture and our mission in life as we look around us and allow ourSELF to SEE … you will find hints and hidden treasures all along your journey of light, my dear friends, and with every step you take you nourish yourself and BLESS all that is AROUND you through BEING your DIVINE PRESENCE, embodied on EARTH more and more with every day you decide to live!   I wish you all a HAPPY SHIFTING to NEW POSSIBILITIES and CONNECTIONS in LIFE and hope to see as many of you at the Crystalline Golden Temple of Violet Light on Friday, 10th of August 2018, as happen to have read this message to the end. You are INVITED.   From NOW on we shall be of SERVICE again as disciples of the VIOLET LIGHT every Friday at 10 and 4 am/pm UTC. Choose one or more times which suit you for regular Friday connexions – and if you would like to connect at another time, feel free to find like-minded people HERE. Post a NEW BLOG and tell us when you have decided to connect, so others can join you. Come to know each other – Begin to INTERACT and birth your projects TOGETHER! This is the vision of lightgrid: People praying for others, coming together, and birthing their VISIONS on Earth!   My mantra and prayer is:   I AM DIVINE WILL IN ACTION – NOW! I AM DIVINE LOVE in ACTION – NOW! I AM DIVINE INSPIRATION and WISDOM in ACTION – NOW!   I AM DIVINE GRACE in ACTION – NOW! I AM DIVINE TRANSMUATION AND TRANSFORMATION – NOW! I AM Divine BALANCE and CLARITY in SERVICE - NOW!   A New Culture is on its way, and it’s unstoppable! It’s the RAINBOW LIGHT TRIBE weaving its patterns around the world again!!!   Encounter your colours, change roles … free yourself from all and any dogma and become a LOVER and PROTECTOR, a GUARDIAN of the EARTH!     Warriors of the LIGHT – It’s TIME TO UNITE! Warriors of the Light You do not need advice. Listen within where There’s all you need to win!   LOVE ALL,   Sonja Myriel RAouine   Universal Connection Times: Every Friday at 10 and 4 am/pm UTC, beginning on Friday 10, 2018.   Video: "The I Am Pillar Of Light Transmission" By Steve Nobel  
    Tercy Logan's - "Desire For God Realization" And "Love For God & The Ascended Masters" And "The Foundation Of Life & All Spiritual Practices"   Desire For God Realization By Tercy Logan Our Total commitment is to achieving liberation and being of service. Some religions talk about giving up desire. The ideal of life isn’t to give up desire, but rather to have only higher-self desire. Our all-consuming desire in life has been to attain God realization, liberation and ascension, and to be of service. We have been completely on fire for these and only these. We have been so completely focused in this direction that we have not allowed our lower self to steer us away. We have sought to strengthen the Christ quality of being focused and maintaining that focus. In some religion this is called following our dharma. We have followed our dharma like a drowning man wants air. This spiritual fire, in combination with owning our personal power and practicing unconditional love, has cultivated in us the unceasing quality of enthusiasm that is so pervasive in our personality. Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and might. Underlying all of this is commitment, which have fortified with an untold number of spiritual vows. Hold onto these vows as our own personal tablets of creation. Our personal commitment is not just for planetary ascension, but for complete Cosmic ascension for ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters in Ascension family. Wish you a beautiful Monday with lots of love & light to all my Divine Friends. Tercy Video: "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" - LOVE FOR GOD AND THE ASCENDED MASTERS BY TERCY LOGAN The love of God and love for the Ascended Masters sometimes has been referred to as devotion. Devotion and purity pervade and shine forth from great souls. Devotion in essence is love of God and God’s creation. All love begins with love of God . Jesus summed up the whole law with “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and might, and love your neighbor as yourself”. One can give devotion without giving away one’s power, and this is important too. Ascended Master Djwhal Khul (DK) tells that masters feel and appreciate our love for them. Love for God and the Ascended Masters has been the keynote of our life. Beware of false gods, some of these god are money, sexuality, power, fame. Examine our life with devastating honesty. Wish you a Great Tuesday with lots of love & light to all my Messengers of Divine Light. Tercy Video: "Experience The Blessings & Healing & Uplifting Power of Judy Satori's Light Language ! - THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE AND ALL SPIRITUAL PRACTICE BY TERCY LOGAN Unconditional love is the premier golden key. It has been the heart of the manifestation of healing, ascension and leadership. Love is the most important spiritual practice of all. Start the day with love, fill the day with love, spend the day with love and end the day with love - this is the way to God. This is the foundation of all spiritual practice. Our physical body are a house rented to us by God. We live in the physical body as long as God wills it, and we pay God rent by demonstrating faith, devotion and spiritual sadhana, or spiritual practice. The number one spiritual practice is unconditional love. One with God is being one with all in love, this is the foundation of everything. Tied in with unconditional are the qualities of generosity and graciousness. Wish you a Great Friday with lots of love and light to all my spiritual practitioners. Tercy Video: "July Lunar Eclipse Angel Card Reading" By Melanie Beckler -       God Exists in All Circumstances By Shanta Gabriel We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives. For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel challenges us to expand our perspective about what we see in the world around us and remember a deeper Truth.   The Gabriel Message Card for this Week   Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.   The idea that God exists in all circumstances can be a very challenging concept. This is especially true when faced with some of the more horrendous experiences people are having around the world. It is difficult to see how there could be a benevolent Universal Presence working in these situations and yet, another name for God is All That Is. God is a word that is probably the most volatile and misunderstood word in any language. More wars have been fought in the name of God than for any other reason. For me, when I use the word God, coupled with my understanding from Archangel Gabriel, it means an infinite power of Divine Love and Intelligence. My challenge in every situation of my life is to remember this Divine Truth as quickly as I can re-focus my attention and begin to pray — not only for the situation and the people involved but also for myself, so I can see from a more expanded perspective and stay in balance emotionally. I have found the most difficult times for me are those moments when my soul is learning the biggest lessons I came on Earth to receive. At times it is not easy to surrender to this process and recognize there is Divinity working within and for me, but since my commitment in this life is to my Soul's Highest Wisdom, it is imperative that I remember. My life depends on it. We all want so much to believe that we are not alone, that there is a Presence that exists to support us in life. We feel disconnected and yet in our natural state, we are swimming like a fish in the Divine Substance of All That Is. God is the presence in which we live, move and have our being. There is nothing for us to seek, when in fact this Universal Presence exists all around us, within us and as us — always. Sometimes when I have separated myself from my divinity, I asked from this deep need in my heart to truly know at the core of my being that the Divine Presence exists within me and within all things. There were times when I ached to Know, truly Know with a capital K, that this is true. It is this longing that draws God to us, but it is our willing acceptance of the Infinite Intelligence and Love being offered that makes it real in our lives. As always, that is why Faith is important and is an integral part of our life-sustaining, daily Spiritual Practice. Divine Presence, Thank you for increasing my Faith and my inner knowing. I AM grateful that I have assistance to be open so I can have a personal experience of an Infinite Loving Presence in my life. Please work in and through all that I AM and all that I do in every moment. Help me to stay in alignment with your Love and Intelligence so I can see that there is a true Divine Order that exists in all life, no matter how it appears. Thank you for guiding me and lifting my consciousness to a Divine Perspective. I am grateful for all that I need to thrive in my life. I ask to truly Know, to the core of my being, that all my needs are met with Grace and Ease and I AM cared for eternally. And so it is. Shanta Gabriel he Gabriel Messages #21   Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances. Archangel Gabriel: Dear One,      The light of God is always shining and this Divine Light exists in all people, all things and all circumstances. Awareness of this Light will bring it into your consciousness, enabling you to see from an enlightened perspective.      The Divine Presence is the very energy in which you live, move and have your being. This energy is infinite and all-encompassing and exists in all situations. This truth may be difficult to remember at times. In fact, it may appear as though there is nothing but darkness. However, remembering this Divine Power is available will bring light into every dark circumstance.      Energy follows thought. If you think of God in any situation, the very thought produces illumination, as though a candle were lit in a dark room. When you ask for Divine Order, that prayer directs this high-frequency energy so that you will be surrounded with heavenly light and spiritual solutions will flow through your entire being.      Awareness of Divine Light enlightens every situation. Each time you turn toward the Source of true light, you are blessed. When even one person turns toward the light of God, the earth is blessed. This blessing creates change. At times this change can be instantaneous, at others healing can occur in a less obvious way. Have faith, and know healing happens in accordance with Divine Timing. Always affirm the greater truth in every situation in order to bring your awareness back to the Divine Presence.      When you call upon your guardian Angel, you focus upon Divine Light in the midst of your darkness. Your guardian Angel, and all Angelic messengers from God, are here to assist you in bringing more Light and Love into your life. No matter what it looks like, no matter how dire the circumstances may appear to be, you will receive immediate assistance when you call on the Angels for help. Ask for what you truly want in your life. Do your best not to focus on how bad things seem to be, but turn your attention toward the light, and you will indeed find the situation enlightened.      By being aware of the simple truth that God exists in all situations, you can bring Light into your life. Turning your attention toward Heaven by the use of your breath can change the energy frequency in your world. Remember to create a cocoon of protective, nurturing light around you by giving yourself time to breathe balanced breaths and to pray for the qualities you want to see manifest in your life. These you can place with intentional respect in your protective energy field.      Where your focus goes, energy flows. The question is: do you want to dwell in darkness or in light? It is your choice. Return through your breath to a divine Cocoon of Golden Light. You will come to the place where you are safe, surrounded and filled with God’s love at all times. Your world will begin to change when you turn your attention to this loving Presence of Divine Eternal Light.      This may all seem too easy. However we will ask you to remember that your message from the Angels today is:   Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances. Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel July 22, 2018 Video: "You Can Help Manifest Divine Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone ! By Natalie Glasson" -
    Know Thy Self & Allow Your Light To Shine Brighter Now ! By Blossom Goodchild     Federation Of Light Message On July 21st, 2018     Hello, up there! Well, although not fully recovered from my illness, I am certainly on the mend and very much ready to have a chat with you. So, I am interested to see whether or not my energies are conducive to doing so. Are they?   Let us begin by saying ‘Welcome back into the land of the living’ as you say in your world. Ailments of varied kinds are ‘hitting’ the physical body at a rate of knots and many are finding it difficult to get back on track.   Energies pouring in are, of course, Enlightening the Planet! Yet, they are also stirring up the lesser Energies that must go … and these Energies are grasping onto anything they can, as they know their days are numbered.   Be vigilant, Dearest Ones. Be thoughtful towards your well-being and remain guarded. The Light is your protector from all that does not serve in these matters and therefore, allow this Light … your Light … to shine Brighter than ever before, as you move on through to these great changes that are occurring upon your Earth plane.   It seems indeed, much is happening. There is talk of much being disclosed before the year is out and certainly our ‘skies’ are behaving in ways that have not been seen before.  All of which you have spoken of. Where to from here … regarding what ‘we’ can do in order to serve the Highest Good during these times?   For ever and always the Highest service, as you know … is to KNOW LOVE. To KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVE and to COME FROM LOVE in all that you think, say and do.  So many desire to find their purpose …   THIS ... IS YOUR PURPOSE ... TO LOVE.   To BE a clear example of LOVE. So that others are drawn to you and are awoken from their deepest sleep BECAUSE of the Love that you emit.   Dearest souls, these coming times … these times that you are in … NOW … are the beginning of a new chapter. In fact we would go as far as to say … a new book. That which is crawling out of the woodwork will shock you to the core.   This we have said many times. Yet, it is necessary for us to repeat, so that as all is disclosed, you can say ‘Ah yes. We were made aware that this would be happening’ … and you will be in your strength because you have prepared for it.   It would be handy if we could have some hints about what these things would be?   Yet, you know, Dearest Blossom, this is not our position to tell of such things. Yet, it IS our position, and this is why we come … to prepare you.   For the worst?   For what may appear to be the worst as it is initially revealed, initially uncovered. Yet, the outcome when ‘all is said and done’ is certainly for the betterment of mankind. Without question.   We ask you to be aware … and this too, we have said many times before in the past … there will be those who are trying to cover their steps. Those who will be so afraid of what will happen to them once ‘all things are let out’ … that many ‘untruths’ will be presented.   THIS is when you will recognise your INNER KNOWING. For, it will be that, and only that, to which you can turn to for a time. There shall be a lot of confusion and one will be unsure of who or what to believe.   So we say … KNOW THYSELF. TRUST THYSELF.   Go within and listen to what you are saying … to you!   Your world is about to turn upside down … and we will state here, that we do not mean as within a pole shift … for some would think they are reading between the lines and this is what we are meaning.   No … we mean it in the sense of MOST of what you have been brought up upon /within will turn out to be nothing more than propaganda and lies.   Dearest Souls, you have been living within the shadow of the dark lost souls whose agenda was definitely not one of service … to the soul/to The Whole. They took away your freedom in many ways. Yet, to you, because of the little ‘prisons’ you have been caged within … you cannot see this … because the masquerade … was/is/has been … so cleverly designed. To the point that even the most highly intelligent souls … were also/are also/have also … been fooled.   Yet, you always say we have free will?   Free will within your soul. This is different from the ‘freedom’ we are expressing here. Your soul will always be free. Yet, it is so, that you have also had certain ‘parts’ of you shut down, so that you have not been able to ‘fly’ … so to speak.   There is a revolution/resolution to come that is to change all this. Yet, all in Divine timing. There are many layers that must be unwrapped before the prize is presented and received.   As these days and changes unfold before your very eyes … you will feel as if the pieces of the jigsaw are rapidly falling into place. Although, much will ‘blow your mind’  … on another level, it will all begin to make sense, as you see and feel how the changes and the end result may possibly come about.   Keep your wits about you. There are some who shall pretend to be standing up for the Light and yet, in Truth they are not. They will merely be doing so in order to escape from their fate.   Which is?   Not a happy ending! Yet, it is not for any judgment to be put upon these souls. They played their role in this game, the same as you are playing yours.   This may be hard for some to swallow, considering that which they have done and the way in which they have behaved. There are indeed, no words to describe this.   Yet, can you then say that you are awakened enough to sit with these souls in your mind and shower them with LOVE? It will indeed, take a wise, Enlightened Being to do so and yet, this is what we are asking of you. This kind of Forgiveness … of all /to all/for all … is what will take you into the New World at a pace that you wish to see.   FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY. A MOST IMPORTANT KEY.   Yet, we stress … this will not be the easiest of tasks to accomplish. This will be when you must ‘tune in’ to the Higher part of your Being and connect strongly with it. For you may surprise yourself at the thoughts that are stirred up within you, when you hear of the Truths that you have been ‘hidden under’.  Thoughts that you no longer believed were part of you may arise from the depths within.   Yet, we say … this will be what we would term ‘The final purging’ ... before the New Dawn.   Far out! One’s mind can conjure up … well, I don’t know what, really! Because we do not know what is to come and you cannot tell us.   This is why we ask you to prepare. To build your ‘spiritual strength’. To ask for guidance. To Bless every part of your BEING in Light. This is your requirement. This is the way that you shall lead so many into the Light.   For there shall be so much unsettled dust after the storm, that many shall not be able to see which way they are to walk. Yet you … you … the Enlightened ones … the ones that have been waiting for so long to do what you came to do … shall be there to hold their hands and lead them through. Lead them over the bridge … and then ... come back for more. Then take more hands and take them across. Across to the other side where there lies Peace.   And from this place … the New World is formed.   Can I clarify something? Your book is called ‘The Bridge’ and is about this very thing. Yet, am I understanding correctly, in that … we aren’t actually going anywhere? I don’t want readers to get confused … because there are some channels that say we are going to ‘another place’.   No. In ‘our truth’  … when we say ‘Over the bridge’ … we mean that once all is cleared,  you will be moving into a Higher Dimension, yet, of the same Earth. For it is SHE that you came to assist to move into this Higher Dimension.   Ok. Yet, if it’s of the same place … and we are just moving into a Higher Dimension … this is difficult to put into words … where are the Enlightened ones bringing the unenlightened ones from and taking them too … if we are still on the same Earth plane?   We will use the analogy of your Elemental Kingdom. They are … on/of … your Earth plane, yet, they exist … on/in … another Dimension. So therefore, mostly go unseen, undetected. Yet, without question they are there … within your same space.   This will be the same scenario regarding ‘The Bridge’. The same space, yet … moving through into a Higher Dimension. This is already in place and occurring. Some of you may feel they have one foot in each. Words are inadequate. Yet, when it is ‘taking place’ … this transition … you will know it and feel it and recognise it to be that which it is … the very reason that you are here.   I would imagine though, this is very much further down the track?   Again … we cannot and do not wish to put a … time frame/limit … on such delicate matters. It cannot be about time. For there is none.   It will take place when the phase to do so is in alignment with that which has to take place before its occurrence. Do not look upon ‘all of this’ in a time frame, Dearest Ones. Look upon all this as building blocks. As each one is placed upon another, one is closer to getting to the heart of matter. One step at a time … with no time … yet, many steps.   I am not sure whether this is going to encourage or discourage, to be honest.   Oh, Dearest souls of planet Earth … Be of great courage! For each step that is walked and presented, is one that leads you further along your pathway home. Earlier, we said that you will KNOW all that takes place is ‘what you have been expecting’ … or words to that effect and so … as the veils are lifted upon so much … you will feel the TRUTH within ... and THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!   The strength that is revealed to you … the Light that is opened up … to you/through you … will give you hope … because you will KNOW you are on your way.   You have waited so long … you have waited for ever … you shall wait no more. There shall be no stone left unturned … and under each one, shall be that which needs to come to Light. BE OF LOVE. BE IN LIGHT. The tables are about to turn.   Thanks so much. It is indeed good to be back in touch after three weeks of ailing. Clearing all the muck out. So many of us are clearing all the muck out! So, I say ‘Cheer Ho’ for now … having gained much strength from all that you have brought through today. I know I speak for many when I say ‘WE LOVE YOU . THANK YOU!’   Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY! Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can. The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is   Video: "Ascension Angel Card Reading! July 29 Thru Aug 5th" By Melanie Beckler                                           The Full Power of Enthusiasm By Melanie Beckler     Melanie,     Hey!     I want to share a divine perspective about the Power of Enthusiasm!   By flowing positive energy, attention, keen interest and passion towards whatever you're doing... You greatly increase the factors that pave the way for the most benevolent outcomes to emerge! But the ancient origin of the word “enthusiasm” isn't really about excitement at all. In fact, it's much deeper.  "Enthusiasm" comes from the Greek word “entheos” meaning the God within. So to be enthusiastic is to literally be filled with the light, presence, perspective, and energy of God within.   So what if you approached all of life with this enthusiasm?   Or in other words, what if you approached all of your relationships, experiences, projects, challenges and opportunities with the full light of Divine Life Force Energy...   What if you approached all of life from a place of deeply embodiment of your inner Divine Light...   Lliterally shining the Light of God, Source, the Infinite within you and bringing this energy to every encounter!   As Earl Nightengale wrote: "The happiest, most interesting people are those who have found the secret of maintaining their enthusiasm, that God within.   So to truly align with your most joyful, blissful vibrant and fulfilling life...   Carry the Light of God within you... Embody your highest Divine Light... Approach each and every moment as the Divine Being you are... With excitement, with love, harmony, bliss... And enthusiasm!   With love and bright blessings, Melanie Video: "Tune Into & Embody Your Highest Flames Of Love, Light, & Power With Melanie Beckler" -…     Melanie Beckler:   One of my favorite quotes popped into my mind this morning and I wanted to share it with you to consider... Here it is: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck Have you heard it? Consider this today!   Changing the way you view and think about things can really make a huge difference as to what you experience and how you experience your life. What viewpoints do you have that could use some updating? Are you viewing everything in your life in the most positive light? Are you looking at your life in a way that makes you feel grateful, happy and blessed? Are you seeing the gold gilded edges and silver linings present in every situation? Or are there certain things that you've begun to view negatively without really being aware of why? Are you looking for reasons to express gratitude for all the many blessings of your life? Or have you been falling into old energies like complaining or judging that are only lowering your vibration? For example: Do you detest paying bills? Well, what if you consciuosly chose to shift this? What if you changed the way of looking at paying bills and started seeing it as an opportunity to express gratitude for all the services, electricity, water, telephone and internet you have access to... Cultivating gratitude rather than getting annoyed and lowering your vibration by dwelling on the negative aspects of bill paying can really create a powerful shift! Are you deading going to work? What if you changed the way you looked at work, from something you have to do... To an opportunity you have to be of service, practice presence, and as a physical and practical opportunity to put your spiritual growth into practice... While earning income! Maybe you're procrastinating on a project? What if you shift the way you look at creating, from something you "should do" or something you have to do... To something that circulates energy through your being, supports your awakening and actually brings you new insights and growth opportunities. I wrote to you a couple of days ago about enthusiasm... And this really is so key! Reconnect with your inner light and enthusiasm... And start see your life through the lenses of love and from the vantage of infinite divine wisdom When you choose to view your life in a way that makes you happy... And then respond to all of life with enthusiasm and with your divine light... Well... Not only will you be far happier... But things have a way of positively unfolding as a result. So, what can you positively change how you're viewing today? When you start looking for silver-linings and blessings... Even more have a way of starting to appear! With love, blessings, and rose colored glasses, Melanie P.S. New Eclipse Gateway of Transformation Activation coming out tomorrow! If you haven't signed up for this high-frequency channeled series... You can still get full access at a hugely discounted price here. Melanie   Video: "Experience Your Highest Vibration Of Love With Melanie Beckler" -                             Life Flows Easily When We Return To Our Natural State By Ann Albers Ann, Hi Dear Friends!  There's a reason we say we must "become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven." The angels talk about returning to our natural, innocent state of being, and I'll share how becoming like a child really did lead me to a day in heaven! Love you all! ♥ Ann Message from the Angels My dear friends, we love you so very much, You've heard it so many times, "Be as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven." Children, before they learn otherwise, trust themselves. They speak their mind innocently. They move towards what feels good and move away from what does not. They love to share their gifts with others, and yet they honor themselves. In a natural state of being, you would too. Many of you, however, have been trained out of your natural state of being. You were taught to be wary of life or to be too trusting, rather than trusting your own feelings and instincts. You were taught to censor what you say and over analyze what you think. You learned to interpret people's words rather than intuitively feel their truth or falsehood. Many of you have been talked out of pursuing your passions and talked into being "responsible," instead of responding to self. Delightfully, many of you are striving to return to your natural state of being! You are striving to live, speak, and act more authentically. You are reconnecting with your passions and preferences, worrying less about reacting to the world and more about responding to the subtle urgings of your own hearts. We are excited for you. You are freeing yourself from the world's conditioning and enjoying the joy that comes from listening to your own spirit.  Each one of you has an internal guidance system, that if allowed to function naturally, will guide you into a joyful, abundant, and loving existence. You need only to do what comes naturally.  At first, you may not even know what feels natural because you have been rewarded for doing what others want and 'punished' when you don't. It may take time to reconnect with your own heart.  Take a moment now. Put your hand on your heart. Breathe deeply. Ask yourself, "Heart what do you want in this moment?" Trust the first thought, feeling, impression, or words that you get. Listen to that. It is the still small, voice of God rising up from within you! In time, you will learn to "be as little children," doing what feels natural at any given moment, speaking without censorship and with kind innocence, and trusting life's journey. In time you will learn to listen to the Divine as it arises within you, to move with the movements of your hearts, and to place more value on your joy now, rather than sacrificing it for perceived joy later.  You are all innocent dear ones. The urgings in your heart, be they for a new career or a cup of coffee at this moment are there for a reason. The desire to talk to a stranger is there for a reason. Your longings and your upsets are there for a reason. Pay attention to them. What feels joyful now is joyful now. What does not feel good now, is not good now.  As you learn to pay attention to and trust your instincts you will learn that the Divine has been whispering within you all along, "I love you. I am here for you. I am you." God Bless You! We love you so very much.  -- The Angels" width="650" height="241" border="0" alt="Messages from Ann" class="CToWUd a6T"/>     Message from Ann...     Hi Everyone, Two weeks I promised to share more with you about my magical hike. I believe we left off at lunch...  I was lost in reverie, sitting on a shady rock by the stream when a few voices echoed off the canyon walls. Curiously I looked up and saw two men hiking around the corner. Few people came back this way so I shouted out a greeting. They came over to chat and asked me what lay ahead. I told them I'd never been much farther back due to an impassable, deep, cold pool. I hadn't tried hiking further this day, however, so they decided to check it out. After several minutes passed and they didn't return, a thought struck me.Maybe the pool was passable after all! Maybe they found a way around it! My toes tingled with excitement. I had long wanted to walk in the creek beyond my well-traveled path and see what lay deeper in this beautiful canyon, but I'd never been courageous enough to try it on my own.  Although I was always careful, I wasn't sure rock hopping in slippery, unfamiliar territory on my own was a great idea. Just a few weeks ago campers reported seeing bear cubs back there too! I'd probably want to share a moment if I saw them, but I'm not so sure mama bear would feel the same. It dawned on me that perhaps I could catch up with the two hikers. I splashed quickly through the creek. To my great delight, the formerly impassable pool was only hip-deep and blissfully refreshing in the summer heat. Freedom! I sloshed through water, weeds, and rock hopped with great zeal until I saw them up ahead. "Mind if I join you?" They kindly allowed me to tag along, and we proceeded to hike a few miles further into the canyon into some of the most beautiful territory I have ever witnessed.  With each curve of the creek, there were stunning, jaw-dropping vistas of carved red rock cliffs, emerald pools, and wildflowers as tall as I. Carpets of little green plants grew in the shallow waters flowing over iron-rich rock, and sandy spots bubbled up from natural springs. Towering pines gripped the cliff sides. Bird sang. The creek gurgled. The sun was warm and the water cool. It was pure heaven. My companions and I cheered each other on while walking carefully on slippery underwater ledges and gripping the cliff so as not to drop all our belongings in the pools! We shared our sense of wonder and awe for the beauty all around. They helped hoist me up when I was too short to easily scale the rocks and I shared my first aid supplies. We were like children in God's glorious playground. Had I met two strangers on a city street, I'm not so sure I would be as comfortable inviting myself to walk with them. In the forest, however, we are all as little children – joyful, innocent, and filled with a sense of wonder and awe for the majesty of creation. It felt completely natural and perfectly safe to enjoy a playful day with these two wonderful souls.  When we listen to our natural urgings, magic awaits. I had been wanting to see what lay beyond the "beaten path" for years. Finally, in God's timing and grace, both nature and life conspired to give me an experience I'll never forget! Here are some pointers this week to help you return to a natural state of being. 1. Trust your instincts When you get the urge to say or do something that feels joyful and loving, go for it, whether it seems to be related to your goals or not. You may be guided in ways you can't even imagine. I rarely feel like waking up at 4:30 am on a Sunday but I had a huge urge to go hiking which got me out of bed. Not only did I drive a total of four hours, and hike 12 miles on four hours sleep, but felt more energized than I had in ages. When joy calls, via an urge to say or do something, listen! 2. Speak up or Ask for what you want (kindly!) In my past, I wouldn't have dreamed of rushing through the creek like a gazelle to catch up with strangers and then inviting myself to tag along on their hike! I was trained not to "bother" people, not to "impose," and not to be a "burden." The angels worked with me for years to realize that if I asked kindly when I naturally wanted something, I had to trust that other people were adults who could say "yes" or "no." That means we have to accept the "No's" with grace of course, but when you get a "yes," what a delight! There are also times you may just want to speak up simply to ask a question or share a compliment. Don't hold back. I have had glorious conversations with total strangers as a result of speaking what popped up in my heart. People often welcome connection. If they don't, they'll let you know. 3. Make sure your "yes" means "yes" and "no" means "no" Just as we have a natural desire to ask for things or to speak up at times, we also have a natural instinct to say "yes" or "no" when someone asks something from us. I have had strangers ask me for help which I willingly gave. I've also had people latch onto me in ways that weren't pleasing and I've had to kindly and honestly tell them I was in need of quiet time. If you're a people pleaser you may need to give yourself a little time to check in with your own heart before immediately responding with an automatic "yes." If you feel "walled off" or defensive you may need to give yourself a little time before responding with an automatic "no."  As you practice getting in touch with your own heart, you'll know what feels right and what doesn't more easily. The more we return to that natural, innocent, childlike state of being, the more life offers up its joy, the more we discover joyful connections, and the more we get the assistance we need while sharing the gifts we have to offer.  God guides us, from the inside out, and it is so natural we don't even have to think about it! Love you all!  Have an incredible week!  Ann Video: "Vlog 72 - Activating Our 5th Dimensional Solar Spine & 12 Solar Chakras" By Patricia Cota-Robles -